Top Hair Myths DEBUNKED!

Published on Jun 11, 2015

You've probably heard them all — "Don't pluck a gray hair or two more will grow back in its place", "make sure your eyebrows always match the colour of your hair", the list could go on for ages. Hair myths have been around so long, we've accepted them as wisdom.

So which old wives' tales actually have truth behind them? There are so many different sayings and "rules" for hair that it often becomes confusing to know which ones are helpful and which ones are downright silly.

We've consulted stylists from CLEO Hair & Make to bust those myths and help you find out what helps and which tips you can toss aside!

Haircut begins

1. "Cutting your hair regularly makes it stronger/makes it grow faster."

Your hair is not a lawn or a rose bush where cutting stimulates fresh growth. While trimming does help to maintain and keep the hair healthy, and also to keep split ends at bay, it doesn’t affect the way that the hair grows. Cutting your hair frequently may make it appear longer and even thicker because you're getting rid of split ends and breakage that can leave hair looking thin and sparse.

Of course, we're not saying that you shouldn't trim regularly. Please do! A cut every few weeks help to keep the hair neat and in shape. If you're growing your hair out, trim every eight weeks for the best effect.

Dry Damaged Hair

2. "You can repair split ends."

As much as we wish this one were true, it's not. The only way to "cure" split ends is to cut them off. It is not possible to reset a broken-off hair in the same way as a broken bone! With the proper products and hair maintenance (trims, conditioning), you will be less likely to have split ends on a regular basis.

Hair Shampoo

3. "Using the same shampoo too often lessens its effect."

It doesn’t. The same shampoo used on the same hair under the same circumstances always gives the same result. Hair doesn’t build up a resistance to a shampoo in the way that bacteria may build up a resistance to antibiotics. So why does changing our shampoo regularly appear to have an effect on our hair? The real reason could be that your hair has changed. You may have had it permed or coloured, cut it, grew it long, or your state of health may be different.

The key component to ensuring your shampoo will work is to find one that is perfect for your hair type. There’s no real link to repeated use of your favorite shampoo and unhealthy hair. Of course, we understand that sometimes, it's just fun to change our shampoo and get a new scent. But if you belong to the group that likes to stick to what you've tried and loved, feel free to keep using the same shampoo!

4. "Sleeping with your hair down makes it grow faster."

There's an old myth that says if you sleep with your hair down, it lets your scalp breathe, making it easier for your hair to grow.This is just silly! In fact, sleeping with your hair down can cause tangles, and the oils from your hair might give you acne if your skin is sensitive, especially if you use plenty of hair products. Wear a loose clip or bun on top of your head to keep hair out of your face.

If you are experiencing thinning or hair loss, sleep with your hair down to ensure that you aren't causing additional breakage, damage or tension at the root, which will ultimately result in added thinning/loss. If you'd like to avoid having tangled hair in the morning, twist your hair up in a loose clip or loose bun instead of tightly pulling it up, which will cause tearing.

Your scalp doesn't need to "breathe" to grow. It needs nourishment and easy handling!

pluck grey hair

5. "Pull out one grey hair and two more will grow in its place."

Plucking grey hairs won’t make more of their counterparts grow. However, plucking the hair tends to irritate the follicle and irritated follicles can lead to unhealthy hair, which is probably where the myth gets its origin. The action of pulling out the hair can rupture the hair follicle, and the replacement hair that eventually grows takes longer to regenerate. Plucking may also create scarring that can lead to thinning or patches of hair loss. So, your best bet is to just avoid plucking all together!

Don't wash your hair

6. "If you have greasy hair, skip the conditioner."

Greasy hair is not caused by conditioning your hair. Grease in our hair is naturally caused by too much sebum being produced from the tissues of the scalp.

For greasy hair, use a clarifying shampoo and only use conditioner on your ends.

Hair Wash at Ame Hair Salon

7. "You should always lather, rinse and repeat."

Shampooing only once is perfectly fine! You don’t have to repeat. In fact, it’s probably better if you don’t! Ask a stylist and they’ll tell you that shampooing more than once is not a good thing for your hair. Most people should not have to repeat when shampooing. In some cases, if there is a lot of product being used or an excessive amount of buildup, you can repeat, but we recommend using a mild shampoo to avoid irritating the scalp with too many washes. Also, lather gently to avoid extra breakage.


8. "Grey hair is caused by stress."

While stress can accelerate greying, grey hair is caused by the melanocytes that produce melanin (pigment) dying and therefore no longer producing colour. While many people think that stress causes greying, it is actually determined by genetics. Research has shown that stress can affect your genes, but it would take a very long time for it to change your genes so much that it affects how fast your hair greys.

Bright Sunlight Rays Wide Desktop Background

9. "Sunlight is the best way to lighten your hair naturally."

While the sun will naturally lighten your color, it's certainly not the best method to do so, or the healthiest. The scalp is very sensitive and can be prone to sunburn, damaged follicles, and can even leave your hair feeling dry and looking lacklustre. The best way to lighten your hair is to do it with a more natural lightening product that actually lifts your hair without damage.

Avoid staying too long in the harsh sun rays!

Comb Hair

10. "Always comb your hair from top to bottom."

Combing is a great way to detangle hair, and it should be detangled as often as possible to keep it healthy and protected. However, combing hair from top to bottom can cause a lot of breakage, especially if your hair is still wet. Try starting at the ends, and working your way up from there!

If you have very damaged hair from too much processing, don't force your comb through your tangled hair! Blow dry your hair and use your fingers to gently spread the hair apart. The tangles will naturally detangle once the hair is dry.

Hair Wash

11. "Washing with cold water is better for your hair."

Cold water does not influence your hair health. However, extreme heat, whether from water or a hair dyer or even the sun, can damage your hair. Warm water is best for a medium ground. In fact, cold water rinses may not efficiently rinse products out of your hair as well as warm water, and they don't make your hair any shinier. Though cold water can appear to make your hair shinier, lukewarm water is best to stimulate the follicles on your head, which can make your hair grow faster than cold water can.

There are so many hair myths out there that we thought we'd throw in one more to help debunk another common belief!

Beer Hair

12. "Homemade Hair Treatments like eggs and beer can help to repair damaged hair."

Mayonnaise, stout, avocado, eggs, fizzy water, olive oil and even coffee are frequently featured in homemade hair treatments. While it may seem logical that food good enough to eat would also be good for our hair, this argument is not proven and often controversial.

Although rich in protein, eggs and mayonnaise may not necessarily help to condition the hair. Egg proteins are actually too large to penetrate hair. Therefore, instead of penetrating hair cells, eggs and mayonnaise leave a sticky residue on the hair instead.

Another oft-quoted example is beer. While yeast can be beneficial for hair, the alcohol in beer can cause your hair to dry out!

That is why specially formulated salon hair treatments are recommended if you want to keep your hair in the best condition!

MUCOTA SCENA Hair Treatment at CLEO Hair & Make

MUCOTA Scena 2

One of our favourite hair treatments is the 3-step MUCOTA Scena Hair Treatment, which includes special ceramides to recreate the structure of hair’s intercellular lipid as well as Maltose-based Millet Jelly to improve hair condition. It contains also matrix and fibril keratin to repair the hair's cortex and amino acid to repair the cuticle. Special ceramide like substances and MEA like active agents are also included to allow the ingredients to better penetrate the hair.

For those of you who takes the extra effort to maintain your hair regularly, you are in luck!

Japanese hair salon CLEO Hair & Make has created a special 8-session MUCOTA Hair Treatment package for Great Singapore Sale.

8-Session MUCOTA Scena Hair Treatment Package + Free Shampoo Bottle + Free Treatment Bottle which usually cost $1050 will now cost $698, which represents a whopping 33% off.

This is truly a great deal for those of you who go to hair treatments regularly because the MUCOTA Scena Hair Treatment usually cost more than $100 per session. Best of all, these 8 sessions can be shared with your friends and family for a period of one year. There are however only 50 sessions available on a first come first served basis.

For those interested, read more about CLEO Hair & Make here!

Thank you CLEO for helping us debunk some of the hair myths we've always found baffling in the past!

Do you have more hair questions you wish to ask?

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