City of Nailz & Wax @ International Plaza

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  • Owner looks experienced and well-trained with multiple certifications
  • Presentable spacious environment
  • Friendly Therapists
  • Uses genuine OPI products
  • No hardselling
  • Gives you back the disposable filer and buffer


  • Add-ons for Groupons can be expensive - note that initial soak off not included in Gelish Manicure
  • No tea/refreshments offered for Groupon customers
  • There were small bubbles on my new gelish

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Loving It


January 07, 2013

I personally enjoy the services

I am the regular customer of city of nailz & wax.
Overall, I am very happy about the service that I have received throughout the half year period. Every visit is a magical moment which create the different amazing experience. My recent visit was on 29 December 2012.

I personally enjoy the services due to the following differentiations:-
(1) The new set of manicure/pedicure tool set for every visit
(2) The great wide range of gelish colours
(3) The passionate and cheerful medicurists ( Pat & Ain)
(4) The NO- hard sell policy operated
(5) Good ambience

In general, this is quite an excellent chill out place where I will continue visit to keep my fingernails and toes clean and pretty! Keep up the good work!!


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Sally Ng

November 20, 2012

Their manicurist are friendly

This is my 5th time purchasing from Groupon voucher (Gelish Mani add on glitter) I was not surprise on topping up $12 for full services. Whereas I’ve gone through worst paying up to $22 for a full service and its not really a full service though still have to add on more . Thus City of Nailz do a better job on what I’ve experience so far. On top of that they have a wide range of Gelish colours! Their manicurist are friendly too. I was expecting for "top up this and that" or hard sell to my surprise it was not! Or pressured me with packages. Unlike some places. . I actually bought their package too and their packages are 3 +1 very small indeed. Can't wait to go back there again and have a chat with them ..


Review Approved by Beauty Undercover

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.