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  • Effective in relieving water retention for prenatal massages
  • Friendly therapists


  • Inattentive therapists
  • Pushy sales assistants
  • Shorter than expected treatment timing
  • Place is not the most well-maintained

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August 09, 2011

The massage experience from hell

Bought a voucher from groupon on ”$23 for 60 min Botanical Fusion Oil Full Body Massage with Back Scrub at Bella Luna (Worth $180)”

I was late. My apologies. The minute I stepped in, I felt that the place is quite quiet. The receptionist Iris attended to me. I am not a person who frequents massages but I do know how to differentiate a good massage parlor or a slipshod one. I had been to the Thai odyssey, massage hut and the latest one from Spa Elements at The Cathay.

She poured me a cup of warm (I expected green tea) water. She asked me to fill up the form, which is not as detailed as Spa Element. They did not ask whether which part of the back should they pay attention to or where my back is aching. When you go to the massage parlor, you are expected to be relaxed. I was asked about my tattoos. I felt that it’s inappropriate. And she went on asking where’s my workplace, how’s the crowd, what are the favorite designs, why I chose this line, bla bla bla.. It’s my off day and I’m talking abt work. That’s a minus point.

Proceeding to the masseuse, she led me to the room to get ready my massage. I had the paper undies and shower cap on and on the bed getting ready. Then I heard the drilling works next door. Damned. As I came in, all the five rooms were empty except for one. Why was I on the very last room where it’s closest to the renovation works? Another minus point.

The masseuse apologized on the renovation going on and went on starting massaging on my feet up. It was not too bad. When it came to my back, her sequence were off. It was suppose to be section by section. She rolled up my spine and started on the neck and shoulders. She went down to my lower back and then up my neck and shoulders again. I guessed she had used up all her mediocre skills and decided to use her hands to draw a big X on my back. This is the first time i encountered this stance. I also suspected she had corn on her finger as I felt it scratching on my back. Minus point.

So, it’s time to turn to the front massage. Again she started on the feet which is good. Then she did the stomach. I always believe the massage should be one way, clockwise or anti clockwise. There should be a procedure to it. So she massaged my stomach, clockwise and then anti clockwise. ??? Another first. Then the chest. Nothing much.. Then came the head. As I was wearing the PLASTIC showercap, when she massage my head with the cap on, the rustling of the plastic was bloody annoying. She was at it for 10 mins. Maybe she was a shampoo girl previously. So I tot finally it was over, she went to my chest again, not kneading but putting pressure from her palms.

And off she went to take the scrub. So I tot it will be lying on my front again to get a good scrub, finally. Turns out I have to sit up. Again ??? She put the scrub on my back and began rubbing, for like 5 mins? I tot it’s suppose to be 15mins? Fine. The masseuse then asked me to use the portable shower to clean myself up when she was done. So that’s it. I cleaned myself and went out. Sorry, no tips for the masseuse because I dun think she did a good job, compared to Spa Elements. I did gave the masseuse a tip at Spa Elements.

So I was in the cubicle, waiting for Iris to tell me her packages, she asked me how was the massage, I said it was ok. No point telling her so much, the massage was over anyway. She then proceed to recommend me a promotion only for that day at $50 for an hour massage. I told her I wanted to try other parlors before deciding and she insisted me to get a five hour package first that would cost $250. Why would I want to get a $250 package when I dun even enjoy the massage and was hounded abt my job when I first step in? I will not even get it even if it’s free. It’s not how cheap it is cos I know even if I were to get a package, it will be with spa elements. Of cos, it will be way more expensive than Bellaluna. If the service is good, I enjoy my quiet time and a good massage, why not?

I told her no, I wouldn’t want to commit myself at this time. She finally let it go and as we went out of the cubicle, she told me not to buy the voucher again as it is for one time trial only. How rude can she be? She thinks I can’t read the terms and conditions? Or just because I did not buy the package from her? But then again, there won’t be a next time for sure.

The massage experience from hell.

Verdict: 0.5 / 5 - 0.5 for the cup of ginger tea after the massage.


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This seems like a pretty legit review. If anything, you're the one who sounds defensive. Lol. Probably working for Bella Luna (deny all you want). How pathetic

Jul 10, 2014


Registered User

What a dumb review this is. I don't work for Bella luna but I've been reading way too many of these sponsored reviews by bloggers who have now gone way beyond the false positive reviews of the salon that engaged them to now attacking competitors while slyly throwing in the name of the establishment they want people to visit

Unless you have a working of knowledge of massage techniques, don't make rubbish comments. Massage on the tummy can be BOTH clockwise and anti-clockwise.

and who expects tips any more.? Most massage therapists who work in salons are doing the best they can with the limited training the receive from the owners. If anything, base your reviews on the owners of the salon who refuse to invest in training or qualified staff.

Word to consumers: Be very careful when it comes to glowing blogger reviews. There are very few beauty bloggers out there who will give a balanced, genuine review.

Apr 21, 2013


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Blog Review

December 02, 2010

Bella Luna Facial – a review

I tried the massage promotion at their Harbourfront branch. It was a detox massage.Much to my chagrin, the “massage” itself took only 30 minutes, the room temperature was too cold and the Jamu mask was applied rather sloppily. However, kudos to the therapist for being uber-friendly and explaining each step quite well.I would rate the treatment 3 out of 5.Now comes the hard-selling bit. This guy, Brian, was quite pushy with the sales. What part of “I have to think about this” does he not understand? After I repeatedly turned down the treatment, he started to look all haughty and grumpy. It was such a 360-degree turn from his smiling face when I walked into the shop. For that, I would change the rating to 2 out of 5.


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Blog Review

November 10, 2010

Bella Luna Facial – a review

I made use of a daily deal and treated myself to a facial massage therapy at Bella Luna located at Harbour Front. The salon was easy to find and the entrance is pleasant (even featuring my favorite orange peel chairs in leather). The treatment rooms however are quite small as is the case with many salons these days.

The facial

After cleansing of the skin, steam was applied to open the pores. Some extraction and exfolitation was then carried out after which I received my first mask. I was surprised that this turned out to be a paper mask. This is not something I would expect to receive in a salon.

If you have read other reviews before you will know that I’m not a huge fan of masks. However, I do recognise the advantages to my skin of a good mask and if the mask is good, applied in a good way and the therapist does some other relaxing therapy like an arm or neck massage I can quite enjoy them.

Here, the paper mask was left on for about 15 minutes with the therapist leaving the room. To my surprise she also did not put anything on top of my eyes to cover them. As the place was quite noisy due to the chattering and thin walls I found it difficult to relax and found myself just staring at the crookely hanged ventilator at the ceiling.

After about 15 minutes I was then given a second paper mask. Again without covering eyepads and the therapistleaving the room. I didn’t like the first mask and this one was no different. Upon return I was given a quick clean and moisturizer and a very short massage. According to the therapist no sunscreen was needed as uva was already included in the cream.


There is much room for improvement in this facial. Although the actual premises were nice, the treatment rooms could be improved. My therapist was friendly and her english good, but due to the lack of attention to detail and the noisy atmosphere I found it difficult to relax. The products used didn’t really suit my skin and I would have liked more attention from the therapist during mask time.


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September 24, 2010

Happy pampering :D

After that we went walking around in Town area, hoping to find a prenatal massage service which is good,worthy and reasonable. Not much interested until we got into one in Cuppage. The big advertisement poster of a beautiful pregnant woman outside the door caught our eye straight away.
We decided to check out their services and rates of the massage. Not realizing, actually that was wellness spa that Mediacorp artist , Zoey Tay is currently attending to. She had them attend to her by home services once very week.

They also provide home services to customers and their consultant is very patience in explaining every detailed to us. I take up the prenatal massage first time trial (45mins) which only costing $28 nett. After trying, I think they were professional and I thought the package is at a reasonable price too. Imagine each time you went to salon/spa for a prenatal massage is already estimate min $100 exclude the first time trial, some more plus it’s a big spa & wellness with good products used.

Babyhubby and I had a discussion all over and he decided to sign up the package to pamper me!


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Blog Review

August 04, 2010

Bella Luna Spa - Body massage & treatment review

Firstly, the location was a pain in the ass.Cuppage Plaza; more notoriously known for its sleazy health centers and KTV joints was also home to Bella Luna Spa. I found the spa tucked away in a dingy corner of the basement II. As I entered, I was greeted by its sombre decor – mostly black; which I personally found rather unwelcoming.

The consultant gave me a drink before explaining the steps of the treatment I was about to receive. First a 30min massage followed by a wrap, steam and then a scrub to end it all. Wow, so many treatments at one shot, I thought to myself, this was gonna be relaxing.

I was ushered to their locker room and to my dismay, they did not have disposable bathroom slippers. Instead I was given flip-flops that was used to death and still damp from the previous customer’s. How unhygienic, I had no choice but to just cringe and hastily make my way to my designated massage room.

I was in for another rude shock again, the room was poorly decorated with its sad, dark purple walls looking upon me. The unfurnished concrete flooring felt cold against my bare foot, nevertheless, I was more than happy to have disposed of the clammy wet flip-flops.

The bed had these dark khaki greenish gray towels on it. Maybe it’s the color but they reminded me of somebody’s forgotten dirty laundry left in the laundromat for months.

My masseur was an aunty who claimed that she did Zoe Tay’s pre and post-natal massages. She seemed like a pretty nice lady. She said that I had pimples on my back (which I didn’t think so; those are just fading pimple scars) so it was better that I top up a body mask for $10. Fine, I thought to myself, it was just $10 bucks anyway. So I had the scrub first and then showered it off in their tiny shower corner which also spotted the same bare concrete flooring. Yucks.

After that, I had the 30minutes FULL body massage. And I couldn’t even relax because the hole in the massage bed which allowed me to be lying on my belly, showed the shrinkwrap they kept under the bed. Not exactly pleasant to the eye and I did not een feel relaxed enough to want to close my eyes.

The body massage was finished in a jiffy, I don’t even know if it was really 30mins? But anyway, I had the body mask applied on and then I was left to steam for supposedly another 30minutes.

I left the massage room not feeling recharged, relaxed or satisfied. The consultant attending to me thereafter also made a mistake; she thought I did their facial. Interestingly, they did not accept cash only NETs. And they were offering me this $300 treatment at $200 for 3 times or 4 times (student rate). Luckily, they made no attempt to hardsell me at all. Perhaps that’s their only saving grace.

Overall, I’m totally not impressed at all. This place deserves only 1 heart out of sympathy.


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