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The Cottage by Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons @ Somerset Devonshire Rd

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  • Experienced team of top Japanese and local stylists: Urakami san is one of Japan's best hair colourist while Haruna san is really good with styling!
  • Great ambience and relaxing spa-like atmosphere
  • Great service with wide range of beverages provided
  • Clean and spacious salon
  • Convenient location behind Orchard and Somerset


  • Most of the Japanese stylists here require a translator to facilitate communication
  • 5 min walk away from Somerset MRT
  • It is not easy to find parking near the salon
  • Pricier than the usual hair salon
  • You need to walk up to the second floor to reach the hair salon so it is not wheelchair-friendly or ideal for pregnant ladies and elderly people

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May 15, 2017

Attentive & professional

Review for Tom Ooi

This is my second visit and service is just as good as the first (in June 2016). The Japanese hair salon culture is what you can expect - attentive stylist, good ambience, relaxing hair wash and one stylist to take care of the client from the start to the end.

It is overall good experience (but there is something lacking and I am not sure what it is).

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December 26, 2015

Very knowledgeable and respectful

I've been going to The Cottage to get my hair cut and coloured by my favourite stylist, Hitomi-san, since March 2015. My hair is flat and thinning, so it's been rather hard to style.

Hitomi was very knowledgeable and respectful of my concerns. When I pick hairstyles I like, she would edit it skillfully to work for my face shape. I have also done scalp treatments with her and she gives the best massage! The value of a good haircut comes in the form of looking good even when it's growing out. I'm amazed my haircut can last me through two to three months when I can't make it for a monthly haircut appt.

I have greatly enjoyed my sessions with Hitomi, even though sometimes we have difficulty in understanding what we are saying, I am always glad she and Kai-san will do their best to try to improve communications.

However, Hitomi has since left the salon and my last visit had an assistant doing the scalp treatment. The massage was not as good and she was a tad too rough so it hurt.. I guess I'll wait till Hitomi returns!

I usually do chin length hair cuts. Environment is classy and clean, good music and we get served tea and have Japanese magazines to browse.

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