Father-Son Haircuts: 3 Dads Share Why They Started Bringing Their Sons to Their Salon

Published on Jun 28, 2021
I always told myself, if I ever have a boy, I'd share everything with him - my games, my school and even my hairdresser!

There is no question that both parents are absolutely crucial in a child's development but it is often motherhood that gets the most attention. This may be just anecdotal but in recent years, we're seeing more and more dads get involved in their children's growth, an involvement that deepens as their children mature. 

From changing diapers, reading bedtime stories, playing games, supervising their homework to giving advice on girlfriends and work, there is one activity that a number of dads found endured through the years: haircut. 

Read on for the experiences of 3 Dads who brought their child to their hairdresser and why they do so. 

Agent E with his son Agent A at Kenaris Salon

Father and Son Go to Hair Salon Together

Hi, I'm Agent E. I've been going to Ken from Kenaris Salon for the past 7 years; I've tried other stylists when he wasn't available but somehow only Ken is able to give me that easy-to-manage hairstyle that make my thinning hair look fuller AND last more than 2 months. 

When did you start bringing your son to Kenaris? 

It was my birthday and my wife wanted to surprise me. So, she arranged for an appointment for both of us. 

Normally, she'll cut Arthur's hair on her own or bring him for a cut at a neighbourhood salon but Arthur loved the hair wash so much that he requested to come back the next time. 

Kid Hair Wash and Cut at Kenaris Salon

It's a bonus that the haircut looks good and the stylist Summer is friendly as well. 

Kid Hair Wash and Cut at Kenaris Salon

Why did you bring him here vs other $10 salons?

To be honest, I don't always bring him here regularly but it is a nice thing to do whenever there is a special occasion or when Mommy is not free as it drags him off the iPad and makes him look a lot fresher afterwards. 

I just like to know that he's getting the very best to attend to him - one that I can vouch for myself.  - Agent E

Saves time too, as Kenaris Salon never makes me wait and also, I don't have to spend extra time bringing him elsewhere for a cut. 

Peter, Michael, and Carlin at Act Point Salon

Father and Son Go to Hair Salon Together

From left to right: Michael, Peter, and Carlin

Hi, I'm Peter. I've been going to the same salon as my wife, Act Point Salon, for more than 18 years. She introduced co-founder Sylvia to me and I've never looked back since. As I have relatively thick and long hair, many stylists at other salons are not able to give me a good cut, causing my hair to look somewhat like a staircase with uneven steps. During my first visit to Sylvia, she was able to tame it without any trouble and made it so smooth and even, I knew I found my forever stylist. 

When did you start bringing your sons to Act Point Salon

Truth be told, it wasn't me. 

When my sons were young, I brought them to $10 salons because it was cheap and convenient... but as we all know, the experience isn't exactly very good, so I had to bribe them with coin-operated toy rides.

Once they started getting older, however, Michael and Carlin started caring more about their appearances. 

They actually asked me to bring them to Act Point Salon because they wanted a better haircut. - Peter
Father and Son Go to Hair Salon Together

Michael went through different hairstyle phases, from super short and edgy to a longer hairstyle, and his hairstylist at Act Point Salon was always able to bring him through all those different phases.

Although Carlin has long hair now, he used to have much shorter hair, and his hairstylist, Jess, had no problem styling any of his hair lengths.

So, yes, Act Point Salon has officially become our family salon!

What does it feel like bringing your son to the same salon?

Father and Son Go to Hair Salon Together

The whole family used to go to Act Point Salon together; it was nice as we would be allocated seats in the corner as we chatted with the stylists and among ourselves. That became kind of a bonding activity as we look forward to the day out at the salon. 

Although the stylists are professional, they don't take themselves too seriously. They're always up to laugh and chat! - Peter

Recently though, Michael is busy with army and Carlin with school so they aren't able to head to the salon as often. Still, I will try my best to go with my sons one-on-one as that allowed me to catch up on my sons' lives outside of the home. 

Given that the stylist skill is great, ambience is comfortable and prices affordable, I foresee that we will continue to come to Act Point Salon for a long time to come. 

Loke and Lukas at Ann's Studio

Father and Son Go to Hair Salon Together

Loke (left) and Lukas (right)

Hello I'm Loke. I used to go to random chain and independent salons previously, depending on what was convenient until a relative of mine recommended me to try Ann's Studio. I didn't expect anything special but she pleasantly surprised me with a personal experience and a haircut that tailors to my face shape and head shape. I felt younger immediately after the cut and have been going back to her since. 

Why did you bring your son along with you?

A few years ago, Lukas needed a haircut and happened to be free on the day I had an appointment with Annie. I checked with Annie if she was available and indeed she was, so Lukas followed along. He loved how Annie didn't just sculpt the cut according to his face shape and head shape but also noticed that he had oily scalp and thinning hair as well. She recommended a scalp treatment and homecare he could use at home - products he used religiously till now and saw huge improvements afterwards. 

Impressed by both her skill and knowledge, he's been going to Annie with me each time. 

Father and Son Go to Hair Salon Together

How does it feel like going to the salon with Lukas?

We don't often have the chance to catch up properly due to work and other commitments, so I take the chance to catch up with him during our monthly salon visits with Annie. It is not easy for us to find a common slot all the time so I really appreciate how Annie goes out of her way to make sure that she fits both of us in her schedule. She doesn't do it by double booking us or overlapping the timings with other customers; she really clears her schedule and makes sure that she honours her appointments down to the minute. 

Thank you, Annie for taking care of our hair and keep up the great work! You've got fans in us :)

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