Hair Mori Korean Salon @ The Centrepoint

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  • Affordable pricing
  • Location is easy to get to
  • No hardselling


  • Salon decor is so-so
  • The surrounding Centrepoint is a little tired

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May 18, 2017

Dyna organ oil digital perm

Review for Joel Park

Horrible service. Went there in late March did the dyna organ oil digital perm, was not given any drink for the whole afternoon I was there and my hair turn out very frizzy n damaged even though I did the dyna organ oil digital perm which was supposed to be less damaging n have lesser splits ends etc but my hair was dry and damaged. about a week later my stylist msg me to ask my hair condition told him hair was very frizzy n he ask what hair service I did so i told him and that was the end of our conversation didn't replied me after that. Will never ever go back again what a waste of money paid almost 400 for this service and treatment? N now my hair has alot of splits ends, dry and damaged. Worse part the perm stated to drop after 2 weeks... in the end i had to waste money to go to another salon for hair treatment.

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