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If you're looking for a luxury hair salon with complimentary wine and hair assistants fussing over you at exorbitant prices, Kemistry isn't it. 

There is no VIP room or value-added nail or beauty services. The salon itself is not VERY spacious. 

If however you can look past these superficial luxuries, Congratulations!

You may have just found one of the BEST KEPT SECRETS along Orchard Road. 

Kemistry is probably the ONLY hair salon anchored by Celebrity Stylists with prices significantly below $100! 

While their names are not as illustrious as some of the local celebrity stylists you may know, these stylists are the real hands styling and colouring the hair of prominent local celebrities. 

Their skills are so solid, the stylists here can give you that gorgeous balayage hair colour, cool haircut and the loose glamorous waves you'll see on IG and even on magazine covers. Don't believe us? Founder Jimmy has gotten his skills endorsed by the industry with his recent win of the Golden Scissors Award. You can also check out the team's stunning hair photos to know what we mean!

While they can definitely command the price, Jimmy and his team consciously created Kemistry to make their services more accessible to most of us here in Singapore.

To these hair artisans, it is of utmost importance to help customers craft trending hairstyles that will get you that double-tap. Keeping prices reasonable allow a more diverse group of customers who can then share their thoughts and ideas for the creation of legit hairstyles that are all the rage at the moment. It is this drive to push the boundaries that has quickly gotten Kemistry noticed among influencers and fashion-forward in its first few months of opening! 

Customers love how the stylists here don't ride roughshod over your opinions but truly listen before giving you that amazing idea to make your dream hairstyle that much more perfect. 

No frumpy hairstyles here, given their strong aesthetics and eye for the latest trends! 

If you're someone who is more concerned about the quality of the cut, colour and perm more than the beverage selection on the menu, Kemistry is an absolute steal that you should not miss in the very convenient Scotts Square!

How Much Do They Cost


  • Founded by Award-winning Celebrity Stylist Jimmy Yap
  • Awesome team of talented stylists including Up and Coming Timz and Pandy
  • Great haircuts, Gorgeous Perms and Stylish Colours by Stylists who have experience styling for celebrities
  • Friendly and humble stylists who listen to your preferences
  • Convenient Location
  • Reasonable prices


  • No VIP rooms
  • Service is not super luxurious but the stylists here are sincere!
  • The salon is a little small but cozy

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