This is the way A First Time Mom wants to spend her First Mother's Day!

Published on May 02, 2016

For many first-time moms, the transition from working to taking care of her baby 24/7 can be pretty tough!

As Mother's Day is just around the corner, first-time Mommy Agent G shares her dream day out this Mother's Day.

We hope that loving hubbies and fellow mommies will find this useful! :)

baby arthur

Every time I lay my eyes on him, my heart fills up with so much happiness, it feels like bursting. :)

Behind this happiness, however, is A LOT, A LOT of sleepless nightshard work and worry about his well being.

Is he eating well, sleeping well? Why hasn't his jaundice gone down fast enough? Why am I not pumping enough?

Every day, there's a new challenge for us mommies to overcome...

While satisfying, the journey can be really tiring as well.

As Mother's Day is coming soon, I started fantasizing about what a dream day out would be like as I "take a day off" from mothering and all the housework!


1. Wake up to breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed

Instead of having to wake up to prepare breakfast for Daddy and myself, it would be so nice if he could do so for a change!

I don't expect much... perhaps a fluffy fried egg, sandwiches and perhaps a salad?

2. Sweetened with notes of love

love note

I don't need gifts to make me happy... but an occasional note of thanks and love is greatly appreciated!


3. Go for a hair and scalp treatment... or a facial!

It's a little stressful experiencing postpartum hair loss (I've got quite a bit of hair fall every time I run my hands through my hair!)

Though I know its completely normal, I feel like going for a hair and scalp treatment and perhaps a trim just to make sure my scalp condition is OK and my hair looks presentable enough every morning!

Aveda Scalp and Hair Treatment

I'm thinking of going back to Gene by Ginrich as the price for their AVEDA Hair and Scalp Treatment is very reasonable the last time I went but the Placenta Hair Spa by CLEO Hair & Make sounds quite amazing with the active ingredients promoting hair growth! CLEO is having some promotions for Mother's Day (they don't usually have any promotions!) so perhaps its worth some checking out!

Other than a hair treatment, I'm thinking of a facial as I haven't gone for one since I knew I got pregnant. Organics Beauty seems like a great choice since they use only 100% organic ingredients (which is good since I'm breastfeeding) and it even includes a footbath, leg massage, crystal facial massage and a homemade enzyme drink!

Herbal Brightening Facial at Organics Beauty

The facial treatment at Organics Beauty however doesn’t involve extractions like a regular facial would. So perhaps a Antioxidant Brightening Facial by Geranium Skin Boutique may be necessary to brighten my dull skin and remove all the blackheads accumulated over the past year!

Whichever I go for, I hope that Daddy can handle Baby while I'm not there!

Quote Beauty Undercover to enjoy the following offers:

4. Shopping 


After a hair treatment, it would be good to do some shopping.

My clothes sizes are now in between my pregnancy and my pre-pregnancy sizes... so I need some new clothes to wear!

It would be good if Daddy can accompany me to do some shopping at my favourite haunts in Orchard!

By the way, Baby also needs some new clothes to wear...

I hear that Robinsons is having 20% off right now but I'm not sure until when!


5. Dinner Date


I'm definitely not in the mood to cook tonight.

So it would be nice to bring Baby to a kid-friendly restaurant to enjoy a good, hearty meal!

6. Prepare a bath and give her a massage

Flower bath

Credits: Flickr

After putting Baby to bed, there is nothing I would love more than a bath (or at least a footbath) and a massage by Daddy!

If only this day doesn't end... I can go for a hair makeover and even go for a family photoshoot to commemorate this special year.

Is my fantasy too much to ask for?

Share your thoughts with us below!

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