Ancient Qi Foot Therapy @ Serangoon Gardens

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  • Spacious Hygienic environment
  • Customers are generally happy they receive from Ancient Qi
  • Prices are competitive


  • Serangoon Gardens is not within walking distance to major MRT stations
  • Service level might drop during busy periods

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April 16, 2012

The environment was really nice

Finally came to this Ancient Qi Foot Massage place at Serangoon Garden (Qi indeed! But is 生气的气! Lol!) for a massage!

Place was pretty nice and spacious actually! BUT the service was not exactly good. Imagine they could piss me off until I raised my voice over the phone (how often do you guys see / hear me do that?) and the lady actually raised her voice louder!

Hello!? That’s the attitude I get when I booked my appointment A WEEK AGO, only to be told it was not recorded and their slots are full??!

So I had to wait another weekend and on the actual day.. We ended up waiting for almost half hour because their staff weren’t there yet. Excuse me?? We made advance appointment leh!! (Somemore the time was given by them since I told them we are okay with any time!)

And so Steffi was busy exploring the place while we waited..

Finally the foot massage started!!
Got a shock when I noticed a faint bruise forming when the lady just started massaging!

But oh well, my feet did feel lighter after that.

Okie, massage was done and it was time to go.

Not happy that the lady (boss?) made me write down the contact numbers of myself, sis and Steven though! But she insisted so I just got it over and done with.

Quite a pity though! The environment was really nice.

So far I’d tried some online deals / coupons and stuff. Seriously, the beauty services are either so-so with poor attitude from staff (and even the bosses) or the services are poor.


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