Sulwhasoo Facial Studio @ Capitol Piazza City Hall

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Be prepared to spend $50 onwards
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  • Uses only top of the line Sulwhasoo products
  • Multiple masks and massages given throughout facial
  • Great ambience and service
  • Great selection of beverages and snacks
  • Effective, particularly for anti-ageing and firming


  • No extractions
  • Sulwhasoo products may be a little rich for some people
  • Some people dislike the Ginseng smell for some of its products
  • Stronger focus on products and facial massage than machines

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July 14, 2015

Skin is really moisturised and hydrated after the session

It is not easy to find the best cleanser for one's skin, much less for two different types of skin. That is why we went through a lot of trials and errors before we finally found a cleanser that soothes J's dry skin and balances my combination one. A cleanser that I will have no qualms about introducing to anyone - Sulwhasoo's Gentle Cleansing Foam.We were nearly done with our first bottle (which lasted us for months) so, 2 weeks ago, on his weekday off, J went to Sulwhasoo's newest outlet at Capitol Plaza to stock up on the cleanser for us. In the end, he came home with more than the two bottles of cleanser - he surprised me by buying us a "Hydro-aid Purifying Facial Treatment (60min)" each and booked the treatment for today :DThis is the exact treatment room that I was in.After the therapist remove my make-up, she let me choose from a variety of scents (apricot, pine, etc) the one that appealed to me most. I can't remember the name of the scent but I chose something floral. The therapist then commenced the session with a gentle exfoliation. I love facials because they are always very relaxing (to me) and I am always drifting in and out of sleep. I really dont know what my therapist did most of the time but I remembered that she had used a cooling massage tool to work the products into my skin which was very shiok.A search online shows that Sulwhasoo offers a few facial treatments:Essential Hydrating Care Facial Treatment (60min, SGD100)*Hydro-aid Purifying Facial Treatment (60min, SGD120)*Snowise EX Illuminating Facial Treatment (60min, SGD180)Concentrated Ginseng Rejuvenating Facial Treatment (75min, SGD220)Timetreasure Perfecting Facial Treatment (75min, SGD280)*Exclusively available at Sulwhasoo Boutique. The other treatments are already available at existing Sulwhasoo counters.After-thoughts about the facial treatment?My skin was really moisturised and hydrated after the session. More so for J who had dry skin to start with. I am also in love with the products that were used on me - the temptation to buy them all is great. Another point to note is that they don't do extractions in all their facial treatments so a session with them is guaranteed painless and relaxing.

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