Fit for Work: 5 Trendy Hair Colour Makeovers for Office Executives

Published on Oct 11, 2016

With the rise of rainbow colours, there are increasingly many stylists out there who would have no qualms bleaching your hair 3 times to achieve the sometimes ah-lian looking pink, purple or even grey. While insta-worthy, many of us just can't afford taking such a big risk especially if you're working in front office or even in civil service. (No, we do not want our bosses to single us out for crazy hair!)

Hoewever, does it mean that you are condemned to dull-looking blacks and browns? 

We challenged Chez Vous Hair Salon, a top Singapore hair salon favoured by many corporate high-flyers and high-powered working executives, to give 5 of our esteemed agents a colour makeover. 

Read on to witness their transformation!

Makeover #1: Eleanor, Assistant Director at Monetary Authority of Singapore

before eleanor


Most working professionals love to keep their hair long and black as it's easy to maintain and a safe choice that won't go wrong. However, the contrast between black hair and fair skin can make one look pale and weary. It will also conceal facial features instead of complementing them.  

As an Assistant Director in MAS, chunky highlights or bright colours are a no-no for Eleanor. Understandably, she requests for a change of hair colour that is extremely subtle so that it does not detract from her work or her authority at her workplace. 

The Chez Vous Makeover

Salon Director Serene hopes to energize Eleanor's overall look, bring out her beautiful features and increase her relatability with both a haircut and colour. She gives Eleanor a trim while keeping her hair at mid-length, as this will give her hair sufficient “weight” to reduce unruliness since Eleanor’s hair texture is pretty coarse. Serene also inserts 3 different, yet complementary babylights into her hair to frame her face and beautiful features, making her look fresher. The choice of warm tones selected also gives Eleanor a healthier-looking skin tone. 

A dark rich brown is used as the base colour to frame the hairline and the jawline. It's dark enough to create the necessary contrast but not as harsh as the natural back Eleanor had previously. Warm reddish brown is then added as lowlights to reduce sallowness and give Eleanor a healthier looking skin tone, while sandy blonde is applied next at the top with fine weave foils to create texture and movement. The sandy blonde also helps to blend the lowlights and base colour. Together, these subtle highlights make Eleanor look more vibrant and also brings out her natural friendliness.

Haircut and Colour by Chez Vous Hair Salon
Warm Babylights Hair Colour

Done by Salon Director Serene Tan. Technique: Warm Babylights

Notice how the subtle babylights brightened up her overall disposition without detracting from her authority as an Assistant Director? That's the beauty of babylights, which are the fine, subtle highlights specially weaved in small amounts of hair and separated for a more 3D effect. It's suitable for working professionals who want noticeable highlights but nothing as dramatic as ombre or balayage. For working professionals with fine hair, this technique will also create the much-needed volume and texture without retexturizing your hair. 

Warm Babylights Hair Colour

Makeover #2: Charlotte, Assistant Director (HR)

before charlotte


Although there are no strict rules for hair colours at Charlotte's workplace, Charlotte prefers to remain low-key as she's working in a government statutory board. However, Charlotte does want a slight change in colour as she's getting married at the end of the year! 

The Chez Vous Makeover

Dark, one-tone black hair tends to look rather harsh in an updo, especially for weddings. Serene therefore hopes to insert babylights to give Charlotte's hair some texture to enhance her wedding styling. 

Since Charlotte has reddish skin undertones and blushes easily, Serene chose cool brown colours to counteract against any redness. Ash blonde is chosen as the highlights to illuminate Charlotte's facial features and to also create texture should Charlotte choose to bun up or curl her hair for the wedding. As most wedding dinner venues have warm lighting, a cool colour like ash blonde will prevent Charlotte's red undertones from being accentuated.

Cool Babylights
Cool Babylights

Done by Salon Director of Chez Vous, Serene Tan. Technique: Cool Babylights

Babylights is also selected because it is a classic design. Serene does not want Charlotte to look back at her wedding photos in future only to feel that her hair colour is out-dated!

Golden Babylights

Done by Associate Salon Director Shawn Chia. Technique: Golden Babylights

TIP: If you have a healthy-looking skin tone or a tinge of tan, opting for babylights would better complement your skin tone and bring out the tan!

Makeover #3: Geanie, Marketing Executive

before geanie


Geanie's natural black hair combined with its long length tend to give off the impression that she's older than her actual age, and makes her look somewhat meek and forgettable. Geanie hopes to get a makeover that will make her look more confident and assertive at work.

The Chez Vous Makeover

To create a stronger and more confident image for Geanie, Serene brightened her relatively thin hair with a mixture of balayage and babylights to create more texture and volume. Serene also gave her a full blunt bangs, which makes her look younger while adding some volume on the crown of her head. 

Balayage X Babylights

Done by Salon Director Serene Tan. Technique: Balayage X Babylights

Unlike the babylights seen on Charlotte, this combination of Balayage X Babylights is brighter and definitely more suitable considering the spirited nature of Geanie's work. 

Balayage X Babylights

If they are still too subtle for your liking, you can always opt for Balayage X Babylights, like the one below, done by Associate Salon Director, Readen Chia.

 Rose Brown Balayage with Rose Gold Babylights

Done by Associate Salon Director Readen Chia. Technique: Rose Brown Balayage with Rose Gold Babylights

Makeover #4: Joceline, Graphic Designer

before joceline

Bubbly and outgoing, Joceline has an exuberant personality hidden beneath the brown hair colours that have turned brassy. She is keen to make a change but requests for Serene to avoid Red because she perceives red as being associated with the older generation.

The Chez Vous Makeover

Joceline has a fair and healthy looking skin tone and therefore, can go for either warm or cool colours. Other than having a more relaxed working environment, Joceline also wears makeup and dresses really well, making her the perfect candidate for a more daring hair colour design. 

Thus, Serene chose to give her 2016 Trending Hue: Rose Gold Balayage. The dark cool brown acts as the global base colour and darker shade sets the foundation for a bold and definitive look. Rose gold is used as the balayage hair colour to make Joceline's skin tone look brighter. Although red, the colour is nothing like the reds you see in the past and is in fact the "IT" colour for 2016. 

Rose Brown Balayage

Done by Salon Director Serene Tan. Technique: Rose Brown Balayage

We love how Joceline pulls off the balayage so well despite her mid-length hair! It shows once again that as long as the colour fits your skin tone and personality, the length of your hair will not affect how good the final hair design looks!

Rose Brown Balayage

As most of us Asians have a sallow skin tone, the tinge of redness from the bold rose gold is a perfect choice to make us look fairer, fresher and fashion-forward. 

Ash Balayage Ombre

Done by Associate Salon Director Veyond Chong. Technique: Ash Balayage Ombre

Other than balayage, you can also consider balayage ombre for a more dramatic hair colour!

Cuivre Red Balayage Ombre

Done by Salon Director Serene Tan. Technique: Cuivre Red Balayage Ombre

Makeover #5: Cindy, Lead Project Manager

before cindy

Having sported dark hair colours for some time, Cindy was hoping to go for something brighter without being overly dramatic. No ah-lian hair colours for her, she requests! 

The Chez Vous Makeover

Salon Director Readen shared that Cindy's long and dark hair was outlining her oblong face shape in a not-so-flattering way, accentuating her long face shape and wide jawline.

To contour Cindy's face and make it less oblong, Readen chose to do a melted sombre colour. Deeper tones are applied to the root along the parting, melting into lighter colour from above the ears to the ends of the hair. This will create an illusion of "cutting off" the face to create a more oval and shorter shape. Think Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler and Gisele Bundchen!

Readen keeps the crown of Cindy's head black so as to shorten the length of her face and to prevent her overall hair colour from looking unsightly once her roots grow out. Red wine brown is used to illuminate Cindy's facial features and make her skin brighter, while a darker red wine brown is applied to hair below the chin level to create a slimming effect. A light copper colour is also used near the hair ends to create the illusion of volumious hair.

Colour Melted Sombre

Done by Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous, Readen Chia. Technique: Colour Melted Sombre

What do you think of Cindy's makeover? The melting of her natural black hair colour with red and copper tones is so smooth and seamless, we can't help but fall in love with it! Definitely a head-turner without making her look unprofessional or ah lian! 

Colour Melted Sombre

That's the reason why we feel that sombre is among the most chic hair colour that working professionals can adopt. It is all about subtlety as the darker hue is weaved into the lengths of the hair and connects the roots to the ends in a sophisticated manner. It's also awesome that we won't need to care about roots growth with sombre as the roots blends seamlessly with the natural hair colour! 

Colour Melted Sombre

Readen from Chez Vous Hair Salon advises highlights or balayage that are two shades lighter than your natural colour if you want to look younger. Other than coppers and reds, the following muted sombres can work just as well. 

Colour Melted Sombre

Done by Associate Salon Director Shawn Chia. Technique: Colour Melted Sombre

Colour Melted Sombre

Done by Associate Salon Director Shawn Chia. Technique: Colour Melted Sombre

What did you think about the above makeovers?

They may not be as flashy as the usual crazy hair colours but don't you love how stylish they look without resorting to vibrant tones! This is because the stylists at Chez Vous don't just colour the hair; they design the haircut together with the hair colour for an overall hairstyle that brings out the customer's desired qualities. 

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