Hues Salon @ Concorde Hotel

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Be prepared to spend $240 onwards
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  • Central location
  • Occasionally fashionable cut


  • Long waiting time
  • Constant criticism on how bad the hair condition is
  • High staff turnover
  • Upselling present
  • Hairwashing that might get your neck area wet

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September 17, 2014

The best rebonding treatment

I totally love the service. His attitude towards his clients is very good. Very personalized service making sure the quality and result is beyond our expectation. The price is very worth it.

Hues salon has the best rebonding treatment.

Yes i would definitely come back again. I always do rebonding for the last 15 years and as expected the result was bad but when i tried the hues salon rebonding my hair turned out really well. Im very happy with the result i would recommend it to everyone.


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January 10, 2013

The pricing is not worth it

This is my worst expense nice at a salon !how come group on still manage to deal with this “hair salon”it gives bad reputation for both sides.
Below are my experience at the salon:
1 The hairstylist just an apprenticeHe said after rebonding can wash hair the next day.If you have done rebonding beforeyou will know what is the logic.secondlymy hair is smooking when he rebond.(should be too hot he should cool down the machine a bit not directly rebond it).
2 The pricing is not worth as l bought $58(original price:240) ask me to top up value $25for treatment.I can’t feel the professional if I really pay for $240 for giving such service.I really can’t imagine those who bought $48.Are they giving the worst service than I?
3 Now my hair damage especially the bottom part . I don’t feel like I had done rebonding at all.


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This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.


December 11, 2012

This is the worst experience ever!

I just came back from this salon. This is the WORST experience ever! Super bad attitude from the boss and the lady assistant!

My sister bought the groupon at $18 for argan oil treatment. No, we didn’t have to wait too long, we had an appointment. My
Sister started the service first as there was only 1 available seat and I waited for about 15mins for my turn. No drinks and no one ask. I read the other reviews last night and in fact it is true that they are always full but not because there are a lot of customers but because there were only 3 stylists.

When I first sat down to explain the boss ( i believe he is the boss, the fat guy in the salon) that after the treatment I would just like my hair to be ‘half dry’ as I didn’t want to ‘waste’ my treatment. He said ok. Then the lady came and did the whole process to the end. Explained to her again that I do not want my hair to be fully blown dry. She said that my hair has to be fully blow dry to have the curls. I said its ok, I just want them to be what I asked for. The fat guy came and said ok I do it for you. He begun to blow my hair dry dry dry. While drying my hair, he was boosting about his awards, his skills and most of his customers are ‘ang mo’ oh my god! How thickskin and i didnt even talk to him! I then asked him why did he blow them dry. He said he doesn’t like my attitude ! And this time I really exploded, how dare him! I told what he wants doesn’t mean what I want and I already said I don’t want my hair to be fully dry! So he started to say that I had bad attitude the moment I stepped into e shop. Goodness! When we came in, he told us to wait so my sis and I just waited. We didn’t even talk to him. If he was imagining that someone was talking to him he should be in mental hospital , not in the salon. The salon is old and really dirty. Never recommend to anyone!

On the whole, it took about 1.5hour includes wash, steam, wash and blow. The treatment is soso, not much effect.


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November 24, 2012

Worst salon

To be frankthis is the WORST SALON I’ve been. Found great deal n bought groupon in early Oct 2012. Options $48$58 & $78bought the $78 as it includes 2 treatments. Recommended 2 friends who subsequently also bought the deal.
Let me share my bad experience with the salon particularly the guy name Rick Ho which I’m shock to know that he is the boss.
1. Bought deal in early October called n was informed all slits full till end of the yr can only make an appt next yr.Ridiculous rt?
2. Promised to return call if there’s an empty slot but did not.
3. My 2 other frens called later than me but managed to book an appt for 2
n late Nov entertained by a lady staff.
4. I called again after knowing my friends could get a slot. Well I’m happy to get the same slot as my friend this time by a young guy not Rick Ho.( his name is Chun if I got it rt)
5. On the appt date1 friend turned up first n was turn away by Rick he said no appt was made my friend was truly unhappy ( salon was full with customers at that time). So he simply turn her away without checking the torn tattered appt book. Huhhh.
6. I came 10 minutes later n was also turned away with the same excuse. I insisted him to check as I called while I was otw n a lady knew abt my appt. Seeing my name in the appt bk he straight away said ‘your hair cannot do’. Very unprofessional n rude. I wasttruly frustrated with his way of talking n welcoming customers.
7. To cut story short (as I’m feeling the anger again rt now) he said we could ask for refund f
Groupon. Though I spoke to
customer care I am still unsatisfied (though he was nice n allow refund) as will the salon compensate the hassle I went through?? I need to write n email to groupon customer care n wait for refund. I’ve wasted my time effort n money. Will he refund all my expenses my petrol my parking fee ??
Lastly I will never ever recommend Hue Salon to anyone n I feel we do not yjis kind of salon to exist!!!!


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