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May 11, 2015

Totally dissatisfied

I have bought 2 coupons from JusToday for Body Massage at iBeauty Centre at Blk 704 Ang Mo Kio. One coupon to be used by mum and another for myself. I have called up the retailer a week advance booking for 2 persons at the same time slot at 11am on 10th May (Sunday). The person has confirmed to me that booking is ok. And on the previous day 9th May Saturday, the person (China Girl) called me at night around 8 pm told me that her colleague is mc for tomorrow and she will be the only person working. So she can only arrange at one 11am and the other 12pm slot for me. And ok I accepted her arrangement without any choice!

And on the day itself, my mum and me arrived at the place at 11am. And we have waited till 20 mins and she finished her 1st customer, which our appointment is supposed to be at 11am which already agreed! Due to this delay, I cannot proceed with my massage which is supposed to be at 12 pm as I have my other appointment as well.

So I let my mum do the massage at 1120am. So my mum used one of the coupon and left my one utilised. After my mum massage done, she told me that the Massager ask her to top up $20 for harder strength to the massage! I was very annoyed and dissatisfied throughout this whole things! Why is there a top up need for puting strength to massage? If a massage is without strength what is the purpose of the massage then? I never come across any massage shop for asking price on different strength level category! Also the purchase doesn't state at all for this different type of massage strength and need another $20 top up at all! And the timing and slot they didn't follow as per arranged! I'm totally dissatisfy to this ibeauty Service and I will not patronise forever!


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September 23, 2013

I won't be going back

Just went for a 60 minutes massage session at Ibeauty (Ang Mo Kio branch) after I bought the $20 deal from http://www.bestbargain.com.sg

I won’t be going back.

I don’t like how the masseuse kept asking me to upgrade the massage from the ‘relaxing’ one to a better one. She said that an additional $20 will get me a ‘better’ more targeted treatment massage and cupping or gua sha. After I declinedshe lowered to $18 which I declined again. Initially I wanted to ask for more attention on the neck and shoulder. After hearing her promotion of the more ‘targeted’ treatment I didnt as I wanted to avoid further hard-sell.

After the massage she offered peach tea which was nice and she promoted her packages to me. She then said that the massage that she did was only 抚摸式 which literally means gentle strokes. There were times I felt that she was just touching me. Perhaps I would have gotten better treatment if I upgraded the massage. Personally I don’t think it is a nice marketing technique and I didnt want to support it.

During the talk she also admitted that she was actually better at giving facial and that she would recommend me their better masseuse if I sign their packages. To my mind I wondered why she would confess such a thing. And why did the company get a facial lady to give a massage to a first time customer. Shouldn’t they assign a more experienced masseuse to convince the first time customers that their bodies would be in good hands if they buy the packages?

When asked about the prices of their hot stone massagesthe masseuse initially said that if I sign the package it would be $48 per session. However subsequentlyafter hearing that I used to pay $80-90 per sessionshe said the hot stone massages are $88 per session if I sign the package. After I showed hesitationshe introduced a CNY promo where the sessions are $88 for 1.5 hours.

If you are interested in going the parlor is located near Ang Mo Kio MRT above KOI. The staircase is behind KOI. It’s hard to miss the signboard once you go behind KOI. It is simply decorated with mandarin music playing at the background. I’m not too sure if the masseuse speaks English but she is definitely more comfortable speaking Mandarin.


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This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.