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  • Central location
  • Occasionally fashionable cut


  • Long waiting time
  • Constant criticism on how bad the hair condition is
  • High staff turnover
  • Upselling present
  • Hairwashing that might get your neck area wet

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April 03, 2017

Lousy service and chare extra charges last min on customers

May Lee is the boss, the service is lousy and she claim will do a gd job on the hair dye and treatment ends up bad yet she charges you extra $150 when time to pay end up $450 for a rip off nd do not honor her words.

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Angry customer

January 22, 2016

Using a groupon voucher

Got to agree with all the reviews written.. Bought a groupon to "Le Jean" which was also at FEP, made an appointment on a Friday afternoon, upon arrival, the salon was full and I was led to another salon at another level.

To summarize my experience:

- I was led into Highest unknowingly thinking that it was "Le Jean"

- as usual, was told the rebonding package offer on groupon is the most basic, wouldn't give the desire effect, fine, I agree to top up $60 for the so called 'shiseido' rebonding. Also topped up another $35 for hair cut.

- I was attended by a China woman who can't speak English, half way through, she started to introduce me to the various 'package' they have. That was only when I realised the salon I was in is Highest.

- spent 4 hrs to complete the rebonding as most of the time I had to wait for an available stylist to rinse/blow dry my hair

- when come to payment, I was then informed by the owner (May) that I have to pay an additional surcharge of $20 as it was close to CNY. This was never informed to me at any point of time, from making appointment with Le Jean to me stepping into Highest, and through out the whole rebonding process

- I did not pay the additional $20 but it was a very bad experience

- my advise is to only go there if you are looking for affordable packages, can communicate to the Chinese in mandarin, afford to wait at least 50% more of the original treatment time

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This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Thank you for your feedback. I sincerely apologize for the miscommunication.the Chinese new surcharge has been a tradition for most salons and even nail parlous. we were equally surprise why the surcharge wasn’t included in the terms and conditions. Wish you have a pleasant day. May God Bless you everywhere you go. Thank you very much.

Director of Highest

Mar 09, 2016

May Lee

Registered User

Blog Review

August 27, 2015

The service was terrible

We walked to Far East Plaza and decide that we want to do hair treatment for our screwed up hair. We literally walked the entire plaza and there were so many salons!!! Really like almost half of the plaza are filled with salons.

Then I remember that the last time I came to Far East Plaza, I was with Janice and we both dyed our hair, but before we dyed out hair, Janice went to bleach her hair at this salon. I had a good impression of the salon because the boss, a lady, was very friendly and made conversations with us. She assured Janice like her products are good and like it’s cheaper than any other places. So I suggested to Joanne and we decided to go over and ask about the treatments they provide.

So initially they told us that we should do the CPR treatment, which costs $120, as it’ll help to tame our frizzy hair and make our hair healthier. So like after much thoughts, I mean like it’s $120 yo, we decided to do it. And the moment we sat on the chair, the boss came up to me and told me that I should do the Sheseido treatment instead as it is more lasting, like lifetime, while the CPR one after a few washes it’ll be back to my normal hair. And she told me it’ll cost $220. And honestly I really hesitated damn long because it’s fucking $220, it’s not small sum of money for someone like me. After much thoughts, okay I decided to do the Sheseido treatment. And for Joanne, instead of doing the CPR treatment she did a scalp care treatment instead as her hair stylist told her that her problem was more on the scalp instead.

So I trusted my hair stylist, Rose, with my fucking hair, and my $220.

I sat patiently where she attended to my hair. First she applied some cream on my head then left the cream for around 10 minutes before washing it away. After which she helped me to trim some of hair. After cutting my hair, she proceed on to straightening my hair and I did not think so much as I thought it was probably a routine for them to straighten their customer’s hair after a cut. I mean I do get that service quite often when I cut my hair. Like the last time I went to dye my hair, the lady helped me to straighten my hair as well. In fact I thought it was reaching the end of the treatment. So I didn’t think so much nor asked her any question.

After straightening my hair, she asked me in chinese, (fyi: she’s a chinese citizen aka china foreign talent) if i wanted to do the CPR or Sheseido, and I remembered the boss recommending me to do the Sheseido at the start, so I replied her “Sheseido”. Then she went on and applied another cream onto my hair and left it on for around 10 minutes like that, before washing off the cream. So while washing my hair, she was promoting to me a package of $628 for 5 treatments and 2 additional free, on top of that they will give today’s treatment for free. But then because I’m still a full time student, earning my own pocket money from working part time, $628 is really like a bomb to me. She kept promoting and trying to persuade me to get it. Then when I went out, Jo told me she bought the package and can pay half of it first today, next session then pay another half. I was abit like thinking maybe I should get it cause it’s like $628 for 8 sessions?! Like quite worth right??????

So Rose sprayed some thing on my head and put the steamer thing over my head, I was just discussing with Jo if I should get it. After that I decided to get it and I told Rose ah. Then when she brought me in to wash my hair again, I just wanted to double confirm with her that I can pay half which is $314 today. But she replied to me in chinese that on top of half of the package $314, I had to pay for the Sheishedo rebonding which is $220. So I asked her huh I thought you tell me if I sign the package today’s treatment waived off? Then she told me yeah they will waive off the Sheishedo treatment which is $120, so I have to pay half the package $314 AND the Sheishedo Rebonding $220, which is $534, if pay total package at one go, it’ll be $848, which is like close to $1000?!!!!

That moment my mind literally went blank. I was so shocked. I had no fucking idea that I did a fucking rebond. So I told her huh I thought I am only doing the Sheseido treatment? Your boss told me it was $220. Then she went to ask her boss and the boss merely said, “Oh must be miscommunication between you and her (Rose).”

First of all, the boss only told me it was a Sheseido treatment, not a Sheishedo Rebond. Like wtf I went there only with the thought of doing a treatment, not to do a fucking rebond.

Secondly, Rose did not even bother to reconfirm with me. She never told me like what she was doing with my hair at all. At least for Jo, her hair stylist will keep telling her what step she was doing and all.

Thirdly, neither Rose nor the boss apologised to me, or even offer any kind of help to me. All Rose did was still trying to persuade me to get the package, cause the moment i found out that I actually did a fucking rebond and a treatment which will cost me $340, I told her I did not want the package already. Really, all she did was like trying to tell me how my hair will be better if I did more treatments and that the package very worth and all. SHE STILL WANTED TO PERSUADE ME TO GET THE PACKAGE. But trust me, I was so angry none of her words actually went in. The boss also did NOTHING! After saying that it was miscommunication between me and Rose, she just went to the cashier and sat there. She just told, “Oh then never mind ah, you don’t get the package then just pay for today’s treatments ah.”

I was so fucking angry that I literally black face all the way. Rose offered me a name card but I did not even want to take it because I was that mad.

The service was terrible and after that I read online that there were actually bad reviews about Rose and the boss as well. So for now, I can’t tell you if the treatment really worked out, but it better do, and better last lifetime, otherwise I’ll be really pissed and just argh, cursing at them.

I really would tell you to think twice about going to this salon. I think the prices are considered cheap, but just be careful and ALWAYS DOUBLE CONFIRM EVERYTHING, EVERY STEPS.

I don’t want another victim like me. ;’(

If I knew I was going to spend $340 at a shop like that, I would rather go to a more known salon than this fucked up salon……

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Thank you for your feedback. I sincerely apologize about your experience in my salon. I appreciate you providing details about it, I would like to treat you with FOC treatment for your hair for the inconvenience caused. Let me Director May Lee serve you better and take care of you personally. Make an appointment with me hp 98380994. Look forward to seeing you soon ..

Best Regards.

Director of Highest

Mar 09, 2016

May Lee

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November 27, 2014

Pressured and manipulated

The staff there are hard sell! Best is if you pretend you don't understand mandarin to avoid any sales tactics. I was pressured and manipulated into buying a dye package which cost $420.

The first time I went, I did a highlights and bleaching and my hair was ruined beyond words! the colour turned to the monkey king's fur colour from red within a week! I was so upset! The tips were all dry and breaking and that was the first time i left a hairdresser's without my hair feeling smooth at all! The man who attended to me was so nervous(I think it was his first few days) and couldn't do a good job at all. Their way of service recovery after the customer is upset is to gather all their staff around and tell you what a beautiful job it is! WTF! They honestly have the cheek and guts to outright say that. The next time I returned, (seeing as I have already bought a package) I did bleaching which left my entire scalp with chemical burns!! I told the lady it was burning and she said its very normal, and to not say it out. I was like are you kidding me? I'm supposed to suffer in silence?! I just tahan until my whole face was red and sweating cold sweat.


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This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Thank you for your feedback and I’m so sorry about what happened to you in my salon. I sincerely apologize, I will take note about your feedback and let my staff know. Hope you have a wonderful day. Looking forward to see you again. Come to me I will serve you better.Thank you very much.

Best Regards.

Director of Highest

Mar 09, 2016

May Lee

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August 19, 2014

good for you only waited for an 1.5 hours, as of me i waited for almost 3 hours. the owner who was the only hairdresser, she has assistants but they dont do the cutting and all.. only by just assisting with coloring and washing. what i notice within those 3 hours was , she will attend first to costumers who didnt come with the voucher despite these costumers came late. you did told them your exact appointment but she will never attend to you.


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Blog Review

September 21, 2011


the story goes…

i purchased a coupon from GROUPON for a $30++ deal for a conditional treatment + cut + blow dry at this far east plaza salon.. #03-18


1stly.. the shop looks v old n lok kok.. tt gave me a bad feeling alr… also there were a few ATs working in tt shop.. -thumbs down-

a woman washed my hair n slapped on their so called ‘treatment’ on my scalp… she freaking slap e treatment on my scalp!!!!!!!

holy shit!! treatment on scalp?!?! seriously?! i was quite alarmed but didnt voice it out….

next they placed this steam thingy.. which was suppose to heat my hair up so e treatment would work?? i dont see it working man… zzz

i was left there for around 20-30mins i guess.. wasnt really paying attention to it cuz i was playing games..

anw.. after which.. they led me to wash my hair again…

a woman (cheena) came over to me n said ‘u have a lot of dandruff’ WITHOUT EVEN TOUCHING MY HAIR!!

like wtf? she got some super eye power or my head is stinking????
i SMELL a scam coming up soon…
and she asked e AT boy to get a tv to be placed right beside me.. and also he dropped e freaking comb but picked it up to comb my hair!!!!!
SMELL even a stronger scam coming..

she started to ‘trim’ my hair which took like less then 15 cuts!! wtf again?!?! my fringe was left in this weird uneven and not-on-purpose type of jagged look!! knnnnnnnn..

i should have asked yiling to help me trim!!!! she would have done a much better job pls!!!

she went back to claim tt i have lots of dandruff (wth its like a 10yrs ago during puberty thing to me)
and used some funny equipment to ‘scan’ my dandruff filled head….
u know i was actually trying to search for any VCD player from e corner of my eyes during e hair cut..

she pointed out some red spots n those dandruff on my head..
claiming tt they cant be washed off by any regular shampoo.. she adviced me to do a scalp treatment

i rejected n acted like i didnt care.. and dropped e ‘ok i let u scam my money’ topic..

next she started to use a hot iron on my hair..
ANOTHER WTF she didnt use any heat protectant product on my hair!!!!!!!!!!
i could hear my hair scream for help!!! ‘HELP HELP!! NOOO NOOOO NOOOOOO PPUUUZZZZZZ’

finally it all ended w my hair ‘nicely done (scorched)’

after awhile.. e crown of my head started to itch!! …. seriously i nvr experienced itchy head even after 2days of not washing my hair!!
wtffffff seriously its still itching even after i washed my poor hair again……

im really positive its cuz of their stupid conditioner treatment on my scalp!!!
fml! spent 30++ to get an itch head?!

my essential hair mask would have done a better job!! n e kind of itchy feeling feels like over doze conditioner on scalp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


will never ever go to tt shitty shop!!!!


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This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.