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  • Easily accessible from Tampines MRT
  • Kerastase Salon


  • Skill is not assured

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July 19, 2020

Hair Stylist Gave Me Changi Cluster A Despite Showing Her Two Images Of Shoulder-length Hairdos

I just got released from Changi Women’s Prison - thanks to a hairstylist from Hair Mechanics, Tampines Mall! Despite showing her two images of the intended SHOULDER LENGTH hairstyle I want, this woman just went ahead to cut off my permed armpit-length hair in one single snip to replace it with Institution A 982B Upper Changi Road North Hairstyle aka CWP hair! Damn upset and raging mad that I threw a fit, cried and even called the police to the scene because I will NOT - based on consumer ethics and rights - pay for a service that I don’t reap the exact results from! @hair_mechanics_singapore Really irresponsible of your hairstylist to cut off my hair and give me Prison hairstyle! When what was shown to her was Korean-looking shoulder length hair with curls at the end!!! No amount of compensation will please me for a bad job done. Seems like your hairstylist cannot even visualise or just simply want to do a quick-and-go job despite my subtle questioning her “isn’t the length shorter than SHOULDER LENGTH? If you call this shoulder-length then I seriously think you need to get your eyes and brain checked for any form of neuron malfunction. If I don my white shirt and blue shorts and attempt to flag for a cab, I really do look like someone who has just been released from Changi Women’s Prison. This is how important my hair is to me as it maketh my confidence and overall branding. Don’t give me the lame excuse “Oh, hair will grow” to cover up a shoddy job, poor visualisation skills, extremely weak communication skills and lack of understanding on the Everyday terminology “shoulder length” just to defend your position. You made me look like an inmate / someone released from Changi Prison and expect me to be OK and live life for the next 3 - 6 months?!!

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