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  • Located near Tampines MRT Station
  • Small and cozy surroundings
  • Korean stylists available

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Loving It

Nerissa Tang

August 07, 2023

Excellent service

Excellent service and I like the hair colour from SamanthašŸ‘

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Apple Lamborghini

October 05, 2018

Great hair color and hair cut

Jamis is a great hairdresser and I’m very happy with her hair color and cut. She is also a very kind and friendly person who makes you feel welcome and happy.

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March 30, 2018

Stylist styling

My friend and I poped in and had our hair done. Excellent service and real nice hair do. We were really happy going back to Sweden looking great. Thank you MS Kelly and MS E. Both of your really skilled and nice.

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February 05, 2018

Overpriced for the quality of service that you get

In summary, I expected better service for the price that I paid (over $400) at this salon. I paid the price of a senior stylist and saw her for 15 mins, maximum, out of the 2 hours I was there. When she was actually around, the way she handled my hair bordered on rough.

There's also quite a lot of up-selling at this salon, which annoyed me considering how expensive they already are. Here's what happened: I made an appointment to get my hair coloured and cut. As I didn't have a preferred stylist, I was told that a senior Korean stylist would be attending to me. Upon arrival, I didn't have to wait long before being escorted to a chair by a non-Korean stylist, Ivy, who asked about what I wanted and showed me a selection of colours. She gave me good advice on the right colour to pick, recommended some treatments for my dry hair, etc. and I was pretty happy about the experience.

Then the senior Korean stylist, Sunny, appeared, agreed that my hair was dry and asked me how I would like my hair cut. She then spent about 5 minutes trimming my hair and left. The way she did it was brisk. At first, I thought that it was the first cut and that she would refine it after the colour and treatment, but this was not the case. Ivy then came back and applied the hair dye on me, and was about halfway through before Sunny came and joined her. I am usually very tolerant when my hair is being pulled, but this was the roughest experience I've had, with my hair being yanked to the left and right as both stylists worked on me. At one point, I even felt a sharp pain on the top of my head when Sunny tugged on the wrong strands of hair with her comb. After waiting for the colour to set, Ivy brought me to get my hair washed. As she was washing my hair, it seemed like everyone in the entire salon suddenly came by and was waiting around the entrance to the washing area. At some point, I had to lift my legs as I was lying down to give someone space to retrieve an item. It was crowded and uncomfortable. After that, we went through the hair treatment regime. Ivy did everything this time, even though my receipt stated that Sunny did the job too. As I was waiting for my hair to absorb the chemicals, Ivy advised me on how to care for my hair and tried to sell me a product, which I turned down. Then I had my hair washed a second time and dried. Sunny finally came by again after Ivy was over halfway through drying my hair to add some finishing touches (i guess). When that was done, she disappeared again. The experience ended awkwardly. Ivy tried to sell me another product and left it with me to think it over. I waited to see the back of my hair, but wasn't shown it. Finally, I stood up and went to the cashier and Sunny was there. They assumed I was taking the second product they were trying to sell and brought it out, but I turned it down. They then left me with the cashier. Finally, as I was paying, the cashier tried to get me to purchase a $1000 package with them. Of course, I said no. I paid and left. I'm not likely to go back there again. My hair looked nice, but I could get the same effect somewhere else for a cheaper price, or better service.

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January 26, 2018

Worst Customer Service I have ever had from a Hairdresser

Went for my first hair cut at Apgujeong at Tampines 1. The korean hairdresser (I believe his name is Joseph) has NO interest whatsoever in his customer. I was in the salon for only half an hour. This included the hair wash (done by a local who was quite friendly) and the hair cut. He did my cut very quickly and did not bother checking if both sides of my hair were of equal length. Neither did he use the mirror to show me the back of my hair when he was done. I had to request for it. Even then it was done by the local who washed my hair. He just left after the cut was done with no acknowledgement whatsoever! I will NEVER go back there, neither will I recommend friends to go there!

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Rae Lee

January 03, 2018

Negative experience

I visited the Tampines 1 outlet on 29 Dec 2017 at about 5.30pm and was serviced by a local hairstylist named Ryan for a wash and cut.

He asked if I wanted a drink, and though I requested for water, he forgot about it entirely. I figured it was because it was relatively crowded, and just left it as it was. I was seated in a corner toward the back where it was crowded with snacks and letters and warm as well, but again, I just wanted a haircut and since there was no other space, did not ask to be moved.

This is my third time cutting at the salon, my prior experiences were good ones, and hence I was a bit surprised this time when he was a bit pushy on products even though I said I was not interested, and when I feedback that I felt one side of my haircut was longer than the other, he said he felt it was the same, and it wasn't until I insisted did he cut it shorter to match. I left the salon feeling very warm and agitated, but as my hair was blown and styled, it seemed okay. For the next few days, I went out with friends and family for the new year, and had every one of them ask me what happened to my hair. They asked if I cut it myself as it was very uneven and choppy, as if I took kitchen scissors to cut it myself straight, you can imagine I felt very embarrassed and disappointed, considering I paid $40 for this haircut.

Unable to bear it, I returned on 3 Jan 2018 at around 12nn and spoke to the manager Bill, he was very understanding and friendly, and agreed to get a stylist to help fix my hair. I informed him I did not want the local stylist again and I wanted someone more experienced. As there were 3 stylist in the salon I did not have much choice, and he got a stylist named Ivy to cut my hair. I was with my mother this time as I wanted to ensure my hair was cut properly this time. After a quick rinse and cut, she half dried my hair so that I could check, and this was when my fourth experience at Apgujeong became very negative.

My mother was looking at the cut, and felt one side was not as even as the other and she feedback to her to cut abit more on the left side. Ivy insisted it was my hair being wavy and layered and gave an annoyed facial expression to my mother and me. This was unnecessary and made me feel as if I'm being a lousy customer. I just want to have a pleasant hair cut experience and leave the salon feeling beautiful, not leave it feeling as if I'm asking too much or as if my hair is horrible. I believe Bill could feel the tension, so he took over drying my hair, stating she had another customer to attend to, though she did not and just stood at the side. He did not charge me to fix of course, but I am still not happy as I left feeling very upset with the stylist and the way behaved towards my mother and me.

I am very disappointed by this experience. I pay more to come to Apgujeong as I expect great service and a wonderful haircut. I am so surprised and disappointed that the stylists are now unprofessional, rushed and argumentative. Just because they are not the Korean stylists doesn't mean they should be like this.

I am unlikely to ever return to Apgujeong if this is how the stylists are. Your manager, Bill is a patient and understanding man, but there is only so much he can do to help the customers if this is how the stylists want to behave. I may understand pushing products is important for sales, but Ryan should ensure to focus on my haircut and make it good before selling. And if Ivy felt my hair was problematic then as a good stylist, shouldn't she know how to cut it to make it look even in length? Instead of saying it's my hair at fault and that's all she can do?

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December 28, 2017

Unconscionable stylist

My daughter had walked into the salon wanting to colour her hair and walked away with a bill of $545 after student discount. She said she was not told of the bill, that included 3 amount of $171.20 for colour/highlight. I called the salon to clarify since my teenage daughter was timid. The stylist Ryan did not speak to me. Instead he talked to me through a supervisor Ben. Ben said that amount was twice for bleaching and once for highlight. When asked why this package of $171.20 was not listed in their website, i was told it is an exclusive package. When asked why the stylist would recommend an exclusive package to a student, there was no answer. My daughter learnt a painful lesson. 2 weeks later, she coloured her hair to her original colour to forget the incident. 

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Update: Stylist name is Ryan

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February 17, 2017

Ruined my hair colour

They got my hair colour right the first time when I coloured my roots but they made it so black the second time around.

Told the stylist the third time when I was there to colour my roots again that the last colour was too dark and he agreed it was and said that he would adjust the colour and would colour over the previous colour to blend it all in. But as it turned out, the colour came out just as dark as previously!

Told him only to be told that it'll lightened which was exactly what he said the last time! They suggested redoing it there and then but I was pressing for time. Left the salon looking really harsh with the roots so dark. Yet I paid for it. A week later and there was a clear distinction between the two colours.

I went back in again with them agreeing to do the necessary adjustment at no charge. But to my shock and disappointment, my new growth roots that were coloured last week came out bright orange whilst the darkened part of my hair remained black. Another's words, I had three different patches of colour to my head! I came in there worse than before!!

I've spent more than a thousand dollars in this salon for hair treatment etc. but this is just going to ruin my fine hair. I am sitting here now in the salon with them re-colouring my roots twice in a span of 3 hours! No way I was leaving with roots looking bright than the rest of my hair! If they don't know about hair and hair colour, I've decided I'm taking my money elsewhere!!

They even had the cheek to make me pay when they got the colour wrong twice and expect me to come back when it's time consuming for me just so that they could get the colours right when in fact it's obvious they couldn't because the stylist is ill trained! I'm taking my package money elsewhere.

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wee swee imm

December 03, 2016

let down

My hair was cut by a korean senior stylist for $48. The next day, my hair looked very uneven with strands sticking out. Now I have to cut my hair again to get it into better shape.

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March 15, 2016

Very happy and satisfied with my new hair-do

Stylist: Becky from Apgujeong!!

I am a very satisfied customer that has just patronised the newly opened Korean salon Apgujeong at Tampines 1. I came into Apgujeong feeling slightly clueless about what to do with my half bleached hair, my hair was half bleached and it looked extremely choppy and weird. Becky the female senior hairstylist then attended to me and checked through my hair and analysed which product or chemical treatment was most suited for my hair. I showed her a photo of how i wanted my hair to look more blended instead of a choppy half bleached look and asked her if it was possible to make it look similar she then told me that she would be doing highlights to my top half to give a smoother gradient look to my bleached hair, i was very impressed by the staff of Apgujeong as they explained the procedure to me with detail and precision allowing me to feel extra comforted and while i let the skilled professionals handle my hair. After the highlights Becky then showed me the Pravana series that was available for the customers to choose from, to my pleasant surprise there was a large range of crazy and wild colours available from bright red to ashy silvers i decided to go with a blue and turquoise colour that Becky suggested as it would be very suitable for my skin tone (yes she took into consideration my skin tone as well) Through the dyeing process Becky also came to check on me constantly to make sure i was feeling alright and comfortable during the procedure! i am very happy and satisfied with my new hair-do and i can’t wait to change up my hair colour soon!

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March 04, 2016

Loved the results and service but too much upselling

I was a bit skeptical if I should try apujeong or not because there were both bad and good reviews. When I first stepped in, everyone in the salon are extremely friendly (except for the korean stylist which was appointed to me). It might be because her english was not fluent. I have no problem with that because I’m not the chatty type and prefer to be left alone browsing my phone. I optioned for hair cut and treatment. All I could say was the hair wash and everything else are nice and I love it. Just hope that the stylist could be more gentle when managing the hair. I totally loved the result but I doubt I will come back again because there was a lot of up selling. I won’t deny that I didn’t felt pressured, but it would be nice if they would stop upselling you when you’ve said no for a few times. Loved the results and service. But wouldn’t come again bc of the upselling.

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February 23, 2016

Turned away by the rude staff

Been there one evening around 820pm for a hair wash but was turned away by the rude staff to say they are busy when only one customer there and closing soon. I pointed to the closing time stated is 9pm. He ignored and the other staff pretended I was invisible. They were packing their stuff ready to go home. This is really the worst Korean salon I have seen in terms of service. I agree with some customers who mentioned one feels like leaving before even stepping in. It has more Malaysian stylists than Koreans and for a moment I wonder if I have stepped into one in JB. I will not give a second chance. Being pretty new in this country, please learn to be more humble and customer oriented.

Date of Visit: This happened when they first opened in Tampines!

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January 02, 2016

Lousy first impression

I wanted to try the highly raved mucota treatment and I chanced upon this Korean Salon in tampines one near my place. I decided to give it a try on my free day. As I did not make an appointment, I wanted to check if they have a slot on the day. I was waiting at the receptiniest for a good 10 minutes with no one bothering to acknowledge my presence. Granted that the receptionist (a male stylist I believe, who was trying to explain to his customer why her bill was 1000 plus), there was only one customer in the shop and the rest of the staff was either chit chatting among themselves or trying tto straighten their own hair. I am fine to wait since I had no appointment made, however, there was no eye contact or any form of acknowledgement from anyone else. I tried to catch the eye of various staff who conveniently just avoided my eye and continued with their own activity. Without even trying their services, the first impression was already lousy . I will not bother to try this salon anymore as they cannot even deliver the most basic service to customers.

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December 21, 2015

Too judgemental and unreasonable

I went to the newly opened outlet at Junction 8 and I couldn't even step in before I decided to leave. I talked to the ladies at the counter, who took one look at my short hair and insisted that I fall under the female category and thus must pay for the 'women's haircut'.

I was taken aback as the other salons I go to have a pretty standard procedure of short = men's, long = women's.

Do note the difference in prices as well, $33 for a men's haircut and $45 for a women's haircut. So I enquired to know what's the big deal, why I can not get a men's style haircut for the price of a men's haircut. It seems pretty logical to me, especially since I'm not asking for any soft, feminine short haircut, I am asking for a hard, rugged, no-fuss men's style haircut. They kept insisting that as long as you are female, you have to pay the female price. So at this point I tried to follow their train of reasoning to try and understand, since they kept telling me that men and women's hairstyles are different, and that even cutting a men's style on a woman would make it a woman's style. (?) I asked, please explain to me what makes men's and women's styles different. They kept evading my question and could not tell me what the $13 difference was. I have the anatomy of a female, but I identify as a boy and being pushed into a corner like that and having two people insisting that I have to accept being a girl just because of my biological makeup made me feel really upset, especially when there was no reasonable difference raised between men's and women's hairstyles. I fail to understand how what is in my pants affects the type of hairstyle I am supposed to get. As I received no clear explanation, it really seems as though they believe that your anatomy defines whether your hairstyle is a man's or a woman's. I will cut my hair at salons that define you based on the length of your hair, not based on your biological makeup.

This hair salon is too judgemental and unreasonable, and I had not even stepped in.

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Blog Review

June 09, 2015

Absolutely love my hair!

Due to my messy her which is getting messier and messier, I decided to rebond my hair. Last week I explored some available hair salons at 3 Tampines shopping malls (just shifted to this area recently ^.^) and chanced upon Apgujeong Hair Studio. After asking few questions to one of the stylists, I booked an appointment last Saturday for Mucota Volume Rebonding. They told me that it is Korean version of smooth rebonding. I did some research and found out that the purpose of Volume Rebonding is so that the hair will not be so flat, it will look more natural, instead. On the day of my appointment, they asked me if I wanted to add C-curl for my end so that it will look nicer. I decided to just go with Volume Rebonding as I am curious to see how my hair will look like without additional C-curl.My stylist name was Catherine. She is from Korea and she doesn’t really speak English. So I just leave all details to her :) They started with hair wash and followed by hair cut. After that, they applied the chemical for rebonding and cover my hair with plastic. This took quite a long time, approximately one hour. I am not sure if it is supposed to be that long, or because my original hair is a bit wavy. While waiting, I was browsing through their “lookbook” which has many interesting hairstyles.I secretly hoped my hair will look like the girl with spectacles in the last picture ^.^Finally, after around one hour, they brought me for another rinse. After that, Catherine use hair straightener to straighten my hair, but gave me a nice curl at the end. She did the same to my fringe too. What’s next is another chemical to my now-curly-hair, but this time they put small hair clips to hold the curl.This step took around 20 minutes only, fortunately :) After that, it was another rinse, and Catherine showed me how to style my hair after hair wash with just a blow dryer. Unfortunately, I had no chance to take a decent picture of my hair right after that, as I needed to rush home for other appointment.But this morning, I washed my hair for the first time after my Volume Rebonding. I followed the instruction to use Argan Oil (which is now free if you pay above S$100) before and after my hair blow, and I managed to style my hair with just hair dryer!Now I have soft nice curls at the end of my hair and it looks so healthy. Absolutely love my hair!

Review obtained from https://shinenglow.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/volume-rebonding-apgujeong-hair-studio/

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Blog Review

May 05, 2015

Less professional

I’ve always told myself (and others) that I should blog reviews - about food, travel, and everything else interesting enough that I come across, but I was far too lazy and procrastinated too much to have anything ever come from that thought. I was getting tired of reading sponsored reviews - they all say essentially the same thing - advertising and promoting with little honest and/or reliable opinions. Well, never did I imagine it would be a trip to this hair salon that triggered me to further my cause. I was toying with the idea of going for hair treatment after coming back from Koh Lanta - what with all the sun and seawater damage making my hair feel like grass in the hot singapore weather. Been reading reviews about mucota treatments after my first experience at Invogue Hair Salon (at Tampines Street 11), and came across this mucota dyna oil treatment - which was raved about, to say the least, and purported to last for 6 months.

Was disappointed to learn that it was actually a rebonding thing. So I decided to go for the usual mucota hair treatment, which the sales manager at Apgujeong Hair Salon recommened, at the same time get my hair trimmed by one of the senior korean stylists.I couldn’t help but compare my experience at Apgujeong with the one I had at Invogue Hair Salon. I felt that Apgujeong seemed a lot less professional, and there was a strange dynamic going on between the local and korean staff. One of the strangest moments was watching the korean stylist sit beside me curling her own hair with a hair iron (was actually waiting for her to finish curling her own hair so she could cut my hair). Not to say that they were rude, they were in fact professionally polite in their personal customer interactions - but the body language and vibe just speaks loads more.I think a successful hair salon or hair stylist would, at the end of one’s visit, would make one feel like she has found her home - that she needn’t go to any other hair salon ever again. That’s the kind of satisfaction I did not find in Apgujeong.

Review reproduced with permission from http://littlebackyardadventures.tumblr.com/post/118183678333/review-apgujeong-hair-salon

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