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How Much Do They Cost


  • Affordable prices
  • No hardselling
  • Some good reviews on Facebook
  • Chester is among the most popular stylists here.


  • Customers are unlikely to feel pampered here
  • Some stylists here are not very conscientious
  • Service recovery here is less than ideal

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Patty De Leon Quintos

January 30, 2018


I just had my hair iron. Hair length is just a bit below shoulder length. 2 weeks ago I had blow dry and iron whig cost me at $33 Then today just iron no blow dry at all cost me $35? So expensive for the kind of service yet the qality is a rubbish! Seems the guy staff is not familiar with the price. After my hair iron he still asked his coleague how much to charge me?! then charge me anyhow! Mg GOD!!! this will be the last time ill go to that salon!' 

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December 10, 2016

Bad Service and Blatant Disregard for Customers

This is my 1st time posting a bad review for any service I've received to date but I feel there is a need to share my experience of poor service at HAIR INN's (Seletar Mall)

I visited the Seletar Mall outlet in end Oct 2016 to dye and cover my white hair after my 1 month confinement (I could finally dye my hair, yay!). I requested for Marcus as I read good reviews about him on their Facebook page. I asked him to recommend a L'Oréal Inoa colour which can cover my white hair. After washing off the dye, Marcus told me there was still white hair at the back half of my head so he proceeded to dye it again (he said the white hair on the front half of my head had been covered). In total, I spent >5 hrs in the salon (breastfeeding mums will understand what that means!). Before I left, I asked if I could come back to re-dye my hair again if I still spot white hair, to which he agreed immediately. The total bill amounted to $234.20 (hair dye + treatment only).

After a few days, I noticed there was still white hair on the front part of my head (noticed when I changed my hair parting) and called Marcus. I explained that I was unable to come back anytime soon as I had to take care of my baby (was alone during that period). He told me not to worry, that I could come back in Nov and to just call him back to book an appointment. I was so happy that he understood my situation.

However, when I called back in late Nov, Marcus told me that it was too late and that he couldn't fix my hair for free. I was shocked as he had originally said that I could come back in Nov to do it and it was his fault for not being able to cover my white hair in the first place! Upset by the U-turn, I spoke to his manager Chester and requested for a refund since I now have to go to another salon to dye my hair again. Chester said that he will speak to his management on this and that he will call me back the next day. He NEVER did. I waited for a couple more days before calling back to which Chester answered and said that his management 'can't do anything as it has been almost a month and I should have come back in a week'. I requested for his management to call me back by that same day and again NO phone call. I waited for a few more days till today but still NOTHING.

First things first - if you tell your customer that they can come back the next month to re-dye their hair because YOU didn't do a good job, you should keep to your word. Marcus never specified that I had to come back in 1 week and I had even specifically told him over the phone that I could not come back anytime soon. I have never had this 'dye not being able to cover white hair' problem at any salon before!

Secondly - Chester and his management didn't even have the decency to call me back; I had to keep calling the salon back to check! This shows how much they value their customers.

If this was some cheap deal which I bought online, then I'll just blame it on bad luck. But I paid > $200! One would expect much better service and skills from a salon with multiple outlets across the island.

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  • INOA Colour: $139, Collagen Treatment: $95 after discount 

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.