Hair Spa @ CLEO Hair & Make (Hands on)

Published on Sep 05, 2013
Hair on the sink

My hair was all over... the bedroom, kitchen... especially the bathroom!

Not sure if it is inherent scalp issues, periodic frequent swimming or simply stress but I knew I had a scalp problem when my helper asked me one day, "Ma'am, why are you dropping so much hair?"

Hence, when CLEO Hair & Make offered me the chance to try out their head spa, I jumped at the chance.

As expounded in my previous article Declog your Hair Pores , regular Scalp Treatment at the salon is highly recommended, even for relatively healthy hair and scalp. Scalp treatment help to clear the pores of excessive silicones (from normal shampoos), dirt, chlorine (from swimming), wax and other hair products, all of which can block the scalp pores and cause hair fall, oily scalp and scalp pimples in the long run. When the scalp pores are blocked, hair also turns drier because nutrients can’t travel as much from the body to the rest of your hair. Scalp treatment, which often incorporates head massage, helps to clear those pores and increase blood circulation so that the proper nutrients can now be transported properly from your scalp to the rest of your long long hair again!

I was fortunate to get one of CLEO's newest addition, charming and friendly...

Handsome Stylist Takuya


OK no ogling at his muscles please. 

1. Cover my Face with Towels

Takuya gently put a towel over my face (reminds me kind of like a spa / facial) and got to work.

2. Careful Hair Wash

First he rinsed my hair with warm water (not too hot or too cold!) Notice how careful he is!

Next, he thoroughly shampooed my hair with CLEO's inhouse shampoo... i caught a whiff of the sweet berry smell and I was in love!

Next, he thoroughly shampooed my hair with CLEO's inhouse shampoo... i caught a whiff of the sweet berry smell and I was in love!

Scalp Massage

The highlight of the treatment is however the Tansan Soda Spa Foam, which is now being massaged onto my scalp.

Mechanics for Tansan Spa Foam

Remember those hot spring (onsen) that ladies often go in Japan? Well the onsen actually WORKS to keep the skin more supple and beautiful! In short, it boosts blood circulation and brings more oxygen and nutrients into the skin!

For those more interested in the scientific explanation, the onsen water dilates the capillaries to allow carbon dioxide to pass through the skin. The carbon dioxide enters the skin and is carried away immediately as waste. This brings more oxygen, moisture and nutrients back to our skin as blood circulation is enhanced. This applies even for the skin on our scalp, increasing its metabolism and keeping the scalp more healthy!

Soda Spa Foam

Tansan Soda Spa Foam works exactly like onsen. Instead of flying to Japan to experience an onsen once a week, you can experience 4x the goodness of onsen in Tansen Soda Spa Foam!

The Tansan Soda Spa Foam contains 4x the ppm of carbon dioxide in onsen water and through its unique foam technology, is able to deliver more carbon dioxide and blood circulation effects to your skin and scalp!

I knew my blood was definitely circulating because within seconds of applying the foam, my scalp started to get warm!

While the foam absorbs, Takuya gave me some pretty awesome neck, shoulder and arm massage while I drifted off to dreamland (almost!).

8. Shoulder Massage
7. Neck Massage

After drying and towelling, MORE MASSAGE!

14. More Massage
15. Back Massage

Lucky me! On top of this therapeutic scalp treatment, the pampering massage was so good, it almost put me to sleep.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.

Crazy Blow Dry

Takuya and Ryo gave me a pretty crazy blow dry ...

18. soft hair

Ta daa... My hair was so soft and supple, I couldn't stop touching it the whole day!

THANK YOU TAKUYA for rescuing my scalprejuvenating my hair and giving me such a fantastic massage!!!

Thank you Takuya

UPDATE: I have noticed that my scalp is now a lot stronger and that my hairfall has actually drastically reduced in just a week - just ask my helper! I don't think it is specifically catered to reducing hairfall but somehow it worked wonders for me! amazing!!!

From now till 31st October 2013CLEO Hair & Make is having a promotion for its Hair Spa.

Instead of the usual price of $120, the carbonate cleansing treatment now cost only $100 AND they are giving away a free bottle of Tansan Soda Spa Foam (worth $50) with every Hair Spa treatment!

You can use the Soda Spa Foam on your face as well and its good for 30 pumps! Perfect treat for your skin and scalp :)

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