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  • Friendly therapists dressed in kimonos serving you
  • Customers usually happy with brows drawn at Erabelle
  • Nice environment


  • Persistent upselling of packages and other services observed
  • Significantly pricier than other places offering brow services

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Loving It

Ann Fong

July 16, 2024

Unethical, bad job done and very bad attitude

This is by far my worst experience ever ! I have been a customer of Erabelle since about 10 over years ago. Their service used to be good but not all of their artists are well train, most of them are wolves dress in sheep skin. They all look nice in their kimono but what you see is not what you get. I had eyebrow and eyeliner done by artist Yuki from their VisionCrest branch, she was one of the better artist. She was transferred to East Point branch soon after which is too far for me as I live in town area. I did went to her a few times but decided to come back to VisionCrest branch since is near my home. They arranged an artist name Coco some China lady who was arrogant and did a very bad job on my eyeliner, after complaining, Yuki redo for me. This time when I called for appointment for my last session of touch up from my package, they sounded nice and took my appointment. When I went for my appointment, the so call very experienced artist Daphne was supposed to do for me. She looked very tired and drained. She was trying to find excuses not to do my eyeliner, saying that their new policy is to only do very thin liner instead of what Yuki did for me. So I asked her to just do exactly what my previous shape was and she refused saying that is against her company rules.. what a lame excuse right ! All i’m asking is for her to do what Yuki did before which is just touch up on the same line that’s all but Daphne just keep finding excuses to refuse..then she says she will speak with her general manager and after leaving me sitting in the room for like 10mins she came back to say that her manager agreed that she can don’t do and refund me. I was totally shock with this kind of service and this kind of behaviour of the GM Simon Gu. The GM then called my handphone to speak with me and he was mumbling the whole time and couldn’t speak properly. All he said he was he is the GM, he has to full authority to make any decision, if I’m not happy I can call the police or go to CASE to make a report on them. I was totally speechless !!! No wonder the standard of Erabelle has drop so much coz it is run by people like that who behaves like a arrogant asshole. When they know that you will not be signing new package, this will be the attitude and treatment from them. I believe if I would have sign a new package at that moment, the artist Daphne will just do what I request her to do.. Such a shame with these people !!! This was the same experience that many more customers have had with them stated in their review. Pls go read their review before you even consider going to them.. They wanted to just refund me and ask me to go, the pussy GM even threatened me that he will ask the security to drag me out if I don’t go ! Can you even imagine he said that !!! i have no choice but to call the police, this is what he has challenged me. You will know after reading their reviews that this is their pattern to get rid of old customers who has no intention to sign new package. Shame on you Erabelle ! Shame on you GM Simon Gu ! The cocky GM was all quiet and pussy when the policemen were there.. I would like to warn others not to be cheated by them. I believe unethical business like this will not go far, it’s already going down the drain. What you give is what you received, KARMA is awaiting for you ! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

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March 31, 2024

Awful brows :(

This place has few good eyebrow artist. Have gone with Cheryl multiple times. each time I told her I wanted lighter brows. Then she kept saying it would lighten a lot after it heals and wldnt work. So she always insisted and did not do as I asked for. Some time back I managed to get an appt with artist Yuki. Yuki did my first ever eyebrow shading. And this last one before she left, she did what I asked for - lighter brows. They actually lasted a year and I really liked it. Yuki:’s work is positively different but she’s left co. The result doesn’t turn out like 2 black stickers of angry bird’s brows. Most recently I asked the same thing of Cheryl, even told her it worked better for me. Again the result is awful (angry bird brows, I can’t wait to fade them out). She just did as she wanted with no respect for rwhat I asked for. Anyone with better recommendation on artist pls let me. I don’t know what to do with my last 2 sessions.

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Charlotte Tan

December 26, 2018

Review for Erabelle at Vivocity (Erabelle Prestige)

I have been a paying customer of the Erabrowlogy service by Erabelle since July / August 2017. While I have no complaints about the actual eyebrow embroidery, the way Erabelle treats its customers makes me quite uncomfortable. Erabelle seems only to be paying lip service when it claims to value its customers, because its actions tell a completely different story. 1. Erabelle pressures you into packages (and the priciest, if possible) My final session with Erabelle was in December 2018. At the last part of the session, after the actual embroidery was done and I was getting ready to leave, I was asked if I wanted to sign up for a new package – S$2,011.60 (including GST) for 6 sessions. The catch was that I would have to sign up immediately because this was a promotional price, and the system would ‘close’ right after I completed the last session of my package. Basically, I had all of 10 minutes, give or take slightly, to decide whether I wanted to make a two thousand dollar financial commitment based on the patchy information that I was provided with at the very last minute. If Erabelle is under the impression that customers like being pressured into such a significant financial commitment on the spot, it is sorely mistaken. Perhaps Erabelle should give customers notice of such time-sensitive ‘promotional offers’ – assuming it is sincere in wanting to retain existing customers. From my experience, such pressure tactics start from day one, when Erabelle tries to upsell you on your first package. The website states that the basic package costs S$1314 for 4 sessions, with a surcharge of S$214 for the treatment to be done by a Master Artist. Given that the basic package is on the pricier end of the spectrum in the market, you would expect the quality of the service (in terms of the design and colour, etc.) to be above the market standard as well. Unfortunately, I was given the opposite impression when I went down to the outlet. Instead, I was advised to pay the surcharge for the Master Artist, else I might not be satisfied by the services of the regular Brow Artist. I ended up paying the Master Artist surcharge because based on the staff’s explanation, it seemed that I should expect mistakes if I went for the basic package – despite paying over a thousand dollars for the basic package. If Erabelle is not confident that its Brow Artists are of a standard that the average customer will be satisfied with, then (a) the Brow Artists shouldn’t be serving customers at all, or (b) Erabelle shouldn’t be charging customers a market premium to be treated by inexperienced Brow Artists. 2. Erabelle lets non-customers wander into the treatment area The SMS that I was sent before my appointment stated that “Considering safety and space constraints, we are sorry that we are not able to accommodate waiting companions, including children, in our premises.” However, a customer doing a procedure on the same day was allowed to have her husband wait for her in the premises, and even wander around into the treatment area. This wouldn’t have been an issue if the wife were situated away from other customers. But she was not, meaning that her husband had to walk past the room I was in (as well as another customer’s treatment room) to reach his wife’s treatment room. Much to my discomfort, the curtains around my treatment room were not drawn. When I signed up for the package, I expected privacy during my treatment sessions. I didn’t expect to be stared at by an unfamiliar man – not when customers are reminded by SMS prior to their appointments that non-customers are not allowed in the premises. 3. Erabelle’s standards drop with each session During the first session, new customers are treated exactly as narrated by bloggers in reviews – tea and biscuits before and after, strict hygiene standards, etc. Based on my experience, the third session, which is usually about 9 months from the first, is when standards start to drop. Throughout the procedure, the Master Artist attended to another customer in between. She seemed to be using the same set of gloves to perform the treatment on that other customer and me, because she would return with stained gloves each time she left, and proceed to continue the treatment on me with that same pair of gloves. Using the same set of gloves on different customers is just unhygienic. Besides, given the premium that Erabelle charges, surely the company can afford to buy more disposable gloves. Customers shouldn’t be paying to have the bacteria from someone else’s face transferred to theirs. Conclusion TLDR, as much as I’m satisfied with the embroidery done by the Master Artist, the way Erabelle treats customers is a complete turnoff. But, if you like (1) being told about additional fees, and terms and conditions at the very last minute, (2) being stared at by strangers during your treatment, and (3) having the bacteria from someone else’s face being transferred to yours, then Erabelle is the place for you.

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November 29, 2017

Good shape but not lasting and quite costly

Staff was professional and I really like the brow shape she did for me. But after less than 1 week, end of my left brow started to fade off already. I do understand that each person’s skin type is different and this is probably due to my own skin’s problem. But still a bit heartpain for the amount I’ve forked out and the result was mediocre after merely a week. Nonetheless, brow shape done was the best and most natural among all other brow salons I’ve been to. Other than that, shop ambience was very beautiful and comfortable. Service was impeccable even though there were quite a number of other customers, and staff still attended to me wholeheartedly.

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November 15, 2016

Erabelle Prestige at Vivo City

Been a regular customer at Erabelle Vivo for few years. My brows are done by Emily, Master Artist.

Read my full review here:

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January 25, 2015

Good results but lacking in PR skills

I read the reviews here and introduced my mum to do her brow embroidery at Erabelle Vivocity. The results are pretty good and the brows lasted for 8-9 months before the next touch-up is needed. The package came with 5 sessions, unlimited period of validity for touch-ups, costing about $1,200 plus. There's tea served before you are shown into the spa room, and dessert served after the session. Generally good package and marketing, BUT service is only catered to the paying customer. I accompanied my mum to the place but was told not to linger/sit around to wait as seats are limited (I took a look around and there are hardly anyone else in the waiting area). AND I overheard the lady telling her colleagues to only serve tea to my mum as I'm not the customer. Frankly speaking I felt offended, especially when I was the one who introduced mum to the place. Anyway, for solely good results but lacking in PR skills, I supposed Erabelle is still recommended. As an accompanying companion, just be less aware of your surroundings and you won't be offended like I did.


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Tiffany fairfield

March 13, 2014

I look like a clown

I am most disappoint after spending 1000 Sing $ my eye brows are completely uneven the shape is not even close to the same . Now I am going to have to remove them some how and start again .I went to Bugis branch , I am so disappointed , I want to have them removed and start all over again . Did my first a brow house wish I never went anywhere else , my face is so uneven and now it takes me 45 mins and lot of concealer to try and get my brows even half match , I even paid for the master artist and flew from Indonesia , will go just to see if they will just remove and then I will go else where to get the job done , very much regret going there now I look like a clown


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September 29, 2013


I went to the VIvocity for Erabrow Design gotten for free. The final effect came out good. I was happy to be served by their consultant, Cheryl who is very meticulous and friendly.

Cheryl asked me what was my preference and I just told her I wanted a simple natural look. My eyebrow was very little and with a lot of stray hairs. Really took her some time to pluck out the stray hair. A bit painful for first-timer but still can be tolerated. Then after getting the right shape, she started filling in the empty spaces with Erabelle Eyebrow Pencil. The colour was just right. The result was amazing. It was the first time I felt my eyebrow was so neat and tidy. In the meanwhile, she also taught me how to maintain the eyebrow shape. No hard-selling which I liked.

Read more at my review here:


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July 10, 2013

Very disappointed, not lasting

Have purchase a package at erabelle for lip. Very disappointed not lasting at all have to go every 3mth which is very costly for that. I still left 2 times and i requested to change eyebrow and eyeliner. They said cant do it. I requested to gv my friend do also no very unreasonable.i said i will report to case and they said go ahead. When you sign up they gv excellent sale service if things turn out bad they can be nasty. I also sign eyebrown with them too but i think they charge over pricey. There many shop that afford good n reasonable price. I hope lemon law can apply on this kind of package. don fall for their hard sell tactic very pushy


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February 15, 2013

Good riddance to it!

Purchased a brow shaping package which I regretted for two main reasons: hard to get an appointment slot (bedok point) and the person doing the brows would always comment on my skin and bug me to sign a facial package. I have one more session left on my package and I would happily forgo that cos it's just not worth the grief. Good riddance to it!


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Blog Review

August 12, 2012

Go try it if you haven't

Have always heard of Erabelle and it's main focus on eyebrow beauty in the industry. Came together in Vanitytrove's August Edition is a trial voucher at $18, which consists of a face analysis, trimming and drawing! The plus point is the brow pencil as well (U.P. $34.24)! I chose Bugis outlet and I'm satisfied with the service. As per listed, the beautician gave a clear detailed analysis of my face and which brow shape actually suits me more! Follow on she go about telling me which parts to take special care of as she trims, and teaching me how to use the brow pencil in the end! =D Mad love that I signed on a package! I feel Brows are the 2nd most important window to the soul! It complements our eyes thus I wish to leave my brows in the hands of the expert :) Go try it if you haven't=)


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Blog Review

April 30, 2009

Erabelle Suite - Bugis

This boutique specialises in semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliners and lipliners. Interestingly, it has a theme of a japanese beauty house served by sweet and demure young women. One wonders if their pretty faces and well-defined eyebrows masks their professionalism or enhances your confidence in them.

I had my eyebrows embroidered and it has turned out well. Basically the process is carried out using a handheld micropen and the colour is embedded onto the epidermis. This means that only the topmost layer is in contact which is safer. The colour is approved by FDA (Germany) and new sterile micropen tips are used for every new customer. The process took me about two hours. Initially my eyebrows were first drawn with an eyebrow pencil, until I was satisfied with the shape, colour and intensity. The drawn eyebrown seemed thicker than what I wanted, but the beautician assured me that the extra thickness was an extra border as a guideline for her drawing. If you are unsure about the shape of the eyebrow, bring an friend with you for an added opinion. For me, my eyebrows has been previously shaped well by the same beautician so I was confident that she would be able to do a similar job.

The colour was tested on my neck first to ensure that I do not have any allergies. The colour is embedded over three rounds. For the first week I am told it will look much darker and thicker than expected. If you are unsure about the intensity and shape, be sure to ask for something lighter, so that you can touch it up or change the shape after one month. The process was hardly painful, only comparable to an ant bite. After the process it felt stingy for about half an hour but it was back to normal within the day.

Overall, the experience was good. The beauticians were friendly and patient, and professional in their eyebrow drawing techniques.


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Blog Review

April 04, 2009

My Saturday^^

about 5.30pm,we straight went to Erabelle which had appoinment ady~ we had eyebrow trimming~ here's the result! im think not bad la~ still can accept~ the girl try to pursue us to do cosmetic artistry(semi-permanent eyebrow)~ but damn expensive~ im really not willing to pay for it but wish to do that~ after discussing with faye,we have sign a package for 13 session of eyebrow trimming~ as they have told us if we really want to have cosmetic artistry~ can convert to it and just need to pay the balance~


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Blog Review

November 03, 2008

Erabrow By Erabelle - Part 1

Pass by Erabelle’s roadshow on Sat (1/11/08), so i gather my courage and step in voluntarily
Meaning to do something to my messy ugly eyebrows for the past week, finally I saw their promo and took their promo 3-in -1 package $39.00 for eyebrow design/Lip re-designing/upper & lower eyeliner. Damn worth it, cuz the usual price for each is $21.

When i was waiting for my turn, I’ve noticed alot of sales talk, but I’ve psycho myself, not to have impulsive “buys” unless the package is really really attractive!
In fact I’ve called in 2 mths ago to enquire abt Erabow, their semi-perm cosmetic artistry on eyebrows AKA “Xiu Mei”. Over the fone, they have quote $800, without providing touch-up, kaoz Its like 3 times more than the usual “xiu mei” outside even though they are like more branded and guaranteed of more natural brows.

Its finally my turn, the artist did a little sales talks while doing my eyebrow, and luckily I’m not new to their brand and service, so she didn’t really went into the detail especially when i told her how the overprice service have deter me from stepping into their shop. She completed the brow, eyeliner and lip design only on e right side of my Face ….so that i can compare
I knew i must have look super duper hilarious… but the result was INSTANT.
I have forgotten to take pictures!!!

But to my delight hehehe…. she offer me a the student package for Erabrow. Muahahaha, really ‘tan tio’ cuz I already have intentions to do it, but hesitating due to the price Factor.

Now this is what she offered:
-Student Price @ $577.80
-usual price for Erabrow is $799.

On top of that:
-e $39 brow design for the day was waived
-FOC 1 pack of tissue mask, supposed to provide instant relief to dry skins (worth $64)muahaha, I dont have dry skin, but i was literally peeling from the pimple gel.. so ‘tan tio’ again
- 20% rebate voucher of value $108 , for redemption on products or facial
I can use that before CNY, save $$ again.
- 2 touch-up session
Bargain for extension on 2nd touch-up , she agreed, extend to 2 yrs.

So in total, for only the eyebrow minus off all the freebies, it only cost me $366.80. See compare to the original of $799, there is a savings of $432. Of cos, i sign up immediately!!!

I know I can do the same eyebrow out for $250, but I was more willing to pay a little extra for the extra mile of assurance. Now my appointment for the real thing was fixed on this Friday 7th Nov. I’m so excited… definitely will remember to post the before and after picture this time!

If this turn out to be really good, I will go for the Eraliner ($1200) and Eralip ($1600) infuture.

My advice to people who have poor resistance to impulsive spending, please do not bring your credit card on your 1st visit to Erabelle. High chances you will end up swapping your credit card there!


Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.

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