Ever wanted to be as beautiful as a Victoria Secrets' Angel? Chez Vous transformed Agent V into a VS Angel with a Glamorous Voluminous Perm!

Published on May 11, 2015

We know that Chez Vous is good with fixing damaged hair because of their Expertligent Fix You programme... but how about customers with hair in good condition? Can Chez Vous work its magic to produce celebrity-worthy perms, even for first-timers?

We sent Agent V down to try perms for the first time at Chez Vous Hair Salon!

May 2015

I remember the first time someone showed me a video and told me about Victoria Secrets' Angels.

VS Angel

Source: Fanpop

Till today, I remember the awe and admiration I have for these superbly beautiful ladies.

I know that I am nowhere near these pretty ladies but I've always promised myself to one day get those luscious curls that can make me feel so sexy and glamorous!

Therefore, when Agent G approached me to try out perming for the first time, I was super excited.

Can I finally get the womanly curls I've always dreamed of?

Almost like a little girl, I skipped my way to Chez Vous Hair Salon, the salon I'm entrusting my first perming experience to. I have very high expectations for Chez Vous as I had previously read many MANY promising reviews from Harpers Bazaar, Style and even Beauty Undercover!

The salon itself gave me a great impression! Even though it was tucked right outside Best Denki, the salon was like a whole new different world within.

For salon customers who arrive early, there is a HYDRA bar with a range of premium teas and coffees.

Chez Vous Hair Salon

For customers who require privacy (whether you are a celebrity or perhaps am facing some hair loss issues), there is a WOW private room and 3 COCOON rooms to shield away from the crowd.

chez vous

At the back of the salon, SPLASH room is where hair washes are done. Apparently, the chairs here are already 10 years old... but they still look really well maintained!


Next, I was ushered to my seat. The stylist who attended to me was Veyond, one of Chez Vous' in house perm expert! She is so good at what she does, she even helps Chez Vous in their Expertligent Fix You program to help fix botched perms from other salons!

With her taking care of my hair, I was totally assured that it will turn out well.

During the consultation, Veyond played with my hair and examined the hair condition, length and texture.


See my hair looked so limp and lifeless now... definitely very far away from being a VS angel!

Luckily, based on Veyond's expert opinion, she says that my hair is healthy enough for a perm!

As I felt a little kiasu and my first time doing perms, I reiterated that "I do not want maggie mee curls!"

To allay my fears, Veyond patiently showed me some pictures of how the end result will look like. She assured me I was suitable for C Perm and that she will add some root perm to give my crown more volume.


Veyond then proceeded to ask her hair assistant to wash my hair.

Sorry no pictures but the hair wash chair was indeed super comfortable! It prepared me well for the long treatment time later on!


After my hair wash, Veyond began sculpting the perm with a haircut. By adding some layers, she says that the curls will be accentuated! The trim also helps to clear off any dry and split ends!

pre treatment

Once the haircut was done, Veyond began to apply the applied protein pre-treatment to my hair. This helps to strengthen and protect the hair right to prevent breakage!

perm lotion

Next, the perm lotion is applied.

The hair is separated into sections and then curled!


Heat is then applied to fix the curls with a spider-like machine they consider to be their trade secret!

During the machine heating, Veyond added extra sponge cushion in between the rollers. I didn’t know the importance of these sponge cushions until one fell out accidentally.

It was hot! The machine was indeed heating up my hair to a high temperature!

Thankfully, the attentive hair assistant spotted that the sponge cushion has dropped and helped me to put it back in place.

root perm

Once the perm is done, Veyond went ahead to do the root perm for my fringe / bangs!

During the entire process, I had lots of questions for Veyond. I asked about the differences between perms and how to maintain my hair. Despite my many queries, Veyond was ever patient in answering them. She is also very honest and straightforward, sharing with me that this perm would not remain curly for more than 3 months. This honest opinion made me really trust her alot!

My hair is almost almost ready now!

But the super careful and considerate Veyond wants to add one last treatment to my hair: the specially formulated treatment called "Feed and Fit Hair Treats".

Fit and Feed Hair Treats

The treatment may look ordinary but it has actually won multiple awards recently (Harpers Bazaar Magazine Beauty Best Kept Secrets 2015 - April 2015 & Style Magazine Best Beauty Treats – May 2015).

What the treatment does is that it reconnects broken disulphide sulphur bonds. This helps to repair your hair by infusing it with  concentrated dose of Bond Multiplying ingredient for 15 minutes and then later with the Bond Perfecting hair mask to act as insurance against all future chemical services!

Finally my hair is cleansed and conditioned.

after hair wash

It looks a little curly now but give Veyond another 15 minutes of blowdrying!

Blow Dry

While blowdrying, Veyond imparted some really important tips on how to maintain my curls. She taught me how to twist my curls and use the hair dryer to recreate them at home.

She also recommended some additional curl products to give the curls a boost where necessary.

So here's the result!

After Perm Front View
after perm back view
after perm side view

Really very happy with my hair!

This is exactly what I envisioned... sexy flowy curls!

When I played with my hair, I could feel a visible difference in how SOFT and well maintained it is! So glad they gave me the Feed and Fit Hair treatment which protected and repaired my hair so well!

Just a quick Before and After:

Before and After Front
Before After back

My hair looked healthier after than before the perm and certainly much livelier!

Thank you Veyond and Chez Vous Hair Salon for making me feel so pretty!

with hair stylist veyond

Overall Conclusion

I REALLY enjoyed my time at Chez Vous Hair Salon. The place was indeed as good as Beauty Undercover described... and more!

The staff especially are very attentive, treating each customer like a genuine friend and ensuring their drinks were topped up each time they spotted an empty cup. I tried their Latte and tea; which were pretty yummy!

Tea and magazines at Chez Vous

They even asked several times if I needed lunch during my long hours there. Their customer service is really up there as they not only care for your hair, they care for your wellbeing as well. Veyond, my hair stylist even went an extra mile to provide me a pillow to rest my back which she said will help during my long hours of sitting down. She even offered a blanket in case I was feeling cold in the hair salon!

But of course, I'm there for my hair service. And I must say Veyond certainly exceeded my expectations. If Veyond feels that it’s not suitable; she will advise against it. Instead she will explain and offer alternatives to consider. She will also try her best to tailor the hairstyle to your liking and bring out your best features. She made me feel that I was in safe hands although I was a newbie to perming.

She was also honest about the fact that this perm will probably not last more than 3 months because of its mild curls. Regardless, I'm happy to feel like a princess for these 3!

So once again, big thank you to Veyond and all the staffs from Chez Vous Hair Salon.

Super thankful for your service! I will definitely be back!

For those interested to find out more about Chez Vous Hair Salon but not yet sure if you want to go ahead with their hair services, it is offering EVERY woman, regardless of age and race, the opportunity to experience a full makeover session when they visit Chez Vous @ Ngee Ann City.

The complete makeover session will include:

  • Tips and tricks by a fully qualified beauty consultant
  • Hair wash, blow-dry and styling
  • Professional make-up
  • Professional photography (photos may be used for Facebook posting and other social media opportunities)

*Not inclusive of chemical services, treatments & cut

This is a perfect chance to get the makeover you've always wanted, FREE OF CHARGE.

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