Do you know the difference between C Curl and J Curl Lash Extensions? Agent V Tries Both before her holiday to Japan@

Published on Jun 20, 2017

Hi I'm Agent V, a Marketing Executive in one of Singapore (and Asia's) Top Dance Music Club. 

I previously had the opportunity to try Eyelash Extensions at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon.

Well, I love the lashes so much that I'm back again 3 weeks later for a second lash extension before my trip to Japan. 

Read on to see if my second experience is as good as the first!

Here's how my previous lash extension looks like after 3 weeks. 

Don't you think it still looks gorgeous?

Although I really love the lash extensions, I find that 13mm is a little too long for me. I feel really noob since Kanako actually recommended 10 to 12mm lashes for me but I was the one who said that I wanted something longer so she acceded to my request. 

Regardless, I'm going to Japan for a two-week vacation so I thought, why not get a fresh new set of lash extensions before flying?

Therefore, I'm back here at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon again. This time, I arranged my appointment on a weekend morning. I slept really late last night but I cleared my schedule this morning because I knew that the lash extension will take about 2 hours or so. 

It isn't the first time I'm here so I'm now very familiar with the place. Still, I love the zen and calmness I feel when I walk in :)

As my throat was acting up, the very attentive Kanako san gave me a cup of water before we began. 

Before we start, Kanako chatted with me to find out how the previous lash extension was for me and how I would like it this time around. I shared with her my preferences and she recommended me to try J Curl lash that are slightly shorter. J curls extend forward rather than upwards so it is more comfortable and also more natural. 

Sounds good... so here we go!

Step 1: Removal of Eyelash Extensions

As Kanako is designing new lash extensions for me, the old ones have to be removed first. 

She applied an eye mask beneath my eyes before she began.

Next, she applied the lash remover onto a disposal wooden stick.

Very gently, Kanako nudged the lash remover onto the lashes with another stick. 

Just 5 to 10 minutes and all the lashes are removed!

I swear that I didn't even know that the lashes were already off. There was no sting... nothing!

This is a far cry from my previous cluster lash extension where the remover stinged my eyes for a few hours after that... it was unbearable!

I'm so glad to say that the days of cluster lashes are all behind me!

Step 2: Upward Lash

After removal of lash extensions, she proceeded with the upward lash procedure. Having gone through it once, I'm more familiar with it this time around. 

She reapplied another eye mask and started the process.

As mentioned in my first visit, this is a proprietary procedure so no photos are shown.

But suffice to say that the entire process was very comfortable. It took about 20 minutes!

Final step of the Upward Lash procedure is blowdrying.

And we are ready for the lash extension!

Step 3: Lash Extension

I took a nap while Kanako does her magic.

This time, she's using lash extensions that are 10mm to 12mm instead of 11mm to 13mm that she used previously. It may only be 1mm difference but it makes a huge difference!

An hour later, my lash extension is done!

Just to let you know how my lashes look before the extension (after the lash up)

Now After

After 160 C Curl Lash Extension

This time, she applied 160 J Curl lashes (80 on each side)

After 120 C Curl Lash Extension

In my first lash extension, she applied 120 lashes (60 on each side). Even though it was just an additional 20 on each side, it makes quite a bit of difference, don't you think? 

I must say that I'm really loving the J curl lashes!

I think the J curl look more sexy than the C curl. That's because the J curls lines and extends your lashbone and actually gives the effect of an eyeliner.

I love it!

I only had my new eyes for a while and I already feel like I can't live without these lashes!

Note: J Curl extend outwards so some ladies may face the issue of lashes hitting your glasses... but I didn't have that problem :)

Having said that, I loved my C Curl lashes as well. It makes the eyes look cuter and sweeter; the C Curls really open and lift your eyes - makes it rounder looking! So I love them both in their own ways. 

I'm really amazed by how my face shape and eye shape can look so different just by changing the type of lash extension.

A week later, I flew to Japan with my new J Curl lash extensions.

Really love having them on because it saved me lots of time. All I needed was a nice cover foundation and I was good to go! I didn't have to put eyeliner or mascara or even eyeshadow. The eyes somehow look more alluring and bright in every selfie.

Here are some photos I took on my trip :)

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed my time at Allumer. The lash extensions were super soft and comfortable - almost didn't feel like I had anything on. With mascara / cluster lashes, there is a certain weight on the lids and lashes feel stiffer & thick.

Both times, the lashes looked very natural and not overbearing. Unlike cluster lashes, even without make up, I didn't look incomplete! :)

I also like the fact that eye mask was used (instead of tape- as per used by the other lash therapists I've been to ) as I feel that it nourished my undereye area while the lash extension is being done. 

Maintenance was also less trying than cluster lashes since my lash bone is free from glue. I didn't have to worry too much about maintenance although I did use q tips to clean my lids. I also made sure that I was very gentle during facial wash and showers and try my best not to rub my eyes :P

The only downsides perhaps are that the lash extension + lash up procedure took more than 2 hours and that their latest appointment for weekdays are 6pm. Therefore, the only time working professionals can come is on a weekend!

You also need to prepare to come back for touch ups every 3-4 weeks for ideal results. This is because our normal lashes drop every 28 days. As the lash extension is applied on an existing lash, the lash extension will also drop together with the normal lashes. For me, about half my lash extension dropped within the 4th week. Fortunately, the lash extension still looked even and natural even though it was more sparse. 

Overall, lash extensions has got to be one of my favourite beauty procedures of all time because it makes so much difference to how I look in person. Although it is more costly to go to a Japanese lash therapist, I feel that the extra money is worth it because they are just that much more detailed in their work and concerned about eye safety + hygiene.

For those hoping to experience the authentic lash extension experience, I would highly recommend Kanako from Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon!

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