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  • Affordable and effective rebonding + treatment service
  • Friendly hairstylists skilful at what they do


  • It's a typical neighbourhood salon so don't expect exceptional service or luxurious surroundings!
  • Often crowded

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December 20, 2017

Horrible Rebonding Experience

I just had my horrible rebonding experienced at this salon. I had my rebonding last Nov 29 and I paid $250 for the said service as the lady said they’ll use Japan product for my hair as it was more natural. I never noticed earlier, only now as my hair grows little bit. The root of my hair in some area is bent or somewhat burned i guess. So please if you care about your hair! Stop going in to that salon.

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October 07, 2014

Stylist was very rough

had my worst cutting experience ever at the amk oulet. The guy was very rough with my hair and couldnt listen to instruction.

I told him to trim my damn hair and ended up giving me army crew cut. He kept pulling the hair to cut it and also just anyhow cut.

It was very unprofessional. Also, when come to blowing the hair, all he did was just to on the blower and "scan: through my hair for 3 seconds and told me it was done. what a heck it hair services.


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November 24, 2013

Reasonable pricing and good result

I had my hair done at this salon last 05 October 2013. The treatment I have availed was rebel rebonding plus hair cut which costs me $140.

I went a bit late as I followed the address reflected ln their website. I had a hard time finding the salon and have called them to check the salon’s exact location.

At first I have to wait a couple of minutes to have my hair rebonding started. I have to say we really cannot expect first rate service for this kind of salon. The service approach was literally not so good and also not so bad.

But overall after almost two months of my rebel rebonding by K1, my hair is still as good as it was during the time they have my hair done.

With the reasonable pricing and good result, I would definitely recommend this salon. Just really don’t expect first rate service! :)


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March 28, 2013

Worst experience in my life!

I had been to K1 Salon at Tpy branch twice to do hair rebonding & digital perm before the salon shifted to another location in Tpy. I stop going to the salon to do my hair because they keep changing hairstylist.

Last Friday, I happened to read some good reviews here so I decided to go back to give it a try for hair bonding. As I need to go for a job interview on Monday, so I’ve got no choice but to go early on the next morning when the salon opens at 10.30am.

When I step in, there was 2 stylists & 2 customer (including me). The lady customer also doing hair bonding & they quoted us $130 + $20 (so-called a better quality of the solution). At first, the stylist who was serving me was being very professional & patient while doing my hair. So I asked his name so I could write a review online to recommend more customers for him. He told me his name is Lawrence.

After an hour, more customers walking in & at the same time a few more stylists also report to work. Lawrence asked me whether I was in a hurry as he needs to take a longer time to do my hair. I told him no hurry & also told him I have a job interview on Monday so I went there at early opening hour. He asked me whether I want to opt for second rebonding session for my hair on the next visit for a promotional price. I feels that he is more like a “hard-sell” salesman & I don’t really like being too pushy especially if you declined their offer then they will show you that kind of (as if you owe them money) face. I politely said no thanks to his offer because my hair rebond usually would last very long especially my hair texture is thick & coarse. After applying the rebonding solution, he went to attend to other customer so one of his colleague helped to steam my hair. This stylist is very young & not as “professional” as Lawrence. He rinsed my hair in a very unprofessional way & also very rough on “rubbing” my hair & ears against the towel until I did not realized one of my stud earring dropped out. The whole process is a nightmare…! 3 stylists took their turns to do my hair when the lady who came in same time as me, left the shop in 2 hrs time. Well, I don’t mind waiting & took me about 4 hrs to have my hair done. But the worst encounters are 3 different stylists doing my hair & 2 of them scalded my scalp while ironing my hair! The younger one was doing my right side of the hair half way then Lawrence took over to continue on my left side after he is done with other customers. I did mentioned to Lawrence that both sides were not evenly iron as the right side was obviously looking fluffy while the left side was straightened very smoothly. He keeps explaining to me that this is normal as my fringe was combed to the right so there is more volume & it would never be balance on both side. He then asked me whether I wants to put an addition hair treatment oil on my hair but I told him not at this moment, maybe next time as I’ve been jobless for a year so I have to spend wisely. At the end of the session, he did not show me how my hair looks from the back, which is the standard procedure for any hair do. He asked me again whether I’d like to purchase any shampoo & conditioner but I just said next time & smiled at him. Before I step out of the shop, he didn’t even bother to say goodbye even I said thanks & bye to him.

Later, I realized I lost one side of my earring when I reached home. I called up the shop to check with them whether they saw my light blue gem stone earring. The lady manager answered the phone & told me that they found it but only left the front part. I told her its fine as i think the back stud can be easily replaced. I went back to the store on the following day but what they gave me wasn’t my earring, it is actually a white shiny bead. I shook my head with disappointment & walk out of the salon feeling upset.

I have my first wash for my hair two days after my hair rebonding. The right side of my hair turns out to be fluffy & frizzy which totally affect my mood for my job interview. I thought of going back to consult the so-called “professional” stylist but my husband told me it’d be the same even if they redo my hair since they are mostly unprofessional stylist. I presume that Lawrence would say the shampoo I used that spoils my hair because I did not buy from them. But how come the left side of my hair is straight & smooth but the other side looks so different? This was not my first time doing hair rebonding & it shouldn’t turn out this way even I do not use the recommended shampoo & condition. As I do not wish to have another unhappy experience with them so I only can blame my bad luck.

Although the gem stone earring in white gold is not expensive but it cost me $100+. Not worth paying for $150 on a bad hair service too. Although its a neighborhood price, but there are still many better & cheaper choice in Tpy area.

I had at least 6 times of hair rebonding done in many different salons in town & neighborhood area but this was the worst experience in my life!


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January 25, 2013

I find it totally worth it

It’s been more than one and a half years since I rebonded my hair. I used to frequent a shop introduced by a good friend in Bishan. Even now, I love their wonderful and affordable services and their nice hairdressers, but strangely during my last rebonding attempt in 2011 there, right after I came back from Japan, the rebonding destroyed my hair and made it all frizzy, zig-zagged and dried.

I was so traumatized I hadn’t rebonded my hair ever since. But recently, I’ve been getting tired of blowing dry and setting the hair every morning, and then getting pissed off with my wasted efforts right after I step out of the house into the the humid and windy monsoon weather… and so the idea of getting my hair rebonded came back.

I launched my 水鬼作战 and ended up dragging Chun into it. After she agreed, we googled for a good and affordable salon. That’s when we stumbled upon Beauty Undercover’s website where they had this page on Best Hair Salons to Rebond / Straighten your Hair in Singapore.

We decided on trying out K1@Toa Payoh since it was near my place and the price was affordable. In any case, Chun and I are not the type who die-die must go to branded or expensive salons and stylists. We actually go for $10 hair cuts at QB House and Okinwawa occasionally so this neighbourhood salon seemed suitable for us.

We went at about 11 plus and the salon was had only one other customer since it was a weekday. The two stylists, both guys, quickly attended to us and suggested we try “Lebel rebonding” instead of the Shiseido rebonding written on the Beauty Undercover website. It’s supposedly better and just slightly more expensive. We agreed to try.

What I love most about K1 is that the rebonding service includes 2 hair treatments.

The first hair treatment is provided before the rebonding, and the other is after the treatment. According to the stylists, who kindly explained each step of the rebonding, this is so as to minimize damage to the hair. Because rebonding is a very damaging process, they aim to treat/moisturize the hair once before the rebonding and again more afterwards.

Surprisingly, even though it included 2 treatments, the entire process was over relatively quick. I believe we left the salon before 3pm. But it wasn’t as if the salon rushed through things. They certainly took their time to iron our hair – it was so thorough and patient I was almost getting cabin fever. Also, I usually get a headache after hair treatments/hair rebonding, but the chemical and treatment K1 used didn’t stink and were applied and removed quickly after a short while so I didn’t have a headache afterwards.

Anyway, for this, I paid SGD $130 while Chun paid SGD $140 since her hair was longer than mine.
I find it totally worth it because my hair texture actually kind of changed after the rebonding, which the stylists attributed to the Lebel rebonding. My hair was really dry and frizzy before the rebonding, now it’s so silky, shiny and moisturized I can’t stop touching it.

A few warnings though:
1. While ironing the hair, the stylists did pull our hair rather hard at first and it did hurt a bit. Chun and I could have voiced out and asked them to be gentler, but since we are both M… anyway, the stylists realised it afterwards and did it gentler.

2. They weren’t pushy about us buying their products, but they did keep suggest and recommend that we buy the Lebel shampoo and conditioner so that the rebonding can last longer. We ended up buying the shampoo ($32) anyway since we were running out of shampoo.

3. Their recommendation was to avoid washing the hair within 48 hours after the rebonding. A lot of salons don’t have this anymore, but oh well. I can still live with it….for a while more. 24 more hours to go!!!


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Thank you for recommending such a great salon. It was my first time coming by your website and I love it.
Your reviews and recommendations are really useful.
I’ll be sure to try your other recommended salons in future. :D

Jan 29, 2013


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Blog Review

November 09, 2009


as usual, i get mine at toa payoh. K1 salon
today my barber cut until dam nice oo! i duno how he style for me ==”

Super: Xiao di! u come again liao ah ! ( soli ah he tok ah beng style de ah )

Vince: Yo ! yaya, i come here cut hair again. veli long liao

Super: cut ur hair si beh sien manzx, so bloody thick, like bush =.=

Vince: wtf ?! i come here gib u business u say me lidat ?!

Super: aiya kidding la kidding la. sit sit. i cut for u

Vince: wah! sei zai, u change hairstyle again

Super: yeng leh! *smiles to himself*

Vince: =.=… when u getting married ah

Super: marry jor lo! thats y i today so shuai ma!

==” maybe cos he marry jor.. do some stuff jor… today cut hair for me so nice?!


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March 30, 2009

Good deal

Since Yee Sinn had a hair cut last week, I decided to snip off my locks as well. I dropped by a friendly neighbourhood hair salon called K1 Salon at Toa Payoh Central and had my hair re-bonded and cut for just $100. It was quite a good deal as they were using Shishedo chemicals. And the best part- They guranteed the whole process to be done in approximately 2 hours. It was quite a BIG deal for me cos re-bonding usually takes me 5 hours with my hair thickness.


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