Hairpage Underground @ South Beach Avenue

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Be prepared to spend $35 onwards
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  • Very strong stylist team which include hair directors previously from Toni & Guy
  • Highly experienced in both Asian Hair and Caucasian Hair
  • Outstanding haircuts and colour
  • Hairstylist attends to you from start till the end (no hair assistants)
  • Reasonable prices
  • Spacious Interior
  • Instagrammable Interior Decor brings us to London!
  • Located within 5 min of Esplanade MRT and 10 min from City Hall MRT
  • Affordable parking ($5 off promotion now if you go for a hair service here!)


  • Only 1 stylist here is strong with perms
  • Not the cheapest salon out there
  • A little bit out of the way if you don't work in the area

What Other People Say

Loving It

Juan Low

February 02, 2018

Best salon I've tried in a long time!

Review for Xiaohui

First up, I really like the design of the salon. It's got that hipster underground vibe. Who wouldn't want their hair done in a place like that?! I've been there a few times now. Had my haircut done by Eric and wow, he's a meticulous one. I marvel at how Eric cuts my hair, literally strand by strand if that makes sense. He takes time to work on my hair, even if it's a simple trimming of the fringe. The haircut lasted me for a good 3 mths (still going strong!) and I normally cut my hair once every 1 mth or so. That is a good sign! I go to Xiao Hui for coloring my hair and she's really good. She knows her colors for sure, is very knowledgeable and takes time to do a proper consultation each time before coloring my hair. I would highly recommend Xiao Hui for anything technical (since she's the technical director afterall)! I would recommend anyone looking for a good haircut/color to give Hairpage a try! The stylists are really knowledgeable, humble, friendly and it's all good vibes in there~ Prices are reasonable too!

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