We Tried the #FOMO Hair Treatment Plan Ft. Most Powerful Advante Water Treatment AND LOVED IT.

Published on Sep 24, 2021

Whenever we hear about a new hair treatment that promises to strengthen our hair and give us that soft silky texture we can dream of, our heart skips a beat.

Could this finally be the one - the ONE Best hair treatment that will restore my hair to the shine and silkiness of my youth?

We hate to disappoint you this but there is no such thing as that one perfect treatment.

Of all the hair salons in Singapore, the R&D team within Chez Vous Hair Salon should know. After all, they've tested more than 100 brands of treatments in the past few years. Due to their strong reputation as Singapore's #1 hair salon for hair treatments, Chez Vous Hair Salon is often the first port of call for haircare brands in Singapore, possibly why they offer the widest range of hair treatments in Singapore.

Customers often ask us, what is the Best Hair Treatment out there? Truth is, there isn't one. There are many hair treatments out there and each looks at protecting the hair from a different angle. This got us thinking; while there is no ONE perfect treatment, could there be ONE perfect PLAN we can devise for customers to minimize hair damage?

Introducing the 5-in-1 FOMO Hair Protection Plan

Why go for one treatment, when you can go for 5?

Understanding that different hair treatments target and protect the hair at different steps along the hair service, Chez Vous Hair Salon is launching the World's First FOMO Hair Protection Plan. Incorporating the Best of the Best after intensive testing, Chez Vous Hair Salon strategically used a concoction of 5 top hair treatments in a single session to offer maximum hair protection along the hair service at the lowest time cost.

The focus? Pre-Treatments.

Hair is made of up dead cells that are unable to regenerate or heal on its own. This means once sustained, damage is often permanent. Instead of spamming post-treatments after that, Chez Vous Hair Salon found that applying pre-treatments work much more effectively.

They're not just talking about Goldwell Bondpro, which creates additional bonds during colour / bleach / perm / rebonding to minimize damage during the process.

Or the highly raved Tokio Inkarami that strengthens weak hair with the inkarami process.

Chez Vous has incorporated the newest 2-Step Advante Water Treatment, which they say forms the cornerstone of the FOMO Hair Protection Plan.

Advante 1 deliver Amino Acids and CMC directly to hair cortex, repairing hair damage by 180% with Electrolyzed Water

As its name suggests, the Advante Water Treatment is actually mostly made from water - not water as we know it but electrolyzed water that is made to be highly reactive. Patented and produced only in two factories in the world (Japan and Switzerland), this special water is specially electrolyzed such that the water molecule is broken down into an ionized Hydrogen and Hydroxide OH particle.

illustration on the effect of Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

What's so special about this water? The moment Advante 1 (containing electrolyzed water and 18 types of miniaturized amino acids and cortex CMC) touches your hair, the ions will rearrange to form a superhighway, delivering the nano-sized amino acids into the hair cortex in ZERO SECONDS. This revolutionary new technology is what they call Zero-Second Penetration.

illustration on the effect of Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

The result? Instant Repair as the base (electrolyzed water) delivers amino acids and cortex CMC directly into the hair cortex to fill the voids caused by previous chemical services, restoring the hair structure and returning it to its previously silky glory.

illustration on the effect of Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

The above image shows how the hair looks, at the microscopic level, before and 60 seconds after the Advante 1 is applied. No matter how damaged your hair is, Advante 1 is able to deliver the amino acids right to the core, gluing and restoring the macromolecular structure.

Advante 2 Repairs Cuticles with a Cocktail of Miniaturized Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts

illustration on the effect of Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

That is just the first step in the process. The second step Advante 2 contains a lightweight formula comprising of essential oils, botanical extracts and the world's best antioxidant Fullerene. This concoction further creates a protective layer around the hair, preventing leakage of the above amino acids while helping to control frizz and give your hair the smooth silkiness we all love.

illustration on the effect of Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Together, Advante 1 and 2 create some sort of a cushion or a "Plaster Wall" against future damage. With the macromolecular structure restored on the inside and protective layer on the outside, this new "Plastic Wall" helps buffer more than 50% of the damage when hair colours or perm lotion comes knocking on your hair.

In Advante's own test, a hair model with damaged hair was invited to try the newest Advante Water Treatment. As you can see, her hair is so damaged that much of her hair were prematurely broken in many areas!

At this point, many salons would not dare to bleach her hair further for fear of permanently melting it. But she decided to take a leap of faith and went for 1 more time of bleach after the Advante Water Treatment.

Here's how her hair looked like immediately after the bleaching process:

After Advante Water Treatment on Bleached Hair

Bleached hair is supposed to look matte as the cuticles are open but surprisingly, her hair remained shiny and soft afterwards.

After Advante Water Treatment on Bleached Hair

Her hair is strengthened so much after Advante 1 that during the hair wash, the hair is still relatively elastic and is able to withstand some pulling without any breakage, a huge improvement over the hair health previously!

Guess what another coat of colour makes it look?

After Advante Water Treatment on Bleached Hair

FOMO Hair Protection Plan Strategically Places Advante Water Treatment at the Start and End of Each Hair Service for Maximum Protection

In the hair protection plan, the two steps are however not done consecutively. By applying Advante 1 at the start of the service and Advante 2 at the end, it aims to stonewall the damage so much so that the damage from the perm / colour / rebonding in the middle is reduced by more than 50%. This also saves time, adding only 25 minutes to the entire process.

How well does it work? Judge for yourself with the test results below.

As part of their tests, Chez Vous Hair Salon took two hair specimens, one with no protection applied and the other with Advante applied. Then, they subjected both hair specimens to different chemical services.

The results blew them away.

As you can see in all the above cases, hair was visibly less frizzy with fewer split ends. The resulting perm for Advante water treatment was also a lot bouncier as the hair retains its elasticity thanks to the damage absorption. Do you understand why Chez Vous Hair Salon chose to use Advante Water Treatment as the cornerstone hair treatment for FOMO Hair Protection Plan now?

Tests are however just tests. How does the FOMO Hair Protection Plan actually work? We follow Agent N to get the FOMO Hair Protection Plan and the trending Falling Star highlights.

Agent N Regretted Bleaching Her Hair at Another Salon

Hi, I'm Agent N - an undergrad in a local University.

I've always had long dark hair that feels soft and silky to the touch. I don't have to do treatment or use any styling to make it look good and am really happy about it.

But as people say...

When you take things for granted, those things eventually get taken.

That's exactly what happened to me.

Tempted by a hair promotion I saw on Instagram, I went to a cheap hair salon in Bugis offering "unlimited hair colours" at just $100+.

Dull and Dry Hair After Bleaching

This is what my hair looked like weeks later: dull, dry and tangled :(

Dull and Dry Hair After Bleaching

Why did I even go for it... when the salon was unable to attain my desired hair colour in the first place? Beyond the money I lost, I miss my soft silky hair 😢 and the dream of having gorgeous falling star highlights I see on IG.

When I shared my frustrations with Agent G, she suggested that I pay hair treatment experts Chez Vous Hair Salon a visit. Agent G shared that Chez Vous Hair Salon recently introduced the FOMO Hair Protection Plan, their new series of pre and post hair treatments that aims to minimize damage from chemical services such as hair colours / perms and rebonding by more than 50%.

That got me intrigued - could I get my desired Falling Star Highlights without causing further damage to my hair? I made an appointment.

Step 1: Consultation

Walking into the hair salon, I can feel its upper-scale vibe.

The location, interior and even the curtains tell me that Chez Vous is 'atas'. They had a friendly receptionist who attended to me and escorted me to my seat. She introduced me to Charles, my stylist for the day. I told him about my last colour experience and how frustrated I am with my dry and damaged hair weeks on.

Dry and Dull Hair Before Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon
Don't worry, Agent N! We recently launched a new miracle hair treatment that can repair your hair and reduce damage so much so that your hair looks almost as healthy after the hair colour as before!

Charles calls it the Hair Protection Plan, which majorly comprises of Advante Water Treatment and other secret ingredients Chez Vous Hair Salon adds in. Apparently, the Advante Water treatment is made up of electrolyzed water that delivers all the amino acids and nutrients deep into the hair before gluing it up again to form what he calls a "Plaster Wall". With this wall, the hair can better withstand 50% of damage from chemical services like hair colours, perms and rebonding.

Sure sounds good!

You still have to know what hair colour you want to go for, after though! Do you have any ideas?

TBH, I didn't really know what colour to go for but Charles asked all the right questions to make it easy for me to share my dream hairstyle.

Hair Consultation at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Even when I didn't know the answers to some of the questions, he showed me photos to get a better idea of the hairstyle I liked.

Hair Consultation at Chez Vous Hair Salon

The entire process was stress-free and I would say, enjoyable as he shared with me about latest trends he thinks I'll like. Eventually, we got to the hair photos and guess what struck me: the Falling Star Highlights.

Edit Video

The gorgeous falling stars are placed in a way to help the colour stand out without needing to bleach my hair too much. I love it!

Once the design is confirmed, Charles explained that he would also give me a cut to better contour my face.

Hair Consultation at Chez Vous Hair Salon

All sounds good, so let's roll.

Step 2: Haircut

To make sure the cut is on point, Charles made sure to brush through my hair and remove the tangles gently.

I felt bad for Charles as he had to take quite some time to remove all the tangles on my hair. He brushed it off, assuring me that I won't have to deal with this after the hair treatment.

Haircut at Chez Vous Hair Salon

After about 10 minute of detangling, the haircut began. He trimmed off the hair ends

Haircut at Chez Vous Hair Salon

And began layering my hair to give it movement and shape.

Haircut at Chez Vous Hair Salon

The cut took just 20 minutes but I could feel my hair becoming a lot lighter afterwards!

Step 3: Application of Advante 1

Next came the star of the day: Step 1 of Advante Water Treatment.

Application of Advante 1 at Chez Vous Hair Salon

In this blue bottle is the miracle Advante Water. To make sure my hair gets the full treatment, Charles made sure to spray in such a way that every inch of my hair was coated with it.

Application of Advante 1 During Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Seconds after application, my hair looked THAT MUCH smoother and healthier already!

Application of Advante 1 During Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Are you as impressed as I am?

Application of Advante 1 During Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

That's how the Advante Water works, apparently - in seconds, it delivers amino acids to the cortex to repair hair damage!

Application of Advante 1 During Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

To make sure that Advante water is fully absorbed though, the assistant helped blow my hair dry.

Step 4: Lightening

Once my hair was blown dry, Charles came back with the Goldwell newly launched Light Dimensions Silklift Lightener and the Goldwell SilkLift 2 in 1 Serum. As part of the Hair Protection Plan, the Goldwell Silklift Serum helps to provide extra conditioning and structural balancing to reduce damage from lightening hair while stabilizing the tone to make sure that the ending colour turns out more vibrant.

We have tested more than 10 brands of bleach out there and I'm really excited to share that the new Goldwell Light Dimensions Silklift Lightener has proven to be the gentlest thus far!
Bleaching Hair with Goldwell at Chez Vous Hair Salon

After adding the Silklift 2 in 1 Serum, a pump of Goldwell Bondpro was also added for additional protection during the lightening process, further reducing damage.

Bleaching Hair with Goldwell at Chez Vous Hair Salon

When the mixture is ready, Charles used the weaving technique to create sections and started to apply bleach.

Bleaching Hair with Goldwell at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Once Charles was done, he used the machine to apply mild heat to my newly lightened hair.

Bleaching Hair with Goldwell at Chez Vous Hair Salon

This helps to accelerate the processing time for the bleach.

God knows I need it coz... TOILET BREAK.

Bleaching Hair with Goldwell at Chez Vous Hair Salon

When I got back, Charles removed the foils and added a second round of the miracle Advante Water.

Application of Advante 1 During Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

After that, he used Advante Shampoo to wash and rinse off the bleach.

Hair Wash with Advante Shampoo and Goldwell Bondpro

Mmmm I love the scent of lavender that came with the Advante Shampoo. With Charles giving me a super pampering head massage, I felt my lids grow heavy amidst the relaxing lavender scent.

Hair Wash with Advante Shampoo and Goldwell Bondpro

I must have really fell asleep since I didn't even realize when Charles finished shampooing and moved on to the next step: application of Step 2 of Goldwell Bondpro + Nourishing Fortifier 2. The Goldwell Bondpro supposedly helps to further strengthen the hair right after the bleaching process!

Hair Wash with Advante Shampoo and Goldwell Bondpro

He made sure to apply a huge dollop onto my hair.

Hair Wash with Advante Shampoo and Goldwell Bondpro

Step 5: Applying the hair colour

Finally, it is time to colour my hair.

Blow Dry and Styling at Chez Vous

Charles first blew my hair dry before embarking on the colouring process with an assistant.

Hair Dyeing at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Honoured to have two people working on my hair at the same time! With help, my entire head was coloured in no time.

Hair Dyeing at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Step 6: Advante 2 and Hair Wash

At the sink, Charles applied the 2nd step in the Advante Treatment onto my hair. This cream-based treatment contains lots of essential oils and botanical extracts that help to close the cuticles and reduce frizz in hair.

Application of Advante 2 During Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

After application, he made sure to massage it all in.

Application of Advante 2 During Advante Water Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

I really enjoy the head massages given by Charles. The massages are TO DIE FOR and is definitely something I look forward to for my next visit!

Hair Wash with Advante Shampoo and Goldwell Bondpro

Step 7: Blow dry & style

We're almost done!

Can you see how healthy my hair looks like now?

Blow Dry and Styling at Chez Vous

Ready to see the end result?

How I Look After Getting Advante Water Treatment and Hair Colour at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Who dis?

Could hardly recognize this person with my gorgeous AND healthy hair.

How I Look After Getting Advante Water Treatment and Hair Colour at Chez Vous Hair Salon

OMG... this was exactly the colour I wanted in the previous salon but couldn't achieve.

I feel so happy with my new hair!

Doesn't matter if I style it or not, if I leave it down or up, it still looks Va Va Voom.

Best of all, my hair feels less damaged as compared to the first time I bleached my hair at the previous salon.

How I Look After Getting Advante Water Treatment and Hair Colour at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Just look at me flip!

To stabilise the amino acids infused into my hair I was advised that it is compulsory to use Advante Treatment back home.

It can be used as a mask after daily conditioning or a stand-alone treatment after shampoo.

Thank you Chez Vous Hair Salon and Charles for my transformation. This was only the second time I went to a proper salon and I must say that Chez Vous really exceeded all my expectation. Other than giving me hair that truly legit, service here is tip top as everyone of the staff here goes the extra mile to make sure that I was comfortable.

Having tried it for myself, I now understand why Chez Vous Hair Salon is Beauty Undercover's top most reviewed hair salon in Singapore with 1,490 hair reviews and a score of 4.9.

Want to try the #FOMO Hair Protection Plan?

With this Hair Protection Plan, you don't need to #FOMO any more! Prices are as follows:

  • Short: $175
  • Medium: $195
  • Mid-Long: $215
  • Long: $225

Price includes a complimentary 90g Advante Treatment you can use back home.

You may be glad to know that Beauty Undercover readers enjoy 15% off FOMO Hair Protection Plan for the first time!

If you're interested to find out more, contact them via email at emailus@chezvoushair.com or call them at 67329388

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