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November 22, 2019

highly recommend everyone to visit them first

I'm here to do my review for The Infinity Hair Art. I visited the Marine Parade & Orchard Scape outlet in different time in April, May & June 2019 for my colouring & hair treatment services. My reviews are not biased & I have attached my package receipt that I signed with them on 15 June 2019. 

In fact, I read many bad reviews about The Infinity Hair Art online. I was skeptical towards those reviews I read online, as I have friends who visited them with very good reviews too. 

In my opinion, I feel that the service they provided were good! They have very good hair knowledge & they shared it with me whenever I have enquiries. All of them were friendly and always attended to their customers very swiftly when they reach the hair salon. They are always interacting with me & their customers when we are in the salon. Price was affordable too, but if we (customers) request for a better range of colour / better hair treatments, it will be inevitable to avoid top ups ($) as it is a service rendered by the hair stylists. We pay for the quality of their services, products & expertise.  


First Visit at Marine Parade outlet: 

Service rendered was good. The hair stylist that attended to me colour + highlight & cut my hair. Before we proceed, we had a good 10 mins consultation. I told them what I wanna achieve with pictures I found online. They checked my hair condition etc & my hair was healthy. Price was affordable too. I left the hair salon with beautiful straight & smooth hair with my damaged hair ends chopped. I decline any package selling politely & did not sign for any package as it was my 1st visit & I was broke from my holiday. But overall, I was really satisfied with their services. 


Second visit at Orchard Scape outlet: 

I went to Orchard Scape outlet 1 mth+ later to do colour touch up for my roots & also hair treatment for my hair. When I reached the hair salon, I was greeted with very friendly stylists. After they checked my hair type & texture, they made recommendations for my hair treatment based on my hair condition & once again, I was very happy with the result after my hair treatment & colour touch up. And again, I did not sign for any package because I overspent on my shopping. But despite not signing any package with them, they did not show any black face or anything like that. I left the salon happily with my beautiful smooth hair.


Third visit at Orchard Scape outlet:

I went back to Orchard Scape outlet around 1 mth+ later again for hair treatment & hair cut after work. As usual, I was greeted with very friendly stylists. We chit chat & I requested to do the previous hair treatment as it kept my hair so smooth & silky that I kept touching them! So when I was doing my hair treatment, I myself asked the stylist about their packages for hair treatments & they gladly share with me the good deals they have. After much consideration, I decide to signed a package with them willingly as me & my mum will still need to visit hair salon for hair services so it was a win win situation for everyone. I was happy to still be visiting them till today! My mum too! :)


PS : This review took some time for me to send out as it was a consolidated review & experience based on my opinions. I would highly recommend everyone to visit them first. 

Thank you :)

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September 16, 2018

I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone

A few years ago I first went to this place when it was called Thesis. Now still at the same address at Scape. Now renamed to The Infinity Hair Art. Still the same people working there - guys giggling about perfumes and such.

I had forgotten about my bad experience with Thesis many years ago, and attended Infinity Hair Art this year. Big mistake. I only went for a hair cut and ended up being hardsell into signing up for a package which was a rip off. They claimed it was huge discount compared to other places and upon checking they were actually more expensive compared to other places.

First visit: Hair cut was below average. Blow dry was burning my ears. Guys chatting amongst themselves. I was on time to the appointment but they were not even ready to start work!

Second visit: Went to the 2nd branch at Marine Parade. Still trying to super hard sell me to top up and extend package. I requested korean c curl perm and top part rebond which is standard for korean curl.  Have to top up $48 for hair cut over the package.

Verdict: VERY bad. Firstly, they were late by 30 min to start treatment which made my late to my other appointments. Secondly, the expertise was way below average. Long story short, I left the salon with no curls and just super frizzy and brittle hair that was set into a curl shape. I did not wash my hair for 3 days and still my hair ended up brittle and frizzy so that I look like a crazy person. I had not done any chemical treatment to my hair in the 1.5 years lead up to this treatment and my hair was in good condition. Thirdly, my hair kept breaking and falling after that visit to the salon. Now I am left with only about 20% of my hair. It is AWFUL. I am almost hairless. Everyday I am having nightmares about my hair. I can’t brush or comb or touch it or it will fall. I have to spend so much money to try to reverse their damage. People who do perms will know, you cannot undo a bad perm and you cannot redo it either. You have to wait for it to grow out.

3rd visit: Went back to Marine Parade to finish off the package. Did their most expensive hair treatment which they claim valued at $200++ but upon checking online the product they used was worth only RM99 (not sing dollars) for the WHOLE jar which can service at least 10 people with super long hair! All they did was slap on a bit of the cream treatment and then put me under the heat treatment and wait and then wash and blow. Finished in half hour. Still trying to hardsell me to the point I literally have to run out the salon.

Basically it was my fault. I got sucked into their hard sell. And I did not do my due diligence and check for online reviews. Upon checking, I found out this place has soooo many negative reviews. Total regret. I wished I never set foot into Infinity Hair Art or any other of their renamed salons EVER. The lady stylists were ok but with so many male stylists there, seldom get appointment with the female stylists. All in all, I wish I can give negative star ratings. I cannot believe how bad my hair and scalp is after going to their salon!! I am still waiting for my hair to stop falling or breaking!

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