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Suchehwa By Ted @ Dhoby Ghaut

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Hair is the most important thing to any salon. But beyond that, I want all my customers to feel comfortable.

Ted Kim
Founder and Managing Director


Love Korean hairstyles, salons, and trends? Then you've definitely heard of hair whiz Ted Kim! If you're wondering where he went after making his mark in LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon, you'll be ecstatic to know that you can find him in his own salon, Suchehwa!

Ted is extraordinarily accomplished — he's known for his signature perms, has reached top sale levels, and is equally skilled across all hair services. He has achieved everything most stylists dream to do, so he decided to take it up a notch by not only finding his own salon, but creating a team of super stylists.

The Suchehwa stylist team is incredibly talented, with decades of experience and a flair for art.

That brings us back to the name Suchehwa, which stands for shui cai hua in Mandarin and watercolour in English. Founder Ted decided on this name because watercolour inspired calmness, comfort, and creativity. Those three Cs drive the direction of his salon.

We'd be lying if we said customers didn't go to Ted for his good looks, but his customer return rate is astonishingly high. Why? He's able to make your hair dreams come true while making you feel at ease. no hard selling, pushing, or pressure here! We've heard of countless stylists that care about their customers' comfort, but this is the first time we've heard customers saying:

I'm here for a perm, but if I need anything else, Ted will decide.

Now that's pure client-stylist trust!

On top of making customers feel at home, you can see that the stylists feel at home too. It's lovely to see a team of happy stylists that help each other out, attend to each others' clients, and are always laughing at work.

It's not just Ted and his stellar team that make customers feel at home. It's also the beautiful salon that's spacious, filled with flowers, and accented with huge gilded mirrors and floor-to-ceiling windows to let you bask in the sun and look out at the greenery (the salon is next to Fort Canning Park!).

With such a stunning concept, what more can you ask for?

At Suchehwa, a lot!

The space also has a private corner,

a calming washing bay,

an open-concept processing area that is efficient and reminiscent of authentic Korean salons,

as well as a variety of drinks and snacks for you to choose from!

Additionally, they're a Dyson-partnered salon so you'll be able to enjoy all the next-level tools. Ted did these natural waves in less than 5 minutes — and we mean that literally!

We can't gush enough about Suchehwa and its wonderful team, so we highly recommend you to go down and try it yourself!

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  • Run by THE Ted Kim
  • 5-minute walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT
  • Staff discount for UBS Building users
  • Beautiful decor and view
  • Has a private area
  • Entire stylist team is exceptionally experienced and capable
  • Stylists feel like family


  • Shared processing area which provides less privacy

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Loving It

June Ang

April 14, 2024

Super relaxing experience

Highly recommended this salon for their head spa session! Their headspa therapist, Jessie is very skilful, diligent and knowledgeable! Consultation includes detailed scalp analysis and photo taking. Jessie even understood my concerns first before sharing some tips to protect my scalp. Best part, her neck & head massage were on the point! During the water fountain part, it was so relaxing till I fall asleep! Must try! (Review approved by Beauty Undercover)

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