COVO Super Treatment made my hair more manageable... without rebonding!

Published on Mar 16, 2016

You may have just gotten that pretty hair colour or cut.

However, your dry and frizzy condition of your hair makes your entire hairstyle look less than amazing!

You are looking for a good but affordable treatment to smooth the frizziness and reduce those waviness.

If so, COVO Super Treatment may just do the trick.

Check out Agent H's experience with COVO Super Treatment below!

March 2016

Hello I'm Agent H!

I come from Japan and I followed my husband Singapore last year when his company sent him here.

I enjoy getting my hair done at various hair salons in Singapore but it isn't always easy after I had my baby girl 9 months ago.

When COVO opened a new outlet in Katong in January, I was elated... finally there's a Japanese hair salon close to where I stay!

I came here, baby in tow, to get my hair coloured. (Full price, all at my own expense!)

before treatment

I really like the colour the stylist did for me.

However, the waviness and dryness of my hair, especially from the back detracted from how good the colour looked!

before COVO Treatment back view

I know my hair is damaged and frizzy and in need of treatment.

before COVO Treatment

When COVO Katong asked if I would like a sponsored visit to try their newly improved COVO Super Treatment one week after my hair colour, I was happy to say yes.



Shinobu san first escorts me to the seating area. I love it that the seat is so spacious... there are lots of space to put my stroller and numerous baby bags!

The separation between cubicles also gave us more privacy and made me feel more comfortable.

Shinobu san began my checking my hair condition and sharing with me about how the treatment can help me.

Treatment Begins

hair wash

After consultation is complete, Shinobu escorted me to the shampoo area, which is where the treatment was done.

Shinobu used a special carbonated water (Tansan water) to shampoo my hair. The use of the Tansan water is important as it  removes excess dirt and sebum and improve the blood circulation of my scalp.

FYI, this is a common feature in Japanese salons!

keratin blend 1

After my hair is properly shampooed, Shinobu explained that she will be applying Keratin Blend 1.

This blend contains an improved formulation of various types of Keratins which nourishes the hair from within, giving strength.

She painstakingly massaged a huge amount of the Keratin solution into the hair to ensure that the keratins are properly absorbed!

second keratin solution

A second Keratin Solution is now applied. The Keratins in this step repairs the cuticle to give it shine and provides it with moisture.


To facilitate penetration of the keratins, a steamer is used for about 5 to 10 minutes.

COVO Treatment

For those opting for Super Treatment vs Normal Treatment, an additional dose of Blend 1 is applied to make sure that more of the proteins and keratins are pushed into the hair.

hair mask

Now that the treatments have entered the hair, a special polymer based hair mask is applied to the hair.

COVO Treatment

The polymers are massaged into the hair to coat the cuticle and keep the keratins from Blend 1 and Blend 2 from leaking out too quickly!

This hair mask will also increase the hair's water resistance, making the hair less frizzy overall.

After application and leaving it on for some time, the hair mask is rinsed off.

blow dry

That marked the end of my COVO super treatment.

My hair felt so much softer after the treatment!

I can't wait to see the difference once its fully blown dry!

Before vs After Front View

before treatment
after COVO Treatment

Before vs After Back View

before COVO Treatment back view
after COVO Treatment back view

Before vs After Side View

before COVO Treatment side view
after COVO Treatment side view

After this treatment, my hair feels a lot soft and less wiry.

after COVO Treatment

It was also a lot easier to comb through my hair, making it more manageable overall!

I don't have much time to manage my hair these days so I'm hoping that this effect will last...

I want to spend more quality time interacting with my daughter and not worry about my hair!


Looking at the Before and After photos, I am really amazed at the effects of the COVO Super treatment, especially given its affordable price. It is not rebonding and doesn't straighten my hair but it helps to make my hair a lot less frizzy for about 2 weeks after!

I'm therefore quite impressed!

More importantly, I'm appreciative that the stylists here at COVO Katong are very friendly towards my infant daughter and have sufficient space in the salon to accommodate my stroller and big bags.

There are not many salons which are so kid-friendly, especially one that is so close to my place.

Needless to say, I will be back again for my regular hair colour, treatments and trims!

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