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  • Established chain in Japan
  • Relatively painless hair removal
  • Staff well trained and well versed in hair removal methods
  • Close to MRT
  • Easy online appointment


  • A little discomfort/pain may exist depending on part and person

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Loving It

Derrick Seeto

November 19, 2022


When there I think normally girls go there but tried it as a guy they were pretty friendly and explained things the rooms a bit bare but they got the job done well. Will see in coming months (Review not yet verified)

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Agent J

November 09, 2016

Experience of a male customer

I am a male customer and I would say that Datsumo Labo is true to their word in the sense that their treatments are effective. However, I guess because I have sensitive skin, some of the laser shots are really painful particularly on the facial area. They will gradually increase the intensity of the laser over the sessions. I signed up for 5 areas and later added on another 4 areas. Two of the areas include my beard area and moustache area. To my dismay, after 12 sessions, some of the hair continue to grow and I now need to sign up for another package/ ala carte for my facial areas. I was thinking if the intensity had to be increased over time, then why not use the higher intensity from the start? For my body areas, I still have about 5 sessions left so I will probably ask for a higher intensity to be used so that I don't have to risk the situation of still having hair [my goal is permanent removal] after I have used up my sessions. I have never done hair removal before so I cannot comment/ judge about the value of the pricing.


Review not yet verified

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Jo Wheatley

August 20, 2016

Ineffective treatment

I signed up for 12 session package 2 years ago, and I am currently on my 11th treatment. My hair growth may be slower, but it certainly had not eliminated anything! After 5 or 6 weeks, my hair on my body looks exactly the same as it did before commencing IPL treatment. Whilst the girls there are lovely, I am unimpressed with the shaving fee. Before each session I would meticulously shave as instructed, but when I get there they still shave me with their razors and charge me $10 at every single session. No matter how carefully I shave, they will always still shave me again on areas I swear there was no hair. I am wondering if they do this to every customer as a scheme for a top up. I would not recommend this salon.

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December 22, 2015

Disappointing experience

I signed up a package with Datsumo Labo. After completing hair removal sessions on my underarm, I've not seen results claimed by them. My hair was not permanently removed, only reduced. Some of the hair which were supposed removed, have also grown back.


My underarm hair has always been a concern for me. After reading through many positive reviews (though sponsored) online, I've decided to get my hair removed once in for all at datsumo labo. The branch I went to was at tanjong pagar.

During the consultation, which assesses how suitable you're to do the hair removal treatment based on hair type, hair volume and skin condition (as said on their website), the aesthetician recommended me a 10 session treatment package at $342 after 10% off quoting a blogger's name, which is a little pricier compared to competitors. I asked if any additional sessions were needed (since my underarm hair was relatively thick), but she claimed all the hair would be removed by then. No hard selling was done, but the aesthetician tried to promote other more expensive packages despite telling her beforehand I was only getting my underarm done.

-The Outlet-

The tanjong pagar outlet I went to is easily accessible. Just a 5 min walk from the tanjong pagar mrt. The outlet is relatively quiet and simply furnished. The staff changes quite frequently, every 1-2 sessions I went, so a new staff would be handling the treatments almost every time.

-1st hair removal session-

The first session was done on the consultation day itself. It was finished relatively quick, around 15 minutes. The aesthetician first cleansed the underarm area, then uses an electric shaver to shave the area. After cleaning the area once more, she then places a cold gel on the underarm. Then treatment begins. She "shot" around 10-15 "lasers" for each underarm. Your eyes are covered by a piece of paper towel and a protective glasses during the treatment. After removing the cold gel, she placed a wet cloth (with some moisturising properties?) and leaves you to rest for a bit. Saw some results two weeks after the 1st session. Less hair grew out. Was quite pleased with the initial results.

-Subsequent hair removal treatments-

Hair growth slowed. Hair that grew out again was slightly thinner. Underarm hair became slightly more sparse.

-9th hair removal session-

Service was the best during this session. Staff were very friendly compared to the other sessions. They even offered tea after the treatment, unlike the previous visits.

-Final hair removal session-

Service was the worst during this session. Staffs were rude and unfriendly. About 80% and 50% of my left and right underarm hair have been removed at this point. (ratio is weird, I know) I was getting worried as the aestetician that had served me during the consultation told me all the hair should been removed after this session.

After the session, I was asked if I wanted to extend my session. I was initially confused. Why do I have to sign another package when my hair should have been removed by this point? I went to clarify with the staff, and she told me rudely that for hair to be fully removed, one has do around 18 sessions and not 10. She made it seem like it was my fault when I explained what the other aesthetician had told me, and refused to do anything about the matter, other than trying to sign me up for another package.


Disappointing experience. Would not recommend. After 2 months from the last session, some of my hair has regrown back thicker again. The hygiene level here isn't as high as I have hoped as well.

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Blog Review

May 21, 2015

Painless type of laser treatment

Finally got the time to go for Datsumo Labo treatment.Went for waxing once and though it isn't as bad as childbirth but just cannot stand it.So Datsumo Labo is the painless type of laser treatment for IPL and I am done within half an hour!I am not that hairy la but pregnancy change my hormones like mad and unwanted hair started growing out of nowhere. just being pregnant alone is not easy and having to go through all these.I paid $308 for 10 areas (including GST & Shaving because they need you to be shave first before they can do the treatment for you)

Still very early to say how good it was because I did 5 areas today (full arm, full leg & upper lip)

Review obtained from https://dayre.me/sherlynlynlyn/aQO6sCfs6v

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February 22, 2015


In the beginning i signed a 30 session package in Musee, getting a free unlimited underarm and bikini line along with it (SCORE!!) but then i saw cheaper deals going around in Datsumo Labo and change my contract into the unlimited bikini and underarm only... Can't tell you how much i regret that now.

While datsumo is obviously cheaper than musee, especially with all the deals going around right now, i still feel that musee have higher standards in hygiene and service. In Datsumo, I sometimes felt the gel warm, not cold as it initially is. Therefore it makes me wonder if they reuse gel or any of their equipment.

Update: I frequent Datsumo at PoMo. Melody was the therapist who usually attends to me.


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November 08, 2014


Datsumo labo is overly hyped up. Cheap yes, but hygiene: a resounding

no. 1. The hygiene there is absolutely appalling: they reuse their shavers for different customers, which is utterly unacceptable! What if there is an open cut! Bacteria would spread.Even though they promote themselves as a Japanese brand, but I guess after transplanting the brand into Singapore, those lofty Japanese ideals and standards are not kept up, and it really is a pity.

2. The therapists are a bunch of people who lack professionalism. When the customer walks into the outlet, they are always giggling about, and pushing each other to attend to the customer. This happened for all the sessions that I have been to.

3. They do not clean their IPL machine. Never once before or after the session did the therapist wipe the head of the tool. Imagine if the previous customer booked an appointment for a brazillian ipl....

4. they reuse their "robes"/"towel". Ie never wash, never change. Once, I changed into the robes provided and I could feel the sticky gel leftover from the previous customer. Oops, it could have been previous customers.

I really think that it is a pity, given the hype about it. They have gotten various bigshot/smallshot bloggers to promote their brand but really, their hygiene is a shocker. On the plus side, they keep their hardselling to a bare minimum and though their therapists are giggly, they are at least not aloof.


Review not yet verified

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Blog Review

July 06, 2014

Why I Would Not Recommend Datsumo Labo – Updated Review

Since my post on Datsumo Labo last year, I have had disappointing service experiences with my subsequent visits. Initially, I thought it was going to be a one-off event and that I was probably just unlucky to meet a subpar aesthetician. Unfortunately, subsequent visits made me felt the same way too and hence, I came up with this post for an updated review on Datsumo Labo.

1. Aesthetician left me with a mess of cooling gel
Messy Cooling Gel At Datsumo Labo

Unclean Cooling Gel At Datsumo Labo
Please ignore my fat thigh ya?
I was left with this mess after a full leg hair removal session. There was trails of cooling gel left on my thigh and side of the knee. The aesthetician couldn’t even do a proper clean up! I had to wipe myself clean with wet tissue so my legs wouldn’t be sticky for the rest of the day. Major fail!

2. Scrimping on cold towel
Pathetic Cold Towel At Datsumo Labo

On my 8th visit to Datsumo Labo, the unimaginable happened. For the first 7 visits, 2 cold towels would be used – one wrapped around each leg. On my 8th visit, they decided to use only ONE towel for both legs, and just half-heartedly lay it on top instead of wrapping them around my legs.

This may not be a big issue to some of you, but I see it as inconsistent and impersonal service. Seriously? Do you even have to scrimp on a cold towel? I was baffled beyond words. This was the last straw and I walked out of Datsumo Labo that day feeling utterly disappointed.

3. It is unhygienic
Unhygienic IPL Machine Head At Datsumo Labo

I doubt they clean or disinfect the head of the IPL machine in between customers. It’s just left like that, with all the gooey cooling gel stuck there. If you think a step further, it means that the machine head could be used on someone else’s “O Line” (anus area) or “V Line” (Brazilian area), and then used on your face (upper lips). Are you okay with that?

4. Rush, rush, rush!
Every session I went to felt very rushed. What was supposed to be a 1.5 hours (the room was booked for 1.5 hours) full leg hair removal session was always completed within 45 minutes or less. The whole procedure felt like buying a meal at McDonald’s.

While in the treatment room, you can hear the other aestheticians outside gossiping and chatting away. Thus, it felt like the aesthetician serving me was trying to finish up her job quickly so she can join the fun outside. Whatever it is, the service was terrible.

Alright, end of rant! :(

New IPL Machine
Datsumo Labo New IPL Machine

Datsumo Labo IPL Machine 2014

Just to update you ladies, Datsumo Labo started on a new hair removal machine. The blue light it emits is strong, so remember to close your eyes!

My Progress
The 6 sessions of upper leg hair removal that I purchased only managed to rid half of the hair. After I completed the 6 sessions, nobody asked about my progress, or if I was interested to take up more. Basically, there is no follow-up! I have completed 8 out of 12 lower leg hair removal sessions and about 60% of the hair is gone. Let’s hope that they will be all cleared by my 12th session!


Review obtained from http://misscarin.com/2014/07/06/datsumo-labo-updated-ipl-review/

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Blog Review

February 27, 2014

So excited for my coming session

I went for my consultation at Datsumo Labo (Tanjong Pagar Branch) and signed a $746 package :X
Gary sure scold me  T_T

Initially, I wanted to go for MUSEE PLATINUM as I was told that it is very cheap altho they have rules that you can only go for one consultation every 2 months so results are slower.
However, I became a little annoyed when I was always being transferred to their voicemail whenever I call them, wanting to book an appointment.
There’s once I called the Scotts Square branch and the lady sounded very irritated and told me that all their slots are full until end of next month.
I was like “WHAT???? Ok never mind.”

So I decided to look for another salon to do my hair removal!
I knew DATSUMO LABO through Xiaxue and Qiuqiu’s social media platform as they are sponsored by them and Xiaxue is like the face of DATSUMO LABO??
Her pictures are EVERYWHERE in the shop!!

I was initially attracted to a promotion that was posted on Xiaxue’s instagram, so I booked a consultation session with them to know more about their package!

The lady who attended to me was super friendly and kinda cute.
She is also very frank in her words and I love!!
I mean, you don’t want to be awkward with someone who is going to see you naked right? ._.
By the way, I manage to convince myself to sign for the $746 package that includes
Basically I go for one session and treat 4 parts of my body each time I visit them!
Sounds pretty good!
They have other packages for 7 areas, 10 areas, 22 areas etc but all above $1K already so I abit heartpain the money.
Decided to start small first and try out! If it’s good I will go for more! : )
I read a lot of reviews that say their pricing is really much much cheaper than most salons.
Not sure how true because I haven’t go around to compare the price but I guess it’s pretty ok?? For the whole year leh and maybe can change your entire life!! (Ok abit kua zhang)

I chosed underarms, lower hip (which is just above your erhem), lower arms and upper back.
Yah Gary always laugh at me for having a hairy back and I cannot wear backless clothes : (
& I had enough of plucking and shaving!!

So excited for my coming session in March and I will update as I go!


Review obtained from http://siminteo.blogspot.com/2014/02/datsumo-labo.html

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Blog Review

November 10, 2013

Smooth, fair and hairless skin

The damage is DONE. I paid a total of $1894.70 for 7+1 area S.S.C. hair removal at Datsumo Labo yesterday. I initially wanted to do the $99 monthly 7 areas package. BUT it’s a standard package where you can’t customize the areas. So after a long consultation with the salesgirl. She gave us the 10 treatment package whereby we can customize the areas and give us a discount of 15%. But it would mean $1,894.70 in one payment! Seeing that it may be difficult for us to fork out in one go, she kindly broke down to two separate payments of $947. Side by side calculation as below for your comparison.

As per the standard 6 treatment package you will see on their website
Bimonthly treatment x 24 visits
- Treatment twice every month
6 treatment payment
- Treatment once every two month
Amount payable
$99 monthly x 12 months = $1,188.00
$1,188 – 15% discount = $1,009.80

Package I took
Bimonthly treatment x 40 visits
- Treatment twice every month
- Addition of 1 area
10 treatment payment
- Treatment once every two month
- Plan last for 20 months
- 2 years refund warranty
- Addition of 1 area
Amount payable
$99 x 20 months = $1,980.00
$380 x 10 treatments = $380.00
$1,980.00 + $380.00 = $2.360.00
$1,782.00 – 15% discount = $1514.70
$380 x 10 treatments = $380.00
$1514.70 + $380.00 = $1894.70

Some reasons why I chose 10 treatments and not 6 treatments:

6 Treatment sessions cannot customize the areas for treatment. Would need to stick with standard Hands, upper and lower back, upper and lower arms, Armpits and Neck area. With 10 treatment package I can select and customize the areas I need (Including the more expensive areas)
Personally feel that 6 treatments would not be sufficient for the hair removal to work 100% for some areas like underarms where the hair is thicker and coarse.
Flexibility in NOT having to go down to their outlet TWICE EVERY MONTH. Instead I only need to visit their outlet once every two months.

Honestly, I wanted to find some reviews by girls who are not sponsored but unable to find one. Since sponsored reviews always meant 100% positive and happy feedback. For your reference below are the 22 body areas you can do S.S.C hair removal treatment.

The more popular areas for body areas 1 are Upper lips, Front hip, V and I Line and Underarms.

The more popular areas for body areas 2 are Upper and Lower arms, Upper and Lower Back, Upper and Lower leg and O Line.

FYI, a full Brazilian session would be V, I, O line and Front Hip. This will ensure awesome bikini sessions without having to worry about peek-a-boo from you know what! Haha.

I will update once again with my honest opinion after my 1st treatment on 28th November! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this treatment will work for me! And that by the end of the sessions, I can happily wave BYEBYE to tweezing, shaving and epilating and HELLO smooth, fair and hairless skin! Seriously, I can’t wait already!


Review obtained from http://ielysius.blogspot.com/2013/11/datsumo-labo.html

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.