Best Hair Salons for D&D Hairstyling, Bridal Updos and Hair Arrangement in Singapore

Published on Nov 05, 2018

It's that time of the year again to go for the annual D&D (Dinner and Dance), weddings and Christmas parties!

Make this year extra special by dolling yourself up and styling your hair with complex updos, hair arrangements and braids that are sure to draw compliments.

Here are some salons we know and love for that!

1. Flamingo Hair Studio

Price: From $40

Flamingo Hair Studio itself is super instagrammable but that's not the only thing that will look good on your IG. 

Messy Updo by Flamingo Hair Studio

Their updos and hair arrangement are among the most beautiful we've seen among salons in Singapore. Every little detail is taken care of from the strands that fall to the hair accessories they use to pair with the braids, updos or hair arrangement. 

Braided Styling for Events by Flamingo Hair Studio

There is a balance in the design that make us go WOW!

Event Hair Styling by Flamingo Hair Studio

They even have a stylist who used to be a professional bridal makeup artist previously, Aki. 

The stylists here, Ayumi, Ryu, Ryo and Aki work together to make sure that you look absolutely perfect for that special wedding, D&D or party.

Bridal Hair Styling by Flamingo Hair Studio

Although they are Japanese, the majority of stylists here can speak English fluently after working here for a number of years. It's therefore a breeze to communicate with them, especially because they also understand what Singapore ladies are looking for.

Bridal Updo by Flamingo Hair Studio

Definitely a gem you've got to check out for D&D styling, on top of their signature straightening services.

2. Risel Japanese Hair Salon

Price: $60

Risel may be best known for their high-quality single hair colours at only $90 for all hair length but there is a hidden talent within the team that makes us highly recommend them for updos and hair arrangement as well.

Simple Bridal Updo by Risel Japanese Hair Salon

Her name is Kaori, a stylist now but previously a bridal stylist back in Japan! 

Having done hair arrangement for countless brides, she has perfected the technique so much so that the resulting braids are very precise, neat and detailed. Her experience also exposes her to the many unique designs you don't often see in Singapore.

Hair Styling for Events and Parties at Risel Japanese Hair Salon

Those who are keen can even get your hair coloured and then arranged within the same session so that she can braid your hair in such a way that shows off your new colour best. 

Elegant Hair Updo for Wedding by Risel Japanese Hair Salon

We also love how Kaori is very fluent in English, so you don't have to worry about miscommunication!

3. AVENTA Japanese Hair Salon

Price: $60 

Promotion: $100 for hair styling AND makeup

One of the first few Japanese hair salons to offer great hair services at low prices, AVENTA is one of Beauty Undercover's most popular Japanese salons. 

Elegant Bridal Updo by AVENTA Salon

And it's easy to see why. 

The stylists here are very passionate about their work and have produced many stunning hair works, especially in the area of hair colours and styling!

Bridal Updo by AVENTA Hair Salon

They are always at the forefront of hair design, using flowers and various styling techniques to achieve a desired vibe. 

Japanese Hair Updo by AVENTA

For those interested, they also do kimono styling really well!

Elegant and Simple Updo Low Bun by AVENTA

Many stylists here including the super popular Chiho, Manami and Koichi have been in Singapore for a number of years and is therefore very fluent in English. 

Braided Updo for Wedding and Events at AVENTA

A salon not to be missed for updos and braiding!

4. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Keong Saik Rd / Katong

Price: From $50

With its semi-private spaces, COVO Japanese Hair Salon makes every customer feel like VIP, the perfect place to go to right before a special occasion to get you into the mood.

Hair Updo and Styling at COVO katong

You absolutely got to try the treatments here together with the styling because they've worked with top stylists back in Japan to create long lasting treatments that give your hair the extra shine and softness that your hair arrangement will most definitely bring out. 

Japanese Kimono Hair Updo by COVO

They are also one of the pioneers to introduce kimono styling to Singapore, a reason why so many people come here for styling. 

Half Bun Updo by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

@littlemissbento is one of them given that she often attends Japanese themed events.

Don't you just love the rose styling they did for her?

Braided Updo by COVO

Kimono styling is of course not the only thing they are good at.

The stylists here are adept at updos and simple styling like the one below as well!

Simple Hair Styling by COVO

Feel free to discuss with your stylist as most of them are fluent in English as well. 

5. Bump by AVENTA at River Valley

Price: $60

Do you heart this braid as much as we do?

Braided Styling by Bump by AVENTA

That's the work of Eri, stylist at Bump River Valley! Note that the hair looks nice not just because the braiding was done well or that the hair accessory look pretty but also because the hair is highlighted at just the right places to accentuate the overall look. 

Braided Updo by Bump by AVENTA

Do consider doing a hair colour together with your styling because the prices here are also very reasonable starting at $95 for all hair length for single hair colour. 

Braided Styling by Bump by AVENTA

The salon can however be quite busy on weekends so do make your appointments ahead of time!

6. Branche Hair Salon

Price: $100

Looking to feel like a celebrity or tai-tai for a day?

You have to try Branche Japanese Hair Salon.

applying para gel

You can get your hair and nails done at the same time.

BRANCHE Hair Salon

And they even have an automatic recliner that allows for hair wash within the VIP room. 

Wavy Hair Styling at Branche Hair Salon

With their tip-top service, Branche became one of celebs' and tai-tais' favourite hangout.

Unsurprisingly, their hairstyling is also among the best with their signature #kawaiimotemakihair highly popular among their customers. 

Wavy Hair Styling at Branche Hair Salon

But of course, the stylists here are able to execute more complex braiding like the one below.

Braided Hairstyle by Branche Hair Salon

Depending on what you're looking for!

Braided Updo by Branche Hair Salon

An easy place to recommend for outstanding service and great hairstyles!

Braided Updo by Branche Hair Salon

7. Shun Sakurai

Price: From $80

Shun Sakurai may be best known for haircutting skills but stylist Tomoka turned it up a notch with her experience serving Japanese Tai-Tais during her time back in Japan. Here at Shun Sakurai, Tomoka helps all customers do some light makeup right before leaving the salon so that they look their best, which is something we really appreciate. 

Customers can opt for her full makeup service of course. You'd be surprised to find how many top-quality products she use and how generously she applies them so that you look your best. 

Beyond that of course, her hairstyling looks absolutely amazing! There aren't many photos as the salon is new but we can guarantee that you won't be disappointed by her styling designs!

Braided Updo for Wedding and Events by Shun Sakurai

8. Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place / Marina Link

Price: $35 (shampoo and blow dry)

Skillful stylists, high-quality products and state-of-the-art equipment has made AUBE one of the go-to salons for many Beauty Undercover readers.

Here, hair colours are also $95 for all hair length for single hair colour whereas they also charge one of the lowest for the popular Tokio Inkarami among salons in Singapore.

Braided Hair Styling for Events, Bridesmaid and Wedding at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

But of course, we're not talking about colours or treatments here but hairstyling.

As you can see, the hair arrangements here look just as beautiful.

Braided Hair Styling for Events, Bridesmaid and Wedding at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Although prices are low, the stylists here are very experienced and good at what they do.

Bridal Updo by AUBE Hair Salon

You should however bring along a photo as some stylists are not as fluent in English. Hence, some visual aids will be good to avoid miscommunication. 

9. Picasso Hair Studio

Price: From $65

This salon is one of the most recommended salons - even by us - for perms and hair colours. The artistic interior draws customers in, but the consistently beautiful hair outcome and great service is what makes them stay. 

Bridal Updo by Picasso Hair Studio

Having done lots of instagrammable hair colours, the stylists here have lots of experience curling the hair to make you look your best.

If you're looking for updos however, we would highly recommend Mavis. Previously trained as a makeup artist, Mavis is very good with romantic hair arrangements that go well with your makeup!

Messy Updo by Picasso Hair Studio

10. Walking on Sunshine

Price: From $40

Stepping into the salon, you might mistake it for a secret garden or the set of Alice in Wonderland. Every corner is an Instagram photo opportunity, but of course, the highlight will be taking a hair selfie after the amazing experience!

Bridal Updo by Walking on Sunshine

This barber-cafe-salon provides top service from handpicked 'A team' stylists at low prices. 

The team is pretty international with a huge pick of Korean, Japanese and local stylists you can choose from. We would recommend Luna for a Korean-style hairstyling makeover though, because her precision and creativity imbue the hairstyle with a unique vibe you don't often see!

Ready to go get glammed up for a D&D? Share your experience on!

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