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  • Quick painless well-done brow-shaping
  • Many central locations


  • Pushy personnel
  • Non-brow related services tend not to be as effective
  • Difficult to fix appointments during peak periods

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Grace Chua

September 06, 2022

Bad experience

Impossible to get an appointment even if book a month in advance. They do not even seek to improve on this. Even if you want to book 2 months in advance, they will say that the calendar is not open yet. So how does one book an appointment at a convenient timing rather than needing to take leave for a eyelash or eyebrow touch up? (Review not yet verified)

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August 12, 2022

Browhaus is all about $$$. Zero customer care or service.

I am an existing customer with S$1.8k worth of lash extension package with Browhause. Here's my experience and view so far: Price: At the point of my purchase, they told me theres going be price increase by the end of month so suggested I get more sessions in a package and I agreed. Turns out it was their "tactic"! Bcz I went to another outlet for one of my sessions after about 2 mths and they were telling the same story with another new customer - GOODNESS. I ended up paying for more and not getting the natural lashes I wanted (let's see what other crap they going reject me with or ask me pay more if I ask to do the simpler lashes option in my next session) Atmosphere and service: I was a curious walk-in customer so I went into one of the stores to enquire about the services and althought I dint feel fully welcomed, I went ahead to go for 1 session of lashes. It's a clean & professional environment so I gave it a miss about the lack of friendly smiles and service orientation. It was also m y 1st time seeing guys serving you at the beauty outlets. It was a little uncomfortable and strange to talk about beauty things and packages. He didnt do me any harms and in fact he was quite nice but it just wasn't the right feel in beauty boutiques :( Lashe extension experience I trusted I was still in good hands bcz Browhaus somehow portrays itself as professional and cool. The beautician was patient to entertain me as a walk-in and eventually led me to make a full lash extension (most expensive lash option) for me although I told her I wanted something natural. Small bad instances like these add-up over time! But overall, the 2 beautcians I met so far were very gentle so I even fall aslp few times!! They try to do based on my requests and often it's satisfactory. Customer Service: This is a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT for me. They call me by my name instead of at least putting "Ms. or Mrs.". They don't say greetins when they call you - it usually goes "hello Ivory your next appointment...". They either don't understand service or hospitality industry or the management don't seem to have given them the importance of treating your customers with a little respect and smiles. Every time I talk to them, it's as if they have no time for me or they completely lack genuine service care. So disappointed. I got rejected and told off by them when I ask for a little favor to adjustment to my sessions. E.g. they called me to confirm my full lash extension appointment the next day and when I told them I need to also do removal, they said I can't remove because that will mean need to add 30 more mins. If I knew earlier, I woudl have requested for a 1.5hrs session during my booking (btw they dragged my touch up for 3 to 4 weeks when it has to be done within 2 weeks). I told them I am finally going on a holiday the next day and I really wanted my lashes done and hope they could do something for me (add 30 mins or whatever suggestions I was willing to take!) but the lady on the phone just simply said sorry. I even suggested to utitlise the touch up session from my next lash cycle but no they said it's not hygenic (it was hygienic when they dragged my last cycle's touch up for 3 to 4 weeks?) for me if I do touch up again. I am most disappointed with the lack of at least trying and putting themselves in the customer's shoes. I felt like I was more of a commodity than a customer to them. Their prob solved so easily and I am out of their way right (take it or leave it kind of treatment. My holidays my problems LOL). Now Im stuck with a messed up lesh for my holiday unless I spend $$$ in another salon. At this point, I just give up and regreted my decision utterly. Now I just can't wait to complete my sessions and never going back. Bookings: Bookings have always been a challange for a lot of beauty salons and places - unless you can pay premium to go for hotel outlets where you can easily book as late as 1/2 a day time lol. Browhaus is not an exception because they are ALWAYS fully booked. Even when I give them 3 ~ 4 weeks time for my touchup or new sessions, they still have difficulties giving me slots islandwide. I dont want to jumpt to conclusions but their rejection rate on me is so high I start to feel like they're deliberate or that they do not get commissions from existing customers (walk-in customers first) or is it different outlets have different commission schemes? I dont know what's the issue but I'm definitely concerned about my next 10+ sessions with them. At this point, I am I'm reluctant to even make a call or ask for their availability. LOL. I asked a friend of mine who was also Browhaus' existing customer and she confirmed she had bad experiences too! Why dint I ask about their service before giving them business. So yeah, filled with regrets, feeling stuck, my experiences so far for the past 3 sessions have been pretty bad, shambolic and every touch point with Browhause have been nothing but unfriendliness from unhappy staff. (Review not yet verified)

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May 01, 2022

Browhaus Ion

WORST EYEBROW RESURRECTION EVER! Unbalance brows after and the worst experience ever by MY! Utter disappointment really! DO NOT GO TO BROWHAUS FOR RESURRECTION, $2k not well spent AT ALL! (Review not yet verified)

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December 08, 2021

Disappointed with package transfer

Proceed with care if you’re signing up a package, especially if you’re thinking to transfer between countries. You’d think they are so international and would be a breeze since they offered transfers between countries… think twice. Signed up brown threading and trimming package in HKG as was told it’s easily transferable at their stipulated exchange rate. Went ahead after telling therapist that I would expect to return SG anytime soon and appreciated the flexibility they were offering. It’s a Mistake. Returned to SG and was told they will treat my HKG package as early termination and used sessions deducted at listed price. On top of that they will deduct some admin fees to process this transfer. The balance? I was under the impression that it will be converted to SG using the exchange rate and I will continue with the package. No, it will be in the form of credit points (subject to GST) and who knows what spin I’ll get on what I can do with the credit points. Correspondence always referred that they had consulted with their ‘management’ … whoever this ‘management’ is, is rigid. Not in line with the international /global image they try to project. Autocratic I’d say. Very surprising given this time and age where mobility matters, and definitely not what I see as a positive service standard. This is still unresolved and already I feel so cheated. I wouldn’t have signed the package in the first place had I known it would be treated like the above. Who would? Also yes, pushy selling throughout the sessions. Continued to be so even after rejecting the therapist, and also sending the feedback they solicited from me. Totally disappointed with this chain that I used to love. (Review verified)

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Shalen Aik

September 13, 2016

It is a hit or miss with therapist

Being a customer for Browhaus for two years, you definitely can trust me on this one.

I have seen all sorts of therapists and marketing tactics in Browhaus. Some therapists are good, some are absolutely disastrous and you leave browhaus with tiny hairs not threaded/tweezed off. Even though they will give you a mirror to look at your brows before you complete your session, with that kind of dim lighting and you lying down, you cant really spot the fine hairs. It is only when you reach home then you realized there are still tiny hairs left behind.

You may think, "oh its fine how can you expect them to thread away all your hairs?" Mind you, I go for their signature thread and tweeze which prides itself for being able to thread and tweeze away ALL excess fine hairs. If their signature service provides the same result as normal threading does, what for use this service? Its more expensive you know?

Of course they must do a good job. However this problem can be resolved if you meet with a skilled therapist, the skilled therapist will use this method to remove all fine hairs. So i say the whether you get the most out of this service really depends on the therapist. China therapist will try their very best to hardsell and do all sorts of sale tactic DURING your treatment. So, choose a malaysian therapist. Im currently loving this therapist Suki Lam from Westgate branch who is very meticulous and takes her time in threading in order to make sure I leave Browhaus with clean and defined brows. I once complained about their hardselling tactic during the treatment on Browhaus facebook page and got contacted by their customer service, who assured me that the management has already been notified and they will not do anymore hardselling during treatment.

After that, I didnt receive hardselling tactic from Browhaus during treatment anymore (seriously i think is because i changed from a china therapist to the kind malaysian lady)

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September 12, 2013

Utter disappointment!

brow resurrection, isn’t that browhaus’s signature?!!
Utter disappointment!

As eyebrow is very important feature on our face, we decided to go for a reputable salon to get the right assurance!

Me n my friends signed up for the BR@$1k/pax at paragon. (I.e.Full retail price and not those offer/promo from the on line deal)

Result = none of us r satisfied! NONE

2of them returned on thievery next day as the brow are uneven.( they had the same therapist)
I didnt go as the swell has yet to subside on day2, as such I Went on the ‘touch up’ session for the ‘correction’.
Went Back to my therapist , Veron and feedback on the unbalance-ness. Assured me that she will able to rectify it. But Not!!!
When you try to tell her on your concern, she seems to understand and know what/where is the problem. Damn!!!!!

Feedback to the front desk as well as their website on my unpleasant experience. But there no reply /update!
So, what’s so great about reputable salon!!


Review not verified,

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August 31, 2013

Really terrible and horrible

This is my first time went to Ion Orchard for Eyebrow threading . My eyebrows were still extremely thick (I had purposely grown them in over the course of a few months) and the arch was not suitable for my face shape. The threaded also didn’t prep my skin, so afterwards I felt a bit abused. After finishing as usual, they try to pressured you to buy their packages. In the end I didn't buy it, the therapist called Natalie the face suddenly turning black. She is really terrible and horrible.


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April 14, 2013

All my worries just disappear

I always have a problem with my brows since young.
But after I had met jelly from Browhaus ion.
All my worries just disappear! I had her for 3 years already. I love her attitude
In life bubbly & positive! She help me to grow my brows and never pushy
In sales unlike other therapists in Browhaus. She is just like a good friend to me everytime
I visited her to do my brows. She jokes everytime. I feel comfortable with her as my therapist.
Butshe had left Browhaus. It’s a shame.. Her skills is so good! Hope anyone found her in other place.. Please pm me.. Thanks! It’s because I didn’t get to see her for 2 months before she left. I’m out of Singapore. Please do help!


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Confused brows

January 17, 2013

Didn't measure brows properly

Make sure you know the therapist well or have a friend who tried the same therapist. Mine didn't measure brows properly. I'm surprised w 7-8 years of experience she didn't once asked me to my open eyes to measure... To see if the arch of brows suit the width of eyes and all the other requirements which any makeup artist would advise a client. Saw the photos - bought into the marketing and DEEPLY disappointed. So people please stand firm on therapist you are familiar with or you know. Plus take time to think abt products you don't need to buy.


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Blog Review

August 05, 2011

It was not a good experience

Eyebrow threading at Browhaus at ION Orchard. Never know that there is a Browhaus there. Fyi, it's located at level 3. It was not a good experience. The person who thread our eyebrows is called Jelly. I have no idea why but she showed us her black face throughout the session. Got attitude problem lor.


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Blog Review

January 06, 2011

Wendy would be able to rescue my eyebrow

Met up with AiFang at Ion Orchard. I made an appointment and did eyebrow threading and upper lip threading at Browhaus as well. I've been a very loyal customer of them and especially to my beautician, I STICK TO HER EVERYTIME, if she is not available, I rather wait till the next week, I don't mind ugly eyebrows because I know that after that, Wendy would be able to rescue it.


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