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  • Central and heartland locations
  • Relaxing ambience


  • Pushy personnel
  • Inconsistent level of skill among therapists
  • Questionable sales tactics (charging for a more expensive service when a cheaper service is administered, going ahead with more expensive service without prior permission)

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D. Rostani

August 08, 2022

$580 skin tag removal with pen @JEM

I felt cheated to pay $580 for poking my neck treatment with a skin tag pen. The pen cost $80. I don’t even want to give 1 star rating. Please avoid this company. It’s not worth it. (Review not yet verified)

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Juliana Ho

December 02, 2018


went there for gel mani pedi. Pedi - did not even buff my dead skin properly, the heels of my feet still felt rough and quite tough. Mani - some of my cuticles were not cut properly, and some even BLED. A simple google search will show you the dangers of having damaged cuticle, and yet this salon cant even do something so basic properly. How to do business like this? And mind you, it was very expensive service as compared to a regular nail salon where I could get better service. Mani was $40 while Pedi was $78. After paying so much, I still get bleeding cuticles, improperly cut cuticles and a half-assed buffed heel. Please never ever patronise this place.

Review not yet verified

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March 22, 2015

Pushy service attitude

I regretted signing up a package with them. Every single facial session, they will try to charge some extra ampoule costing $48 each or push more packages that are expensive and irritate me until I asked them why every single facial session need to sell me some extra, I just wan to finish my sessions and leave. Totally hate their pushy service attitude. Sometimes they sell u some extra new facial and if u don't sign their package, they will reverse their attitude and try to make u to buy new package.

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This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Dear Liz,

Thank you for your feedback.

At Avone, we regard customer satisfaction and service quality as top priority. Therefore, we are concerned by your feedback.

We would like to look into the matter should you be able to furnish us with more details. Would you be able to email your contact details to customer_service@avone.sg

Thank you and have a great weekend ahead.

Nov 13, 2015


Registered User


October 11, 2012

Im satisfied with the treatments

My mum did brow embroidery and was given a 10 sessions of facial which we later upgraded to the VIP one that has 20 sessions. (Becos 10 sessions are not enough for my oily and pimply face to clear up…which I personally find it true as compared to previous facial salons i’ve been to )

The Treatment (8 out of 10)

Each session took about 2 hours : Cleansing > Steaming > Sucking of pores with machine > Picking out dirt from pores (the most painful process) > Mask > Neck and upper back massage to end off the session

I had oily Tzone and constant break out on the cheeks and neck 2 years back. During the sessions, after cleansing the face, the therapist will meticulously help to pick out dirt from clogged pores – my face was so bad it sometimes took them about 40mins to an hour. (Skills defers according to different therapist, I love Glen from Avone, The Central).
By cleansing the pores is to allow my face to be able to absorb the other products later on, in fact the therapist know which areas on my face to squeeze and not to, to prevent pimple outbreak or scars. All the therapists are well-informed with good knowledge on various skintypes and facial products, even though the skills may differ.

And so far, after 2 years, my face has indeed cleared out with no scars on my cheeks ! My Tzone has significantly cleared up…

The Environment (6 out of 10) :
The Central outlet is rather small, there were two times whenwhen I had to share a room with another lady even though there were a curtain in between us, the therapists have to open and close the curtain everytime they move to a sink at the back of the room.

On usual situations, one room per costumer, the room is pretty cozy. It may be too cold for some of us, however the store added heated mat and thicker towels to cover us.

Hard sell : (Depends on therapists)
They have a series of facial cleansing products and serum from Sensual. which I have bought and found the effect so-so on me. I like it when the therapists are understanding whenever I tell them I don’t want to buy – eventually I still succumb to the thought that the products can make the treatment more.effective which I believe so! The products which they are selling are used during the facials sessions. 

After stopping for facial for almost 1 year since the 20 sessions ended. I will probably still patronize Avone if I have the opportunity ! Overall, Im satisfied with the treatments.

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