Crescendo Hairdressing @ Far East Plaza

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  • Pricing can be very low especially if you buy their coupons


  • Charges for wash and blow for haircuts
  • Pricing not very transparent
  • There is room for improvement in service

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February 08, 2018

Pricing not very transparent

Called them a few times and no one picked up the phone. Finally got picked up after calling 2 hours later and a guy picks up the phone, booked the appointment and asked when they start the CNY surcharge, they say it has started. Coupon clearly said that they start a week before CNY and it’s $20. Today is not ‘a week’ before CNY. Asked them when they started to charge and they say they started a month ago.

Went to do bleaching x 1 and color x 1.

Coupon says 1 funky color + 1 bleach is at a certain price ($139 for my hair length), the lady told me to use the 50% off x 2 coupons instead.

Reason being: the 1 funky color + 1 bleach is bleach cream added into the funky color, so it is one treatment. So if you want to use the ‘normal’ kind of separate bleaching, you cannot use this coupon.

Done the bleach and color, and color turned out to be a color that could have been done without bleaching!

Another girl came in (sounded like a customer that had came to patronize before) sat down next to me and wanted to color her hair too, overheard her asking how much is the coloring and the lady seemed a bit reluctant to say the pricing in front of me. While doing hair treatment, the lady showed me the hair treatment bottle, it was a brand that I have never heard of before, not L’oreal or anything. When I asked what is this treatment and referred to the coupon menu, she told me that it’s the L’oreal one and that they just put it into the smaller bottle.

All she did was use her hands to rub the treatment into my hair and use the machine while I waited. If that is the L’oreal Pro Fibre Treatment (which originally costs $238 for my hair length), it definitely didn't feel like it. I have done this treatment in other salons before and it doesn't look or feel like that. Washed my hair 3 times (after bleaching, coloring, and treatment), each time about 3~5 mins. No massage or anything. She says that it’s normal. Overall, I find her service not too bad, not pushy, but I find pricing abit unacceptable (paid a total of $287) when I could have done at other places where I can have more professional opinion about hair color and didn’t have to bleach my hair.

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July 15, 2017

Worst Customer Service Experience

Just had my worst customer service experience ever at Crescendo hairsalon at Far East!

In the middle of my haircut, the guy asked me if I want to wash my hair, and when I said yes, he told me that it costs an extra $20. I was shocked and immediately refused to pay. I then showed him the coupon again which clearly states 'Haircut, wash & blow', but he did not listen to reason and got irritated and he took off the cloth and refused to continue cutting my hair!

I told him that other salons dont even charge for washing and he replied 'go to other salons then'


A bit of background, I was approached by a girl while I was sitting down at Raffles place to buy this coupon for $20. 
So I wanted to utilise it and called in to make an appointment. The lady who picked up the phone was extremely rude, saying 'If you cant speak english you can speak chinese instead', 'hurry up, I have other customers waiting', and also 'No, friday evenings are very busy, you must come on weekday daytime'.
I regretted going through with this appointment, just because I wanted to utilise what I have already paid and Far East is the most convenient. 

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