Best Hair Salons for Hair Colouring (Ombre, Dip Dye and Pink!)

Published on Jun 25, 2014

Feeling a little more adventurous?

Light up your day with the trending colour of the season!

Here are some great salons we trust to do innovative (and special) hair colouring without looking like an overboard ah lian!

*Note: This list is still a work in progress. New salons will be added as we go along!

1. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

  • Price: from $59
  • Best known for galaxy hair colours, Ammonia-Free Hair Colour
Hair colour
Pastel hair colour
ash blue balayage

If you've seen an interesting new colour technique on Instagram, chances are 99 Percent Hair Studio would have tried a similar style on its customers as well! This is how in tune stylists here at 99 Percent Hair Studio are with the latest hair colour trends! They don't try to hardsell you any products or services but instead prefer to impress you with their latest colour designs!

In our opinion, they are one of the best with gradation hair colour. Not many stylists can do gradation as naturally as 99 Percent Hair Studio!

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2. CLEO Hair & Make @ The Central Clarke Quay

  • Price: from $290
  • Best known for daring Pravana Hair Colours, signature carbonate cleansing, quality hair products

Colouring is not just about mixing the right colour. To get your hair to your desired colour, the cleansing to open hair pores (and sometimes bleaching) is essential to  better absorb the colours applied. That is why CLEO is one of our preferred choices for hair colouring. Their signature carbonate cleansing and use of quality products make bright hair colours all the more vibrant - all the while making sure that damage to your hair is minimized.

Do note that while their colours are really wow, they may not last as long as other salons. 

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3. Hair by Xavier Leong

  • Price: >$180
  • Best known for Hair Colours by Xavier, Unique Creative Hair Colours, great hair treatments to make sure that hair colour lasts, use of quality products to minimize damage
Balayage ombre

Xavier's hair creations is among our favourite among hairstylists in Singapore! Other than his willingness to try out new and different colour techniques e.g. pixelated hair colour, we like how he is able to weave in the shocking into the subtle and basically make heads turn with a not-so-typical gradation colour!

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4. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis Haji Lane

  • Price: >$219
  • Best known for 3C Hair Colour, Pixelated Hair Colours, Colouring by Jesly Teoh, attentive service
3C Hair Colour
3C Hair Colour Dream Romance (Jesly)
3C Hair Colour

Rainbow colour, Peacock and even Hidden Flame... you can find them all amidst the creative vibrant hair colour created by the immensely creative and fashion-forward Jesly and her team! Beyond just vibrant hair colours, we love the effort taken by the Picasso team to make customers' desires come to life even if the technique is extremely difficult (such as pixelated hair colours!) They are so good, they have even been featured on Sunday Times and is sponsoring some of Mediacorp's TV shows! Definitely a hair salon to look out for. 

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5. Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

  • Price: >$80
  • Best known for Low Ammonia Joico Colours, Lasting Hair Colours, Great Grey Hair coverage, friendly and down-to-earth hairstylists, affordable prices
cotton candy hair colour
ash grey and violet highlight
blonde balayage

Full House Salon may be located in the neighbourhood but their colouring skills (especially by owner Samantha) parallels that of top colouring salons in town! Stylists here use the more advanced Joico system which requires stylists to be comfortable with mixing primary colours.

The result - unique and creative hair colours that do not damage the hair as much (thanks to Joico K Pak Reconstructor). Customers also gave the feedback that the hair colours done here last longer and are great for grey hair coverage!

No wonder this is the hair salon of choice for various bloggers despite having their hair sponsored elsewhere!

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Have we missed out anything you might be interested in? Comment below to let us know!

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