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haarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

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At the end of the day, I want haarAttic to be a place clients can feel at ease and feel like home. Building a connection with us so we can work well together and create the most suitable hairdo for each and every client.

Max Peh
Co-Founder of haarAttic


Haar Attic may be best known for their men’s haircuts and perms, but for the thousands of customers who walk through their doors, it is so much more than just a salon.

Thanks to its comfy rustic décor, strategically placed greenery on the second level of a shophouse and most importantly it’s team of hairstylists who are as sincere as they are skillful, coming to Haar Attic feels a lot like coming home. Not the house you go back to at the end of the day but a safe haven that recharges and rejuvenates you at the end of a hard day’s work.

In some ways, Haar Attic feels almost like a Japanese salon with a Singaporean flavour; the stylists here take care of the entire service with utmost care from start to finish, without the help of assistants. So in many ways, you get the best of both worlds – omotenashi service with a good grasp of Singaporean styles without worrying about miscommunication. Being almost paranoid about giving good service, the stylists here also do not double-book their clients to make sure they deliver the best service.

That’s the very fabric knitting Haar Attic with its customers: the intensely loyal friendship. Many of the customers here have been coming to Haar Attic for years, not just because the stylists make them look so good but also because of the camaraderie built over months of hair visits. For some, this may mean social catch up as ALL their friends come to Haar Attic, making the salon the centre of their social interaction; while you may not have time to catch up with your friends after having a kid or two, your stylist at Haar Attic will fill you in on what’s going on with lives of friends you used to be close with. For others, it may mean a listening ear who do not judge your weekend exploits, love life and work life. The stylists themselves may not be very chatty but like your best of friends, know when to say what to fill you with positivity for the upcoming weeks and months.

Like all friends, these stylists put you, your emotions and your opinions first. This means listening and crafting the hairstyle according to what you want. And crucially, NOT selling you products or services. As founder Max will tell you, they are somewhat emotionally incapable of doing so.

“Our customers are our friends for so long already. How can we make them go for a service or product just for money? That’s not our style and definitely not the Haar Attic way of doing things.”

Unsurprisingly, it is their solid hairdressing skills and sincerity won them lots of fans and loyal customers who only swear by their services. Previously popular among men, Haar Attic has now a big group of female customers who love the extremely wearable balayage by Max, gorgeous bob haircuts by Kelvin as well as colours and perms by Jo Han, Matthew and Xinli. Did we also mention that all their stylists have over 10 years of experience in the hairdressing industry?

Prices here are definitely not the lowest but the level of skill and service provided by Haar Attic makes this salon an absolute gem, a reason why so many entrepreneurs, bankers and teachers come here regularly for their hair service.

Definitely one of the top hair salons we’d unequivocally recommend to all our friends.


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  • Best known for Men's haircuts, Men's Perms, Bob Haircuts and Digital Perms
  • We love the wearable yet stylish hair colours by Max and Xinli, as well as brighter hair colours from Jo Han
  • Stylists here take care of everything from start to finish with no help from assistants
  • Sincerity from the stylists here sets them apart
  • Stylists don't prioritize celebrities or new customers over regular customers
  • Stylists are NOT too talkative and so, the salon isn't very
  • Rustic decor with greenery makes this place very comfortable to be in
  • Easy to get to from Raffles Place MRT (Boat Quay outlet) or Outram Park MRT (Keong Saik)


  • You may have to be lucky to get a carpark lot near Robinson Rd (Boat Quay) or Keong Saik if you drive
  • Not the cheapest hair salon around though prices are competitive.

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Loving It


June 04, 2013

The salon was really quaint, cosy and comfortable

I read online reviews and because they were all good , I decided to come here. Called them up and managed to make an appointment on the same day! :) The salon was really quaint, cosy and comfortable. It didn’t have the maniac rush of those big hair salon chains. My stylist was BaoLiang. He was really nice and discussed thoroughly with me during the consultation on what style would suit me best. While cutting my hair, he was attentive and really took good care of my tresses. He gave me a really great haircut :) it cost $38 and was worth every penny ^^

Location is abit difficult to find, go early to find the place!


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February 05, 2013

Very relaxing as it's open-spaced

I had my first visit to Haar Attic and was surprised they were able to fit me in at the last minute for a same day appointment! My hair was cut and styled by Bao and he was great to chat with and offered some practical tips on managing my wavy hair in Singapore's humid weather. Give yourself enough time to find the place as it's a bit hidden, but still located in a great spot among other shophouses. The inside of the place is very relaxing as it's open-spaced, well-lighted by the natural light coming in and doesn't have that typical manic, busy salon feel. I'm looking forward to taking my husband there for his cut next.


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Annisa Muchtar

December 30, 2012

Good value for one-on-one time

Had cut & colour with Max on 10/12/12 - paid about $172 for shoulder-length hair. Good value for one-on-one time with a creative salon director! 3 weeks in and the colour is fading as we discussed/planned - Max pays attention to how you want to wear/grow out your cut and colour, which some stylists don't consider. Definitely have to book ahead of time, and it's quiet, but would recommend!

Here's a picture taken dated 28/12/12 (note the colour gradation is from a previous colourist. Colour touch up was performed at Haar Attic).


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Blog Review

August 05, 2012

The hair wash was excellent

Headed to Chinatown for a hair cut. It said to be near Outram, but when we got there, it is actually along Chinatown!
Visit Haar Attic and my stylist was Bao Liang..

It was a peaceful Monday evening for my appointment and there was no customers.
The place was clean yet messy with fixtures, but it was a delightful time there.

Tons of hair snipped off. It looks freaking awful here.
I don’t miss it that much though. Always get sick of my long hair.
Unfortunately I don’t suit it ):

I actually enjoyed the process there. It was really soothing, relaxing, comfortable.
And the smell of the place was good, or maybe it was his perfume.
The hair wash was excellent and he was really careful & detailed when handling my tresses.

I’m thinking of going back for future hair cut.


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Blog Review

April 02, 2009

Uber cool shade of blue

I spent $160 on a cut/colour/highlight! Pretty worth my Benjamins; my fringe isn’t poking my cheek anymore, and it’s highlighted a uber cool shade of blue. Going down again tomorrow with Dorothy to get her hair dyed.. violet!

Went out with Dorothy and Andre. Back to Sunshine Plaza for another round of hair dyeing/cutting. Dorothy got her hair dyed red-brown with red highlights. Andre got a nice haircut. He needs to get his hair dyed green, so that we could be like the powerpuff girl plus two guys.


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