Frustrated with Dry, Brassy and Frizzy Bleached Hair? Here's 3 Hair Treatments that can help!

Published on Mar 28, 2016

It was good while it lasted…

Platinum Blonde, Pastel Pink, Rich Purple, Out-of-the-World Galaxy

galaxy colour by 99 percent

Galaxy Hair Colour by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

But alas, all things have to come to an end.

After the initial 1 week of exhilaration and compliments that makes you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, the colour starts to fade.

From rich vibrance to the ugly brassy yellow, it almost felt like falling from heaven to hell.

Your initial soft flowy hair is now NO MORE...

Replaced by dry, brittle, lifeless, hay-like hair.

What can you do now to give your hair some semblance of normality?

Read below to find out!

First, some hair science: What does bleaching do to your hair?

Hair is made up of eumelanin (The darker one) and pheomelanin (The lighter brown) that combine in different proportions to result in different shades of natural colour.

If you want to give your hair a darker hair colour, it's easy; just open the hair shaft and deposit molecules to result in a specific colour of your choice.

If however, you are looking to change your hair colour to something lighter, you HAVE to open the hair shaft and remove the original pigments before depositing the new colour molecules. Bleach does this by raising the hair cuticle, breaking down natural fatty acids in the hair shaft (which by the way is damaging your hair FOREVER) and removing the colour pigments. Bleach it once and the hair cuticle is raised a little. Bleach it twice, thrice or four times and you may find that your hair's cuticle scales become permanently raised.

What's wrong with that?

This is what may happen to you if your stylist is inexperienced with bleach: fried hair!

Repeated bleaching will permanently raise cuticle scales and allow rapid and continuous loss of moisture. This makes your hair so porous, it turns dry, brittle and inelastic.

Your hair will also be vulnerable to any additional chemical process, causing it to break! That is why it is not advisable for you to do any rebonding or perming afterwards.

Given that the damage for bleached hair is irreversible, what CAN you do to improve your hair condition after bleaching your hair?

1.  Build Additional Bonds within the Hair to minimize leakage of moisture

Although usually applied together during the bleaching process to minimize the damage there and then, we've found that some salons have also used Bond-Builders like Cureplex as a standalone treatment to create new connections in the hair structure and minimize leakage of moisture and nutrients.

Olaplex Salon Intro Kit

2.  Go for Hair Treatments with Stronger More Lasting Coating

As we've explained, the cuticles for bleached hair are now wide open. Water can enter easily to cause frizziness but moisture cannot be retained as hair is porous.

If the hair cuticles can't close, you can go for treatments with stronger artificial coating that doesn't wash off as fast over time.

One such treatment is the PiM Hair Treatment by CLEO Hair & Make.

On top of containing amino acids like Alanine which is proven to help bleach-damaged hair retain more moisture, the final step of the treatment also contains chitosan and other advanced coating that washes off more slowly over time.

Rebecca Before After Back
Rebecca Back Before and After

The hair turns visibly and tangibly softer after the treatment, as experienced by Agent R.

Read about Agent R's experience here!

The hair treatment can last approximately 4-6 weeks especially if you use the PiM Shampoo and Conditioner that work synergistically with the treatment!

3. Go for a Keratin Treatment

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, Keratin may be your answer!

Keratin Treatments like Goldwell Kerasilk coat the entire hair shaft with Keratin. This closes the cuticle so that water does not enter and moisture or nutrients does not leak out! This also means that your hair colour can stay on much longer if you go for a Keratin Treatment after your hair colour!

The only issue is that there are many different quality of Keratin Treatments out there. Some salons use a superior product while others use an inferior product, so be careful especially if you see Keratin Treatments on coupon deals. Those who've tried will know that they are NOT all the same.

Firstly, some Keratin Treatments contain carcinogenic formaldehyde which is released in the air in the form of a very bad odour during the treatment. Secondly, some Keratin Treatments contain inferior Keratin so the Keratin does not coat the hair as well.

Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment contains high quality Keratin and does not contain carcinogenic formaldehyde, making it a good choice for those of you considering it!

It can be found at selected hair salons including COVO Japanese Hair Salon, Flamingo Hair StudioChez Vous Hair Salon, Full House Salon @ Tampines and many more!

Below shows the Before vs After result of the Goldwell Keratin Treatment 

Goldwell Keratin Treatment Before and After by Flamingo Hair Studio

Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment at Flamingo Hair Studio

Compared to typical hair treatments, Keratin Treatment is very popular as good quality Keratin tends to stay on your hair longer than typical hair treatments. In fact, we hear that Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Hair Treatment can last an average of 5 months (which to us is a very long time!)

Do however prepare to spend more on this as good quality keratin also tends to cost a lot more than typical hair treatments!

The above 3 types of treatment are 3 options you can consider if you are hoping to make your hair a lot less frizzy! Although they are not permanent, the effects of some last longer than others (and are hence more expensive)!

Let us know what you think if you've tried them before!

For those looking for a way to lengthen your hair colour and make it less brassy, do also check out the all-new Blonde Idol Hair Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio!

before Blonde Idol treatment
after Blonde Idol treatment

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