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  • Usage of dermalogica products
  • No hardsell
  • Cozy ambience
  • Friendly attentive service


  • Difficult to find location in Central

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August 17, 2012

I love how the rooms are so cosy and has dimmed lights

I love how the rooms are so cosy and has dimmed lights which made me very comfortable :) Shoes were not allowed in the room which gave me that extra comfy assurance! With calm music playing at the background, I was ready to chill. The beds even come with a comfy foot rest pillow for you to relax whilst you're doing your eyelashes. Kenneth, my therapist is really good! He's gentle and skilful and most importantly, the entire process doesn't hurt! Moreover, the glue that was used doesn't sting my eyes, leaving me extremely comfortable the whole time.Your eye make-up will be removed first and remember to take off your contact lenses too before getting started. Fret not, for those wearing monthly contacts because they'll provide contacts casing as well as the solution for you!


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