Daisy Nail Shop @ Far East Plaza

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  • Fast efficient Skilled service
  • Cuticle removal included in $22 Gelish coupon deal!
  • No upselling at all
  • LCD keeps you entertained with cantonese shows
  • Owner allows for charging of handphones at salon
  • Buffers seem clean/not overused
  • Nail therapists do not make small talk!


  • You may have to wait even if you made a prior appointment
  • Manicure feels rushed
  • Small place
  • Shop beside was very noisy
  • Not the most luxurious - no water provided, hands not soaked in water to soften cuticle
  • Accepts only cash

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May 18, 2012

My gelish nails are still in good condition after a week

Done this set of gelish at Far East Plaza.
The Daisy Nail Shop
11.30am – 9pm

Total damage: $83

Gelish does costs more compared to regular nail polish. BUT! They last! hehehe…
My gelish nails are still in good condition after a week.


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