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  • Known for hair treatments
  • Friendly hairstylists
  • Affordable haircuts


  • Small open exposed salon
  • Hair treatments can be pricey

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August 17, 2014

Soft and smooth hair after REDKEN treatment

This time I went over to crème again and get my hair done by Kim again, with REDKEN treatment.Basically, I'm getting my hair in doing some hair mask treatments with REDKEN brand, not much of any other chemical treatments much.

So I didn't have any special particular thing to post or write, as its just hair treatment and mask under REDKEN brand =)

But do read more at my blog as I take you through the journey.

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July 20, 2014

Frequent customer

I am a frequent customer of the branch at West Coast Plaza and I am pleased with the level of service rendered so far. I have been patronizing this salon for the past 5 years and my husband goes there as well. The staff are friendly and patient and certainly not pushy! The only drawback is that the prices are slightly higher than average. But I would rather pay a bit more than to succumb myself to unsatisfactory, shoddy quality and aggressive sales tactics.


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April 14, 2014

Hair is darker, healthier

Went over to crème and get my hair treatment done by my stylist Kim.

Graduated from Institute of Technical Education , hair fashion design course.
She’s hardworking and passionate,
her enthusiasm really makes me admire her determinations in her passion.

I felt safe handling over my hair to her,
giving me all her best abilities and extra services that she could,
making sure I have the Best treatments under her Care.


My Stylist, My Bestfriend

My hair was getting really brittle as I did multiple bleaching and hair dyes within a week for her Wella competition, she didn’t Won by the judges, but she won over through most Lecturers and students eyes.
To me, as a model. Seeing those passion that’s burning through her eyes made me so touched and happy for her that she is willing to push herself to the maximum.
She is different from many one of us, she is weak in her international language (English) at that point of time, which made her even challenged to not be able to write out well on what art she’s producing out.

Seeing her struggling on her words, which I couldn’t even help, because I’m not in her course.
I studied beauty and know almost nothing about hair (other than knowing how to take care and stuffs).
But I couldn’t help her in forming words in different designs / colors / techniques she used.

But she made her way up, now she’s under crème hairdressing as a assistant, slowly building her way up.

Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color

She introduced me to AHA treatment.

Anthocyanin takes on a different color depending on the pH balance of water.
It is called Hwachungso in Korean and is a source of the colors red, blue and violet.
The changing colors of (MAPLE TREES or MAPLE LEAVES) is caused by Anthocyanin.
This acid coloring agent – the source of a variety of colors – was chosen as the name for this brand as it symbolizes the modern person seeking difference.

For first timer, like me.
She introduce me to get a darker color so there is not much color acids in my treatments,
as so it will protect and prolong my hair treatment and let it really sink in my hair, making my hair stronger and have that base protection for the future to color up my hair.

I chose dark brown, she added a hint of ash green.

Here’s how I look like with the product being applied on to my hair.
Shiny and glossy.

Using a Heater to warm up my hair follicles so that my hair pores are opened,
as so the product will sip in well.

Kim complained that I am one weird customer that the heater is being Blast to maximum meaning,
After level 5, next level is “maximum”, I still don’t feel Hot but just Warm, as for most clients they couldn’t even stand level 1.

20minutes , she extended another 5minutes because my hair wasn’t that long anymore,
so I kind of have a lot of left overs, she just smear it all around my roots,
now we’ve to let it heat up more for it to be a little more semi-dry.

I can swear by, Kim’s scalp massage is… Awesome..


First she applied hair toner for me,


Followed up by Redken Hair mask

Blow dry time (!!!)

Hair’s stronger and healthier.
She’s making loose curl at the ends of my hair.

After treatments…

Now my hair is darker, healthier.
AHA doesn’t really smoothen your hair, but will strengthen and hint of color.
I really love my hair texture.



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December 02, 2012

Staff are all very friendly and welcoming

What I liked
Service, their staff are all very friendly and welcoming

Things to take note of
Environment, the whole place is expose and very small hence not very comfortable if i will to sit there for long

Will I come back?
Depends on what kind of services, will only go back for their hair treatment


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