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  • Authentic Japanese feel
  • Use of products directly imported from Japan
  • Great ambience
  • Good service
  • Won many beauty awards


  • Not close to MRT station
  • Hard to find parking at times
  • Bad traffic during evening peak (after work!)

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Blog Review

May 12, 2015

Good Japaness style massage experience

This was a wonderful experience with their special Zen candle massage !! I won prize from "Nu you" magazine..According to my investigation I found partial of their customer will be tourist.and their price are quite high. There is no doubts their hv excellent in their services.

First of all, the massger will request u to fill in your body condition form and ask you your preference and let you choose your preference zen candle massage oil... ( Bamboo, Tuzu and Sakura ) of course I choose Sakura .,.. You may having your tea and let the massager know your preference. They ligh up the candle and give u a warm towel to clean your hand and help u to clean up your foot too... Your can see the candle melted ,and pour to your body and let start and enjoy the massager bring u to next paradise .. When you enter the room,the room are spacious with a small dining area, Japaness jacuzzi, the environment was fantastic.

I love massage, they are using Japaness style massage and with expericed massager , I felt relax and almost felt to sleep !! Actually Zen candle massage help to Rejuvenate weary muscles - and senses.This is the intro for zen candle massage from Ikeda webside

The candle melts at 42oC, and feels deliciously soothing when poured directly on to the back. Usually, a therapist has to warm the oil with their hands, and that doesn’t always happen, so to have the candle do the work instead is better for both therapist and client.Soothing essential oils from the candle nourish the skin while you relax.

Zen candle massage oil includes vitamins, emollients and antioxidants, all good things to nourish and hydrate. This is combined with a Eastern-inspired deep tissue massage combined with broad Swedish strokes that smooth out all knots, particularly when you highlight where you need the focus to be. The combination of heat and massage is deeply relaxing and improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.After massage they will serve with Mochi and a pot of green tea, so you can fill in the feedback and enjoying the Japaness environment .

Wow this was a good experience with Japaness style massage experience !!!

Review obtained from http://loisstraveldiary.blogspot.sg/2015/05/ikeda-spa-prestiges-central.html

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November 15, 2014

Reasonable prices and not hard selling

I have been going to Ikeda spa for around 4 years. The managers, Irene and Jason, are very helpful and assist in booking my appointments through what's app. Although therapists come and go, they have so far managed to get therapists of a certain standard. Both my husband and I enjoy the massage there. Definitely recommend this place if you stay in Bukit Timah. Reasonable prices and not hard selling.

I personally find the onsen too hot.

Facials are very relaxing too, the first spa I go to with a futon comforter as blanket.


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Blog Review

September 27, 2014

The service at Ikeda Spa was good

Was having my long-awaited off day, so I decided to go for Spa right after my facial, and I had like a few hours before my hair appt at Cleo.To be honest, I have been eyeing to try out the spa at Ikeda Spa, but because my time schedule is really tight (almost every week), I couldn’t find time to go and try out this spa.

I had a hard time looking for the place coz I thought it was within the shopping malls, but it was actually located outside the carpark of level 5.Anyway, when I reached there, it looks like a ryokan to me! It was really nice, and when I enter in, there was a lady to greet me despite me being late for a few minutes. After that, I was given a wet towel, and a cold tea to rest first before going thru with the registrations, and also with the explanations of different massages. They had a total of about 4 to 5 massages, ranging from soft to hard, and being scared of pain, I went for the lightest one, which was ‘Inyou Relaxation’, where they use a oil to do massage.

They also have the ‘Shiatsu Accupunture’, ‘Samurai Deep Tissue’ ‘Zen Music Massage’ and more (I might be wrong about the names, if I’m wrong, please correct me, and I’ll change it)

After choosing the type of massage I wanted, I was shown to a room to change into yukata. There were only 3 rooms available then, and it was pretty quiet. The yukata there was abit different from normal yukata, and I tried to wear the normal yukata way, realised that it was too short to fold, so I just wore it as normal.I was given about 30 mins in the onsen, and inside the onsen (sorry, no pics), it was the same as the ones I’ve experienced in Japan!! So, I took a shower first before entering in, and it was super good! Everything looks very artificial, but it was pretty good, and also, I was the only one inside, which means I get to enjoy the onsen all by myself!I took around 25 mins, and used another 5 mins to change out.And then I went back to my room for massage!! Was looking forward to the massage. I find the massage overall to be good, and I really enjoyed myself, coz the lady used the correct amount of strength, and I could feel that the ache on my waist was getting better, and I almost fell asleep! But I was trying my best to keep track of time, as I had a hair appt at 5pm. The massage actually lasted for more than an hour, and I felt refresh after the massage.

Here are some pics that I’ve took before heading out of the room.My room was Aki, and it had the feel of Aki (which means Autumn)That’s me and my spastic face right after the massage. My face was pretty bare, as I had facial before, so if I scared you with this pic, my apologies.

Overall, the service at Ikeda Spa was good, and I didn’t sign for any membership as I was in a rush for my next appt, and they were not pushy at all, which I like! I told them I will consider, but I may probably not sign up, but just go for some sessions if I needed. I know of some massage places being very pushy, and I didn’t like their style of pushing. Might be trying out Ikeda Spa Bukit Timah outlet if I can find time, coz I saw that they had Ganbanyoku over there, which is good for burning loads of calories!!I hope that you have enjoyed this review (this is not a paid review!!), and do enjoy their spa if you miss Japan’s onsen as much as I do!!!


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Blog Review

February 14, 2014

Valentine's Spa treat that left me more youthful looking for the rest of the week

The 30-minute white cocoa body scrub and 30-minute Red Rose bath dip that followed quickly dissolved every knotted muscles and tightness on my shoulders and upper back, while the scrub removed dead skin cells and helped maximise benefits of the minieralised onsen water during the soak. The dark chocolate body massage was so deliciously luxurious, it left me in a great mood. And I have to report that the dark chocolate massage didn’t leave me walking out covered in visible chocolate coating my skin. In fact, I could only detect a faint chocolatey aroma and I didn’t attract any ants even after going to bed without taking a rinse at all. Wink* Bliss.

The benefits of this soak is beyond just relaxed body and mood. In fact, I decided to have a hair cut that day, and I received compliments from my regular hairstylist about how youthful and fresh I looked. After receiving his compliments, of course I took a closer look at my complexion, indeed I appeared rested, my skin was glowing, more refined and seemed firmer for the next few days. And did I tell you that I didn’t touch up my foundation or makeup after the treatment?

Why it’s Great:
Chocolate is a great mood enhancer as it stimulates the body’s production of endorphine and protects the skin from free radicals. Flavonoids in dark chocolate absorbs UV light, increase blood flow, and improve hydration and condition of skin.

I believe the onsen soak did lots of good to my skin to leave it youthful too. At Ikeda Spa, the onsen water is produced using the latest ionization technology. Hot spring minerals are infused into the water, which are absorbed by the skin during the soak. Here are the other benefits of a hot soak in mineralised water, it increases blood circulation and metabolism, relieves stress and anxiety, alleviates aches and pains and reduce skin’s pore size as well as nourish skin to improve its condition. Last but not least, the hot soak helps to improve sleep that night. In tropical Singapore, where can one possible go for a healthy hot spring-like soak in minealised water? Not that I know off.

What I love about this set up at Ikeda Spa Prestige, Clarke Quay, is the tinted glass above the onsen which lights up the dimly lit room helps me to relax and unwind better. It also offers a focal point that instead of peering into darkness, one can look into the tinted glass and relax. There’s also a wash area (not captured in this picture) at the side for a shower, if one wishes.

I never expect to be able to have a healthy onsen dip without having to fly out of Singapore. This is a really rare chance to take up Ikeda Spa’s offer this Valentine’s to unwind with your spouse in a sanitised, private and cosy environment.

If you are looking for something special to do, this couple spa treat includes having the whole experience in a private room inclusive of onsen dip, at a savings of S$392. This Valentine’s couple spa treat is available now at S$368+ for first time customers of Ikeda Spa who reside in Singapore, and for their members. There are very limited rooms at the spa, so this offer is only on a first come first served basis (get my hint? *wink).

I am seriously considering getting a spa membership with them. Guess you know that I am totally sold to the idea of Ikeda Spa treatments now, but you really have to check it out for yourself to see if it has what you are looking for.


Review obtained from http://simplibeauty.blogspot.com/2014/02/reviewvalentines-valentines-spa-treat.html

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Blog Review

June 27, 2013

Bad Phone Service Bad Website Bad Booking Experience

Ikeda Spa Prestige Review (Bad Phone Service Bad Website Bad Booking Experience)

Ikeda Spa “Prestige” just lost 1 customer and perhaps more when people read the below.

1) Treat customer as liar
2) Turn away customer
3) Bad phone etiquette
4) Bad public relations when talking to customer
5) Unprofessional tone and attitude when talking to customer
6) Did not train staff
7) Bad reservation/booking method
8) Other spas are not as inflexible and inconvenient as Ikeda.

After reading about their Open House Package in the magazine Wattention, I really wanted to try the massage that came with the package.

Called them at 3.40pm. An Indo/Filipino woman picked up. She said the promo ends this month when according to the magazine, it ends 31 August. Staff don’t even know their own promo information.

She was about to reserve the day and time that I wanted, but asked for my credit card number. I said I was not comfortable giving it and will be paying by cash. She then suggested I book online at their website, even though I assured her that I was definitely going to be there tomorrow Friday at that time.

We ended the conversation after I agreed to go online.

At 3.47pm, a different woman called and asked for me in a very rude tone. She insisted that I provide my credit card number to reserve. I repeated that I was not comfortable giving it and assured her that I would be there (so there was no need for me to provide credit card details).

That was not enough. She was adamant that I provide it. Said “most customers” would give it. Implying that I should also give it like “most” customers.

(If you want my money, then treat me right. I am not “most customers”. Every customer wants to be treated uniquely. In fact, I think “most customers” would hesitate and avoid giving their credit card details/numbers. A spa is not worth compromising your credit card even if they say they will not reveal what you tell them.).

Still holding the phone, I said I was in the middle of booking online at their website.

The booking system was inconvenient to use. You have to choose which category first. The package is not under “promo deal”.

When finally I reached the page that would confirm the booking, it asked for “promo code” and requried a booking deposit of $50 at Paypal.

Give me a break, for heaven’s sake. Paypal??

And why should a customer deposit a $50 booking fee when other spas that are classy and upmarket don’t even do this?

Why is Ikeda treating the customer so badly, without class and finesse? Where is the prestige in their “Prestige”? What poor customer treatment.

The woman who was on the phone said that whether by phone or online, I still have to provide credit card number. Her tone was very rude and unprofessional. She further said that if I don’t turn up, I will deprive other customers of a booking.

How could she say that? I already confirmed that I would be there and will be paying by cash.

She was being very impolite. It made me wonder why this Japanese spa has such bad booking policy and such untrained staff. Is it even run by the Japs?

Then again, I guess the booking policy is bad because it is Japanese. The Japs operating in Singapore can be very inflexible. Example: inflexible and few food variety restaurant menus.

Her tone and bad way of handling the situation really ruined my desire to book. To get off the phone, I said I can’t find my credit card. She said, “Then cannot book lor.”.

And that was it.

That’s their customer service.

How could she have turned away a customer like that?

“Either give us your credit card number or not, we don’t need you. If you won’t give, there are other customers who will.”. That is what Ikeda Spa is saying.

There is a method that could have prevented it. But why should I teach them to be smart by posting it here?

Anyone with brains will know what the solution is. This solution will be a compromise that the customer can accept. A half-way point that will appease the customer who will more likely make the trip to the spa.

Ikeda Spa, you slowly go and think about this solution while you are losing customers.

Review obtained from http://therevolutioner.blogspot.com/2013/06/ikeda-spa-prestige-review-bad-phone.html

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Blog Review

February 20, 2013

Honestly, this is so far one of the best I’ve been to

anks to HTB for Vday gift…

I got to finally go to Ikeda SPA.

Got a 4 1/2 hr treatment at Ikeda which includes: Facial, Body Scrub, Body Wrap and 90min Massage.


What a busy weekend I had. Before the Spa, went to Masa Hairdresser at Harbour Front to have my hair Dyed and perm.. Love their skills to the MAX!

Back to SPA:

HTB came over to Harbour Front to pick me for my SPA treatment at Ikeda. Reached there and was impressed by their authentic Japanese theme deco.

Articles on Magazine

The staffs went through my skin conditions and recommended a suitable facial for me.

HTB actally bought for me Geisha Facial but because I have got sensitive skin, they advise me to take Hydrating facial instead.

Following that, they check on my body condition and which area am I most troubled with.

Seating area

I was then brought up to 2nd level to have my facial first.

I think their basin is super old school…. I like.

Facial was great. The way the massage your face and do the mask and all.

Definately a worth it and must try. Relaxing.
*recalling – dozing off*

After the Facial, I was brought down to the waiting area again and was offered Tea and Biscuit.

I simply love the tea.. If I’m not wrong it’s Barley Tea?

After resting awhile, I was escorted to their locker changing room where I change into my”Yukata”

Changing Room with a dressing table.

After changing, we have to place all our belongings into the locker (include HP)

My Masseuse was waiting for me outside and brought me to the room.

In the room which was dimly lit stands a super hard “bed”
The HOT STONE massage is waiting for me…

was quite uncomfortable at first as its my first time doing hot stone

First they check with me on the temp, then the lights and ask if I’m feeling ok
Following that they will inform me what is she doing.

1st – Green Tea Anti Aging Scrub
Said to be for dry and flaky skin which gives off stress relieve scent

2nd – Wasabi Fat Burning Wrap
Said to detox, boost circulation and releive bloatness

3rd – Ikeda Auromatheraphy
Said to help skin rejunate and

After all session, i am escorted to the toilet to wash up after every session ends.

Honestly, this is so far one of the best I’ve been to.

The Hot Stone really helps in loosening my muscle.


Review obtained from http://a-little-lost-in-wonderland.blogspot.com/2013/02/ikeda-spa.html

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Blog Review

February 05, 2013

Sheets are silky soft, towels are clean and fluffy and the massage technique, amazing

I hate taking out packages when I visit a spa, or anywhere for that matter. I think it’s the eternal pessimist in me: what if I die before I’ve used up all my sessions? (Ditto advance planning for holidays.)

But at the beautiful, zen Ikeda Spa on Bukit Timah (in that weird stretch of shops sandwiched between fourth and sixth avenue) the prices sans-package are so punitive, and the treatments so fabulous, that you just have to do it.

It’s the place I have been looking for for ages. Citra, who I’ve written about before, may be fabulously priced (at $50 for one and a half hours home massage) but my house is so noisy, I sometimes like to be able to escape it.

I then become hugely fussy about paying proper money for a massage. I love the spa at the St Regis for instance but I am just not going to part with that much cash on a monthly basis. I want somewhere that feels luxe but doesn’t leave my shoulders up around my ears after I’m presented with the bill.

Equally, places that are super cheap tend not to be very relaxing and I hate being able to smell that the person before me had their head resting on the very same towel that is now being used for me. Yuck.

This place – Ikeda Spa – is the business. Not so cheap that they cut corners but equally not so expensive that I’m only going to want to visit it annually (Scottish blood, I just can’t help it).

An Ikeda room

Sheets are silky soft, towels are clean and fluffy and the massage technique, amazing (so good in fact that I never bother asking for a specific therapist – everyone’s excellent).

It’s also the little things: there is a rolled towel under your ankles (somehow so relaxing), an unfurling, floating lilly bud for you to stare at when you poke your head through the hole in the massage table that doesn’t EVER smell of anyone else and, finally, they always clean your feet with a hot towel before they start.

Your first treatment here is $90 and considered to be a trial. After that, it jumps up to $120. Take out a dreaded package and it will be reduced to $60 for an hour’s session, which I really don’t think is too bad (£30).

Ikeda is my new discovery but I am by no means the first to rate this place; the glass door of the joint is jam-packed with more stickers (above) than the windscreen of a car belonging to someone who’s a member of every single club in Singapore: it’s been voted ‘Best Spa’ that many times.

And I very much agree.

Review obtained from http://changmoh.com/japanese-spa/

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Blog Review

January 31, 2013

Service is excellent and every room has its own privacy and it is quite soundproof

Ikeda Spa is truly a rare gem in Singapore. It is the first traditional Japanese spa in Singapore with details that allows one to feel like she is in Japan. Its zen-like atmosphere, aromatic scents and excellent service allows one to feel relax and calm.Get new experience of Japanese-style spa right here in Singapore. Ikeda spa is Singapore’s first traditional Japanese spa and every little details is filled in to make you feel just like you were in japan. With their imported hot spring essences, get the experience akin to soaking in the relaxing hot spring in Japan.

Facials (Normally done on Level 2)
For their facials, they use a range of products from Albion and Chidoriya. Albion is one of the leading brands in Japan and has a long history of developing award winning skincare products over 50 years. Established in Kyoto in 1949, Chidoriya focused on making beauty products for geisha girls. Chidoriya products are certified to be 100% organic as they only use natural organic ingredients. Ikeda spa has a variety of facials that are catered to different skin types.

1. Geisha Organic Facial
This is supposedly their signature and highly raved facial which serves to improve skin conditions using nightingales dropping and Chidoriya products coupled with Japanese meridian massage techniques. However, I developed breakouts after the facial which I think it was due to the massage as my face was ultra sensitive. Normally, after a face massage, I would tend to breakout.

2. Exage Corrective Facial
The therapist would whip up a mask that is specially catered to your skin conditions. The mask I had was quite unique. It was in a liquid form when applied and it would solidify to a gel texture when dried.  Skin was instantly brightens up and hydrated after the mask.

3.Exage Whitening Facial
It was quite ok and the mask they used was the signature Albion mask. However, I felt that this facial wasn’t very value for money given the fact that I could be able to buy these Albion masks off the shelf from Takashimaya. Apart from the extraction, I think applying a sheet mask should be as easy as ABC and it could be done at home.

Overlooking at their Japanese garden, this is the most relaxing pedicure that I have ever tried. Manicurist was very attentive and a mask was applied to feet after the bluffing of nails.
Feet felt baby smooth and nail colour was gorgeous. However, the range of nail colours were quite limited.


1. Shiatsu Acupressure
This massage done with oil and I enjoyed it.

2. Foot reflexology
Legs were instantly relieved. However, I felt that it was a little too pricey.

3. Charcoal Acne Control Scrub
Basically, this is just a quite normal scrub and skin did not really feel smooth aftet that.

4. Onsen Bath
Nice atmosphere, Cute wooden Japanese bathtub and pails, Pelican clay shower gel and shampoo. A huge variety of bath salts for you to choose. However, I felt that this is the most not value of money treatment in Ikeda Spa. I was expecting a pool of oranges like what was shown on their website but what greeted me was only a tub of purple-coloured water (I chose lavender) and that’s it. I was disappointed.

Ikeda Spa Pros

Appointments are extremely easy to book! Normally, you only have to book two days before. It is a relief for me as my another two packages at FIL and Bella require you to book one month in advance.
Service is excellent and every room has its own privacy and it is quite soundproof.

Ikeda Spa Cons

Facials done here are quite basic with no machines involved. For the same amount of price given, one could be able to get a more ‘Wah’ facial done at other places using more advanced technology.
Located at 6th Avenue, it is a total nightmare to go to Ikeda Spa after work. Traffic is always terrible there and one would most probably be stuck in the jam for more than 15 minutes.


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Blog Review

October 15, 2012

Overall, it is a good experience

Review : Ikeda Spa Albion Corrective Facial
Finally today is my appointment with Ikeda Spa. They have this promotion if you like their facebook, you can get to enjoy Albion Corrective Facial @ $48. One of my friend has been raving about this spa and had recommend to me a few times but I never get around to try it.

Decided to give a try since they are having a good promotion. I felt as if I am stepping into a Japanese House as I entered the spa. The staff are all friendly and greeted me with a smile. They were on time too to start my facial exactly at 6pm. Of course, I also arrived 15 mins earlier so it gave them the chance to get registration and such done beforehand.

My therapist (I forgot to note down her name) went through a survey with me before starting the facial with me. Given my own experience with my skin, I knew what is my problem and such so I am able to share with her my needs.

I was then brought into the facial room which was cozy though a bit small. The facial lasted for 1 hour which is a bit short for me as I always did 1hr 30 mins facial. The therapist cleansed my face, did some massage, extraction and ended everything with a mask. The therapist’s extraction skill is good as it wasn’t painful at all and after the facial, I do not see any reddish or ugly dot on my face. Her massage skill is light and in my view average.

Accordingly to their website, this facial is “a deep cleansing and exfoliating facial treatment finished with Japan No. 1 top-selling Albion Skin Conditioner mask to energise skin, leaving it healthier, brighter and cleaner.”

I do feel my face is much cleaner and brighter after the facial. What I like most is the therapist applied a orange flavor lip balm on mylip twice during the facial. This is something unique. This made my lip feel moist and relaxing ( I felt as if I am eating an orange!)

Overall, it is a good experience. After facial, we are treated to a nice cup of Japanese tea and biscuits! 


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Blog Review

October 18, 2011

I highly recommend Ikeda Spa

I had the pleasure of visiting Ikeda Spa in Singapore last week. Ikeda Spa is Singapore’s first traditional Japanese spa. I purchased a Groupon voucher six months ago and had almost forgotten about it until I found it in the post-move clean up. I bought the voucher because I loved the idea of trying out a spa that was different from most of the others here in Singapore. I thought a traditional Japanese spa would be a nice change. I am very glad I did as I had a wonderful experience there. I had a 90-minute customized facial, eye treatment and lip treatment. I also received a voucher to be used on my next facial which is 80% savings off the full price. Even if I didn’t get the voucher for next time I definitely would return.

At Ikeda Spa they have done an exquisite job of creating a relaxing, zen-like atmosphere. The moment you enter the door a feeling of peacefulness surrounds you. It has been designed to give you a feeling of being in an authentic “ryokan” which is a traditional Japanese inn. They offer traditional Japanese treatments such as “Ganbanyoku” a heated rock bed that provides the benefits of a sauna and massage in one. Another is the “Hinoki Buro” where you bathe in a Japanese cypress wooden bath for ultimate relaxation. In addition to these authentic treatments they have different facial and massage treatments. I had a customized facial that was excellent. Upon your arrival and after receiving some tea, your therapist sits down with you to discuss your skin, your current skin care regimen, any concerns you have, whether or not you want extractions, etc. It was probably one of the most thorough conversations I’ve had with a therapist prior to a facial which I really liked. Everyone working at Ikeda Spa is very polite and you can tell they truly care about your experience while at the spa.

The treatment room I was in was very nice. I could have sworn the spa was brand new but my therapist told me it had been there for two years. It was immaculate and all the decor and furnishings looked very new. Everything stays within the Japanese “ryokan” theme throughout from the wall decorations to the music. All of this combined really gives you a feeling like you just flew away to Japan for a spa treatment.

My facial itself was wonderful which included a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (per my request), mask, moisturizer, toner and one of the best facial massages I’ve ever had. I’m not exaggerating when I say that. The therapist really knew what she was doing when it came to the face massage. It was pure bliss. The eye and lip treatments were both very nice also. I did notice a difference in the delicate under eye area after the facial. My whole face looked brighter, refreshed and my skin felt great.

After your treatment again while your enjoying either tea or water you are asked to provide comments on your experience at Ikeda Spa. I had no problem taking 5 minutes to complete this for them. The only area I noted for improvement was for the therapist to explain the various products used during the facial but that’s just my personal preference so it isn’t a big deal.

Ikeda Spa has a Facebook page and you can find them on Twitter: @IkedaSpa in addition to their website. If you’re living in Singapore or even just visiting and would like a more unique spa experience I highly recommend Ikeda Spa.

Chamorro Chica thumbs up!


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Blog Review

September 10, 2011

Anniversary spa

Instead of heading to our usual massage retreat to the Spa Retreat at Changi, we decided to try out a new place – Ikeda Spa along Bukit Timah Road just before Sixth avenue. Gayle had subscribed to a promotional offer from Reebonz City, a portal offering attractively priced promotions from various retailers which offered a 60 minute Japanese massage session for $58 a person inclusive of a $50 voucher for the next visit.

Carpark space is at a premium outside the row of shophouse where Ikeda is located so we would recommend you park at Guthrie House just behind where Cold Storage supermarket is located although parking is not cheap ($6 for 2hrs of parking on a Friday afternoon).

Ikeda Spa is known for it’s authentic Japanese theme and treatment experience. Two very unique features of this spa includes a hot stone table and an authentic Japanese style ofuro (hot bath). Apparently, materials were shipped from Japan for their construction so as to bring home that authenticity in the spa. The spa interior makes you feel like you are in a ryokan with its traditional mats and shoji sliding doors to the spa rooms.

We paid additional $20 for use of a couple room.

Upon entering, you are ushered to the waiting area and served hot tea while you are asked to write down your health history and preferences. After that, we were led by the staff to the 2nd level where the spa rooms are located.
We chose the Inyou massage which is a treatment for stress relief. Those who have a fear of pain are forewarned – the massage really awakened your nerves! But then the saying goes – no pain , no gain and note that this was in spite of us indicating we wanted the lightest touch at the start of the session.

The staff were very polite, friendly and importantly there was no hard sell so it was a comfortable, relaxing experience. We enjoyed the massage on our calves though which really soothed the tired muscles although at times, we felt our legs were almost cramping when they pressed on the acupoints. Ikeda Spa is worth a try although I guessed we still like our usual haunt at the Spa Retreat where the massage is more relaxing and not so painful for the same type of treatment. The couple room at the Retreat Spa is more luxurious with it’s own bath and sauna and there was no additional charge for the couple room previously.


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Blog Review

July 23, 2011

The good thing is that they are not pushy over the pakages

And I finally went to Ikeda Spa! Its located at Bt Timah, off Sixth Avenue. A pretty little place that reminds me of the ryokan in japan. Wanted to try out their onsen but too bad it the time of the month that day….so I went for the expensive Deluxe Oxygen facial instead. I didnt take much pictures so here’s some photos grabbed from the Facebook page!

I reached there early and there’s one japanese ojisan sitting outside too. They gave me this nice little tea while I waited for the therapist to come.

Super relaxing inside and they actually have ViVi and Popteen magazines! cool~~~ I love my therepist too, she so gentle and pretty~ And her massage is good!!!

See! Very ryokan feel…. my facial was upstairs by the way. I think this is the corridoor for the massage and bath.

Wanted to so try this! Its their famous Hinoki bath. I’m going to try this next month.

And they do manicure too. Too bad dont have gel nails packages…

It was a 90mins therapy for my face and while i’m having my mask on, she actually massage my head, shoulder and back. The oxygen facial was surprisingly effective although I only doing it for the first time. I feel like i’m drowning in oxygen but my face felt so tight and clean after that. After the facial, my therapist directed me to a brighter toilet for me to touch up my face. And I think my face is glowing…. although didnt put any make up, but I still have the cheek to go all the way to Millenia Walk for dinner. My dark eye rings were gone after those massage.

The good thing is that they are not pushy over the pakages. I was talking to the guy, perhaps one of the partner for the spa. He has got flawless complexion and looks so much like a Japanese. Really nice and so knowledgeble on the facial products etc. I almost really wanted to sign the package la! But the location is too far from my house…hmm…

And its only a while after talking to him and I realised I go zero make up on my face! OMG……… hes the first man who’ve seen my bareface. Arg……. but I dont think its that bad…but anyway….. I love that place!

And see….after my facial I have this nice biscuit and another cup of tea again. The biscuit has got pressed flowers on it! And its a real flower….

I miss Ikeda Spa already. And Im going to the onsen in next month. Yey~


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Blog Review

September 29, 2010

Ikeda Spa with fiancee

So it was yours truly’s birthday, and the boyfriend…

….correction, the fiancé brought me, us actually ;p, to try out the spa at Ikeda.

It seems apt that my first Japanese spa experience took place at Ikeda Spa, Singapore’s first traditional Japanese spa.

Loved the ambience and the tranquility of the space the minute I stepped in.

It was simply aweee-some.

The 2 hour spa started off with a scrub, followed by an invigorating soak in the tub…wah..that part i like most….cos ours was kinda outdoorish and it was hugeeeeeeee!

This is a sample of what the tub looks like, only ours was BIGGER, so imagine how superawesomelicious that was!

photo credit: Ikeda Spa

We were allowed 30 mins in the tub and after we dried ourself off, the uber relaxing massage was next.

Absolutely loved,loved,loved the massage.
My lovely masseur enquired as to which areas I would like her to concentrate on and boy, did she work on that part 

And so after all that more than 2 hours long of pampering and being made to feel like a queen, the glow just shows aye?


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Blog Review

July 06, 2010

Felt so good

went to ikeda spa with lo todaaaay!
we had such an awesome time at phnom phen’s amara spa 2 weeks ago that
we decided that we just have to make use of gss and go indulge ourselves 

i did a charcoal scrub & a citrus hot japspring bath and lo did a t3scrub & a massage
felt shooooo good~!! but i think i stayed in the hot water too long
and felt a tad bit giddy after that :XX


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Blog Review

March 12, 2010

Best Spa in Singapore - MUST TRY!

Date: 12 March 2010, Friday

A small outlet along Bukit Timah road, the ambiance of the one year old premise indeed cozy, relaxing despite the small size. There are 5 single treatment rooms and a couple room.

Had a 2 hour treatment starting charcoal scrub, hot bath and Ikeda massage on the magma stone bed. I will not say they are excellent in service but I commend they are friendly.

The therapist was great! She is caring and skilful.

Do let them know if you prefer lighter feel as communicated with some of the spa goers… the therapists are all very POWERFUL!

Overall I had a great experience and sure to go back! Do give a try.


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Blog Review

August 04, 2009

Ikeda Spa

The BGF (Best Girl Friend) is getting hitched come 16th August. That’s like, 2 weeks away. Woohoo! As part of the ‘bridal package’ (according to her husband), we were both treated to a spa session last Sunday. All the arrangements were made by him and that includes research, booking, driving us to dinner after and home. Very good (+ bonus brownie points). I shall call him Mr Nacho from now on. I’d explain the nickname in another entry sometime. Maybe….


The newly-open spa, Ikeda Spa, is located along Bukit Timah Road, just before Sixth Avenue. It’s located at one of the shophouses on the first level. The BGF had already started on her treatment and I was to follow suit. As usual, I filled in the mandatory form with all my details before being ushered to a nice locker room to change into a yukata. Something like this (except that it was a light shade of brown):


A cup of tea was then served at the waiting area (see picture above) and I must say it did feel very “japanese” indeed with the tatami mats and japanese tea cup 

Soon, I was ushered through a curtain and on both sides were shoji doors, the typical Japanese wooden doors with white paper – ok, am sure they were not made of paper but you get the picture. In one of the rooms, the middle door was open so I could see the BGF on the other side. Then again, we did not really get a chance to chat because when I was in the room, she was in the bath and vice versa.

Mr Nacho has booked us the following:

Kaisou (seaweed) body scrub

One of our most popular treatments, seaweed rich in iodine and mineral salt is mixed with warm massage oil to exfoliate the top layers of dead skin from the whole body. It leaves your skin moist, glowing and satin-smooth.

Hinoki-Buro bath

For a thousand years in Japan, the bath serves as the path to well-being for both body and soul. We have created a brand new indoor bathing environment that is the closest you can possibly get to an authentic Japanese bathing experience in Singapore. Everything there for you, including the black ceramic floor tiles, shower valves and stools, and the ultimate hinoki bath tub – are imported from Japan.

Yasurai Hair & Neck Massage

This amazing treatment is designed to deliver a deep state of relaxation, beginning with the neck, moving to the scalp, and finishing with hypnotic point work on the face. Optional is warm camelia oil traditionally used in Japan to nourish and add luster to the hair incorporated into the scalp treatment.

My therapist was a lady called Wawa. She was pretty friendly and we had a good chat about errant taxi drivers, the service industry, office politics, etc. The treatment started with the Kaisou (seaweed) body scrub. Once that was done, Wawa wrapped me in a very large white towel and ushered me to the next room (just across the small hallway) for the Hinoki-Buro bath. I rinsed off the bath salts at the standing shower located beside the bath before stepping into the bathtub.

Check it out!


Doesn’t it look exactly like a bathtub you can find in a traditional Japanese house? I thought it was pretty cool. I selected some milk bath thingy and soaked myself in the tub for….15-minutes. Well, I could have stayed for 20-25 minutes but I was getting really bored. Did I mention that I find baths very boring? I need to do something, i.e. read a magazine. The 15-minutes felt like 50-minutes to me. In fact, I got so bored, I started to count the number of panels needed to cover the wall in front of me (there were 16 panels, in case anyone’s interested). The walls were decorted with Japanese pine wood so with a bit of imagination, you could pretend that you were at an onsen in Japan.

After I got out of the bath, it was time for the Yasurai Hair & Neck Massage. I lurrrve massages! However, this wasn’t a “normal” massage. Wawa started to massage my scalp with something that felt like a porcelein pen. She was rubbing it over my scalp and that felt a little…strange. She also used some sort of oil – camelia oil, I believe (according to the write-up above) to “nourish” the scalp. I was waiting for her to work on my very tight shoulders but after a good 20-minutes on my scalp, she only worked on my shoulders for less than 5-minutes before she informed me that the treatment’s over.


I wished she could have worked on my shoulders longer but nonetheless, it was a good experience. I’d probably bring the boy to check it out one day. Oh, they have special 50% off for first-timers and a massage session is about $78 for 60-minutes (first-timer price).


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