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Be prepared to spend $395 onwards
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  • Highly experienced Director
  • Highly raved Japanese A1 Treatment
  • Limited hardselling if any


  • Inconsistent service
  • Average or below average haircuts
  • Difficult to make appointments
  • May need to wait even after making appt
  • Not-so-well-maintained shopfront

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Loving It


November 17, 2014


1st time visit: Cannot make it. Regretted.

Sides n back cut like idiot.


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October 30, 2013

Not costly at all!

Had Cindy cut and colour my hair for my wedding. Very good comments from my friends on my hair colour :). Overall very happy with Cindy Services. However I have to admit it is difficult to get an appointment. Expect a no frill experience, but hey i'm not complaining as they are not costly at all!


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October 02, 2013

Really bad attitude

Bought a groupon voucher for perm + treatment. big mistake. the people there were rude and just had really bad attitude. assuming i wanted to rebond my hair without even asking me. She repeatedly asked me if i had dyed my hair before and didn't believe me when i said i hadnt. every "request" i made or query i had was met with a no, a disgruntled expression, or no reply (she seemed unhappy that i didn't want to trim my hair, that I wanted loose curls.. etc). the groupon voucher listed Japanese perm, korean perm etc as options (yeah ok they sound dubious already i should have known) and when I got there i was not asked what type i wanted at all. It turned out to be just a cold perm using solution and not even any heat applied. the results? I just did my hair yesterday, and today my hair is almost straight.


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August 21, 2013

Nobody picks up my calls

It's amazing how anybody can even make an appointment with this salon at all. Been attempting to make an appointment since May but NOBODY PICKS UP MY CALLS AT ALL. And because my group on voucher is expiring in September, I've been calling them EVERY SINGLE DAY for two weeks now in an attempt to book my appointment but nope nobody picks up my calls at all. What kind of service is this seriously?


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July 15, 2013

Bad service using groupon

Been to hair sense twice.

1st visit was based on the forum’s recommendAtion. Made apt with Cindy
Verdict= “safe”. Skill is ok but not recommended to those who wanted new look as there’s no pro advise given.
Normally, I will prefer the pro to give advise as that’s their differentiators. But she will wait and ask for your instruction instead.

2nd visit was via the Groupon
Verdict= can’t see the highlight at all. And the gal before me did passed the same comment . Answer given= u will see it under the sun.

C’mon, if groupon is not worth investing/advertising, why waste everyone time and end up not getting good reviews.


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June 02, 2013

A total disaster

Disaster! A total disaster. Not worth going even if this place provides a FREE hair services of any kind.

I bought 2 Groupon vouchers that stated worth $395.00 (my foot) for coloring of hair with haircut or hair treatment. Appointment is required.

2 weeks ago, I realised that the vouchers were going to expire on 2nd June 2013 and therefore decided to call & fix up an appointment for me & my husband. Calling to fix an appointment was tougher than getting a cab in the rain during peak hour. If you are able to call in & have someone to pick up the phone in less than 15 calls in a day, you are very lucky. I had tried calling this salon to make an appointment for over 5 days and finally have someone to pick up my call. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind, i was thinking “Wow. The business must be good since no one is free to pick up the call.”

Looking forward to 1st June 2013 for our appointment at 5.30pm.Finally the day arrived and remembered that we were told not to be late as it is the last appointment of the day. Rushing my husband who had just finished work and seeking my mother for help to take care of my baby, we reached the salon on time. However, we were told that they are busy and do not have the time to do for us despite mentioning that we have made appointments before hand. How can this happen? what does it mean by do not have the time for us? We made the appointments a week ago. After repeating ourselves a few times telling them that we have made appointments and it must be done today as tomorrow is the expiring date. They told us to wait 45 mins.

Though we were upset of waiting 45 mins when our appointment was at 5.30pm, we waited. 45 mins later, we went back to the salon, we were again told to wait for another 30 mins, they will call us when its ready. What?! Another 30 mins??? Reason i was told was, tomorrow is the date of expiry of the voucher, many people who bought the vouchers came today. Seriously?! Is it our problem??? We called and made appointments, if it is fully booked, let us know, don’t waste our time and don’t lie to us, treating us like fools.

Another 30 mins past, already 6.45pm, i received a call. A lady over the phone said ‘it will be ready after another 10 mins, not now, another 10 mins’. We had nothing to do so after receiving the call, we went straight to the salon. 10 mins have past, I glanced into the shop and waiting for the same lady to serve us, there was no response from anyone. Another 15 mins past, the lady from the salon still yet to be ready, i approached her to ask why are we waiting so long, about 2 hours of waiting. Her response was, that customer over there (by the way, the customer was only 2m away from her) kept changing her mind about cutting her hair so you have to wait till she is done. Oh My! What a way to treat your customer.

We were very angry and irritated, we thought can we ask for refund or should we just leave? Fat hope for the refund and since we already waited for a long, we decided to continue waiting. Hoping that they better be good. Finally, we are seated down after 2 hours of waiting. Mind you, 2 hours of wait despite making appointment.

If you can’t handle so many customers, face it, extend the dateline if needed. Not asking your customers to wait and wait and again wait. Wasting time = wasting money. We could have been home taking care of my baby and my husband could have rest early for his work on sunday if the salon had not let us waited for 2 hours, not mentioning the money spent for parking the car at Far East Plaza.

I do not have many experiences dyeing my hair and therefore i seek advice from the professional which i thought they are. I was wrong. i was in the dilemma of choosing between 2 colors, instead of recommending and explaining, her words confused me futher. Or should i say, her words are contradictng themselves? I went ahead which i thought it might turn out good. Likewise goes to my husband when he seek help from her.

Disaster!!! Total disaster! My husband’s hair was dyed too brightly (which he specifically mentioned that he can’t have his hair dyed too brightly) whereas mine was as good as black ( by the way, i chose violet red).

My hair is slightly above mid back, during the wait of dyeing, no one came to check if my hair is absorbing the dye, not heater was used to expedite the process. My husband’s hair is short, no one check his hair either, however, he has a heater to expedite the process. I had my hair washed after 15 mins of wait whereas my husband waited 25 mins for his. Come on! My hair is way longer than my husband, heater should be used on me, longer time taken before the wash for me, not the other way! (Make sense?) Result wasn’t what either one of us wanted.

Though we were not satisfied, we wanted to just get our hair blown dry and leave. After blow-drying our hair, our hair looked like we just woke up from bed, fizzy and messy. Is this the way a professional salon hairdresser should do or the way the salon handles it? Letting your customer looking messy and untidy? If told to anyone that we just been to a hair salon and got our hair done, people will laugh their heads off. Who would believe that?


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April 11, 2013

Horrible experience overall

i bought the Groupon Deal from Hair Sense Gallery, Hair colouring/highlights + Shisedo Treatment at $48. I read some good reviews about that salon and thought ok why not give it a try.

So i called to make an appointment with them. The deal just started and I know it might be crowded but i thought i will just try my luck. True enough it was fully booked for the next 3 months. So i was ok to wait, but the lady who picked up my call was really rude. When she answered the call, i couldnt hear what she say, i had to ask if this was Hair Sense Gallery and if i can book an appointment. She say they were fully booked, so i say ok, i will call to make an appointment another time and i thank her. Not only did she not thank me, but she even hang up the call without saying bye. I was really dumbfounded at the attitude this person had towards a customer. I had thoughts whether buying this Groupon was right, but since I paid for it already, I don’t want to waste my money.

So few months later i made a call again to book an appointment. Not too sure if it was the same lady who pick up my call the last time, but she was as rude as the previous one. But I didnt let it bother me. So i went after work as i booked a slot at 6pm. when i reached, the lady who attended to me wasnt friendly at all. She didnt even smile or greet me. I told her i had an appointment at 6pm, she asked for my voucher; ask me to leave down my contact details in which i did then she signal me in and gave me the colour chat to choose. I know they were busy so I waited. Finally after a good 20 mins, someone came to ask me what colour i wanted. Before I gave her an answer I asked what colour my hair was because I wanted to do something similar but in 1 shade darker. But before i can even finish my sentence, she stopped me saying she cant do this colour cause they don’t have my colour. So I told her, ok understand but I want a shade darker then my original colour. So she pointed to me a really dark brown, I say ok im fine with that. but I had to wait another 40 mins before the lady came back to attend to me. so after the dye was on my hair I waited for another 1 hour before she came back to wash off the dye. I was actually falling asleep already. it was really a horrible experience. But before that, one of their own customer came in, he made an appointment with them but his stylist forgot about it. he ask if she was busy she say she was and apologize and ask if he would like to make another appointment. But the guy say he is able to wait and ask what time they close, 8.30pm. So after the lady attended to the other customers (which I believe were also groupon customers), she attended to him with a wide smile on her face, chatting happily with him the whole time and there I was sitting at my seat falling asleep with dye on my hair and no one came to attend to me when there were other stylist available around to help! When she finally came to put the treatment on my hair, I had to wait for another 20mins before they can rinse off. Finally when she had wash my hair, she was really really rough when blow drying my hair. pulling my hair and not even blowing it dry properly. It was then that I realize her customer was waiting for her to go out for dinner. So she was rushing to finish her last job!

My overall experience with them was really horrible! They behave really unprofessionally and they show favouritism and no respect for us just because we are Groupon customers?! If this wasn’t a Groupon deal, i will never set foot into that salon ever neither will i recommend it to any of my friends.


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January 24, 2013

Horrible, waste of money, bad experience

My friend and I had a very very bad experience at Hair Sense Gallery, Far East.

1.) The hair stylists and the receptionist NEVER SMILE. They all put on a grumpy face but only when they were talking to each other. When we first step in, the receptionist lady attitude was really bad.

2.) I was served by a guy and my friend was served by a lady in her late thirties (i guess). The guy was okay, patience but was SO BLUR. I showed him a photo of how i want my bangs to be and i explained clearly, and he told me he understand what i wants. BUT in the end, the bangs was cut wrongly and it was out of shape and uneven. Some parts are really long and some parts are short! I told him to trim abit more but he still don quite understand. At the end of the day, i have to went back home to trim the whole bangs myself.

Whereas the lady was inititally very polite and smiling to her previous male customer. BUT once the male customer left, she gave my friend bad attitude. Her face was really black throughout the whole process. They should know that this is a service job and at least, they should put on a smile once in a while. But they didn’t.

3.) Our hair colour turn out to be UNEVEN. They did not put a timer to keep track of the time for our hair. The lady was rushing and keep asking my hair stylist if she can wash my hair already just because there are other customers waiting. (IF YOU KNOW THAT YOUR SALON IS SO SMALL, YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE IN SO MANY CUSTOMERS IN THE FIRST PLACE.)

4.) and the most UNACCEPTED PART WAS WHEN THEY USE THAT THEY CALL “TREATMENT”. This is the worst treatment ever. I called previously to check on the treatment. and i was told that it was SHISEIDO treatment. HOWEVER, IT IS JUST SPRAYING WITH WATER. ( THE BOTTLE OF THE WATER HAS NO LABEL. AND WHAT IF THEIR ‘TREATMENT’ IS JUST PLAIN WATER?!)

I have no idea why the others have good experience from them. Maybe it is because we are paying lesser as it is from groupon. CHEAPER=BAD SERVICE?


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Blog Review

May 24, 2012

Combine with the service and experience provided, I do not think I will want to go back again

I have purchased a groupon voucher a month ago for hair rebonding at Hair Sense Gallery Hairdressing.

My hair was in a bad shape even though I have just rebonded it in January 2012 and I have been wanting to rebond it again. Search on the web and I do see quite a few good comment for this salon and so I didn’t hesitate and bought the voucher. Okok… I know.. I cheap po… It was only $75 for hair rebonding with hair cut. I can’t resist such good deal or can I?

Let’s talk about the shop. The shop has relocated from level 2 to level 4. I really had a hard time looking for it. It was at the back row of all the shops. The shop is quite small or maybe coz there is juz too many ppl in there. It is the most packed hair salon in far east on that day!

My appointment was at 1pm but I was informed that I will need to wait as there is no one ready to serve me now. I left my number and went for a walk. Guess when did I finally manage to get a seat in there? 4PM!!! I actually have to wait 3 hrs and this is when I have already make an appointment! A totally disappointment!

There were like 4 staff in the shop but they seated 8 customers at a time. At every one time, there are at least 8 customers half done with their hair. Not to mention they had another 1 or 2 customers seated at a corner sometime with their hair wet or with chemical on.

Totally time taken for my hair to get rebonded is around 4 hrs. I could have got it done in 3 hrs if they have not decide to leave me half done coz there is this lady (director of who know what company) came in and they decide to serve her first. Good service for her. Drink was served. No need to q. Still got time to chit chat a bit with her. Hello??!!! I am a paying customer too. I didn’t even get a glass of plain water.

End result. I have to say the hair looks not bad after the re-bonding session. For $75, it’s really quite a good deal. However, combine with the service and experience provided, I do not think I will want to go back again even if it’s just $75. To me, good service is as important as good result.


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Blog Review

May 19, 2012

Hair looks so much tamer!

Did some shopping damage as usual and went for hair treatment at Hair Sense Gallery @ FEP. It was my first time patronising it because of the Groupon deal, and its nice to try out different salons other than hair cuts (too risky I feel).

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it at all for its service. When making appointment on phone, I got an ultra rude reply and got cut-off before I said bye. My appointment was at 4pm and I had to wait till 5pm, without them apologising for the delay or what so ever. Didn’t want to make a fuss and I was in a good mood that day so I let it pass. There were few people outside who made the appointment but at 5pm still not seated and were making a big fuss. Oh wells.
During the hour treatment, the staff were rude without the lack of smiles or greetings. It was quite a rush job with so many people outside waiting and I didnt feel relaxed at all.
However, the hair and scalp treatment was good though and my hair feels so pampered, smooth and soft today even after gym session. But service means alot to me and I do not think its wise to pay for service that makes you angry. I wouldn’t mind paying full price for a salon which gives you the hair I want and service, but not one without the latter.
I will stick to my favourite salon thank you very much.

Here’s the end result and hair looks so much tamer!


Credits: This review is obtained from a blog.

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