Same Same But Different: How Kenaris Salon Gives Me a Different Professional Men's Cut Each Time!

Published on Feb 18, 2016

Hi I'm Agent E.

Ken from Kenaris Hair Salon has been my go-to hair stylist since my first visit ... and for good reason.

Maybe its a matter of taste but somehow the haircuts he gives always makes me happy; the haircut stays in shape for a long period of time and covers the areas I'm most concerned about.

(I have a high forehead and a receding hairline even though I just hit 30!)

Styling my hair

Haircut by Ken in August 2014

Still, I get curious about other hairstylists.

(Don’t you also sometimes wonder if someone else can also give you the cut you like?)

I have therefore tried other stylists on the list of Best Hair Salons for Men.

Unfortunately, none of them seem to understand what I want the same way Ken does.

Therefore, I always find my way back to Ken every few months (a haircut by Ken is a luxury I give myself sparingly!)

As I made my way to Kenaris, I wondered:

Just how many ways can you cut your hair short by the same stylist?

Especially now that my hair is so unwieldy after some time of neglect!

before cut
Edmond Before Side View
before back view

I'm ready for something new!

It feels as if Ken knew what I was thinking about; he said that a haircut inspiration popped into his mind the moment he saw me so he asked fi I mind going shorter and a little different this time.

Since I was ready for something new, I gave him the green light.

So off I went for my hair wash and head massage!

Kenaris Hair Wash

As I have come to expect from Kenaris, the hair wash and massage were something to be savoured.

The hair assistant was attentive to the water temperature and ensured that the water did not into my ears or around my face.

It was a rejuvenating way to start the visit and I enjoyed every moment of it as I rested and relaxed for about 5-10 minutes.

hair cut

Back to the hair cut with Ken.

First he took the time to section the hair properly.

Starting from the sides, Ken shaped the side of my head and carefully arranged the way the slope curved around the ear using a combination of shaver and scissors.

side cut

With this short side cut, I can literally feel the wind in my head.

Perfect for the hot Singapore weather!


It should probably be clear which is the before and the after photo.

It's amazing to me that I actually look like I have more hair after the haircut than before due to the careful sculpting by Ken.


After taking care of the sides, he moved on to the back of the head.


And eventually the top.

As I was having a receding hairline and a little bit of an oily scalp, he tried to keep the hair short to prevent further hair loss.

After 20 to 30 minutes,  the resulting new look, had a mixture of short hair on the sides, with more volume at the top.

At the end of the visit, my hair had more volume than before and the new look gave me a refreshed image. This was something that I needed as I was going in for an important meeting the next day and a vacation a week after.

after haircut back view
Tapered Fade

It was also an easy-to-maintain hairstyle that doesn't require much styling. Best for busy (aka lazy) men like me!

All in all it was a good visit once again to Kenaris and I would definitely go back again for more cuts and pleasant surprises!

Although its been a few weeks after the cut, I like it that my hair is still in shape!

Here's a recent photo taken on a trip (without any styling).

few weeks after the cut

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