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  • Many deals on Groupon
  • Cozy treatment rooms
  • Have a wide variety of treatments


  • Upselling and some say hardselling exists
  • Didn't feel as professional or as Japanese as it appeared to be
  • Back treatment results were just so-so

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October 14, 2018

That's less claustrophobic.

This outlet is near my house. Brought mom to try together. Outlet is very small and staff are quite bochup. Tried both facial and body treatment here a few times. I remember an older lady massage was very good. Other than that, the other staff were mediocre, sadly. I remember a series of facials I had there where they covered my mouth when applying the mask. Quite an unpleasant experience actually. Never had any facial ever since where my mouth needed to be covered. If you really need to try this spa, go to the Orchard outlet. That's less claustrophobic.

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March 21, 2016

Asked for a Groupon credit refund

I found it very difficult to get an appointment reasonably soon. I did get an appointment for 5 days later – and they informed me that I will be contacted to remind me of my appointment on the day.

As I hadn’t received my reminder, I called them 4 hours before my appointment and they promptly informed me that they didn’t have my name or number on the list.

I was careful not to tell them my appointment time – because I sensed something was fishy. Soon enough the Kira staff I spoke with blurted, “I don’t have your appointment for 6:30 leh.” – which was the time I was meant to have my massage.

Wooooo so this Kira staff had the powers to magically guess my appointment time??

I called Groupon customer service afterwards to ask for a Groupon credit refund.

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August 21, 2015

Will not visit or recommend them to anyone

I know the risk of buying deals from Groupon and I needed a body massage badly.

So i saw this deal from KIRA ( choose this deal was because the location was near where I stay. So i go ahead and purchase the deal and made an appointment.

Each session includes

60-min full body massage, choose 1:

- Hot stone

- Tuina

- Deep tissue

- Guasha

- Cupping

15-min Santa Dome detoxification treatment

Customers who redeem their Groupon within the first month of purchase also get a complimentary pair of SWAROVSKI crystal earrings. (By the way they didnt offer the ear ring to me, which im not interested too)

Initially I pick Deep tissue massage, but the lady told me, Tuina suit me more as Deep tissue might be hash to me (ok to me, i trust her judgement so i go ahead and change to Tuina)

Next the lady (PRC) explain to me in mandarin saying ” we have 3 type of oil, lemon grass, ginger or essential oil which need to top up $38”I told her I do not want to top up, i just like to use normal oil. She explain that normal oil is much more oily and no scent.

Next she started to massage and do all the sales talk as per normal. Half way through the massage she said, your stomach have wind, do you want to top up for a stomach massage ? (top up again)

No Thanks

After my massage session end, another lady will bring you to a room to ask you for package.

She offer me$68 per massage for 10 times = $680

So i mention that the oil need to top up she say yes $38 each time

Which mean$68 + $38 = $106

Or she offer me another option to buy two bottle of oil (each bottle 5 usage)

one bottle = $188two bottle = $188 X 2 = $376$376 + $680 = $1056 (in total)

I think the price was not reasonable for me, and the sales lady said ” you have to made your decision now!”

What a sentence !!! MADE YOUR DECISION NOW !

She added, if you come again next time, i wont get this price.

(Thank you, I won’t come again ;p )That’s my experience with KIRA, and will not visit or recommend them to anyone base on my own personal experience. (paid using my own money)

Will I come back again?

totally no base on my personal experience

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May 11, 2015

Feel cheated and disappointed

My appointment was scheduled and confirmed for 10th May 3pm at NEx mall outlet, however, on 10th May, staff from Kira called me to come in earlier. Since I was available, I accommodate to their timing and went at 2pm. When I arrived, I was told to wait upon filling up my consultation form, as the masseur/therapist was having her lunch. If I had to wait, I don't understand why they did call me to come in earlier. I was then asked to go to a room and change. The massage as about to begin, when I requested that I wanted to do either the Hot Stone or Cupping, I was told that the Hot Stones had gone back to japan and they dont offer that anymore. And for cupping they said that it was not offered at the branch I was at, which is the NEX Mall branch. So technically, I was only given lesser options which is Tuina, Deep Tissue, or Gusha. I bought this voucher as I love Hot Stone massage but was disappointed they were not able to offer what their voucher had stated. The staff did not bother to ask me which option I would like to have and proceed with the session. The massage I received was not even therapeutic or pampering, the masseur massage me using a towel and she ended the session in 40min !! I was told to TOP UP $38 for aroma oil!!! I could have gone to other outlet to receive a more pampering session for that price that includes aroma oil!

For the facial, again, they tried to sell me the collagen treatment which was part of the package and should be able to choose from without any additional charges. I asked for the peel also said they said my face too sensitve for that, which I have done before. At the end I gave up and let them do what they want, which was just cleaning my face (with some kind of machine) and putting on a soothing Mask which in total was about 40 mins.

Below are the full services I am supposed to get

60 min Signature Full Body Massage - I was being short changed and did not receive the full 60min.

60 min Japanese Premium Facial by Kira – not sure what treatment was done on me at the end in 40min.

15 min Santa Dome - Received.

15 min Crystal Ball Therapy - did not receive it

15 min Detox Back Mask - did not receive it

15 min Ear / Navel Candling - received Ear Candling after I had asked them to do so I was looking forward to receiving this session as it was a convenient location, and I was looking out for a package to sign up with a spa. Unfortunately, I feel cheated and disappointed as Kira spa did not provide all the services indicated in the voucher.

All the sessions were completed in about 2 hours including my Waiting time. I have requested for a refund and hopefully can it back.


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October 28, 2014

Unprofessional masseur

For the 2.5hr Groupon voucher, the 1 hr massage was so light that it felt it touching and not a massage at all. I was asked to top up $38 for a better massage.The 1hr facial is minimal with only cleansing, one machine and 1 mask. No extraction and no scrub. I was asked to top up $48 for a complete facial. The slimming treatment at 30mins does not include application of slimming gel even though it was stated in the voucher. The complimentary ear or abdomen candling lasts 5 mins even though it was stated as 15 mins in the voucher.

Will I come back?

No. The masseur was unprofessional and did not do a proper massage. The facial was minimal. The overall experience was the worst I’ve ever experienced.


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April 20, 2014

Feeling so dissatisfied

I chanced upon this review page after I am basically drained from trying to get Kira to own up. Below is a copy of my complaint to them, sent through via Groupon, in which I detailed my case. =====================================================================

To whom it may

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I am writing to you to raise my utmost concerns and disappointment over a deal I recently purchased (on Friday, 7th February 2014) through The vendor’s name is KIRA and the deal’s title is “3 Hour Spa Indulgence: $45 for Full Body Massage + Facial + Eye & Neck Treatment and More at Kira in 3 Locations (Worth $380)”. This is my first time ever feeling so dissatisfied that I am compelled to lodge a complaint about a vendor’s conduct which I believe was a disservice to’s trust-building and customer service effort.

I purchased the deal after thoroughly reading the fine print and after clarifying over the phone with Kira about the service the voucher includes. They confirmed that the deal includes all services stated on the fine print, that is:

•60 min Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

•60 min Choice of Facial (SDX Collagen, Pearl Collagen or Charcoal Collagen)

•30 min Eye & Neck Treatment

•15 min Santa Dome Treatment

•15 min Back Treatment

On Sunday (9th February 2014) at 12.30 pm I visited the vendor’s NEX branch to redeem my voucher.

Firstly, the massage was done in a very slap dash manner. Of course, I cannot argue with the masseur or the vendor over how one should administer a body massage. Although, in my many times visiting massage parlors, none performed a body massage as haphazardly as Kira did. I respectfully kept silent even though my body felt barely squeezed and my hair tousled. It was a painful head massage too, if you can call randomly poking my scalp one. Also, I was aware of the fact that I purchased a groupon voucher and was not a full-price paying customer. However, surely the reason for them to partner with groupon is to in some ways attract potential repeat customers? Those who would come back after experiencing a satisfying service? There should not be any difference in the treatment of customers. Unfortunately, even though I am not aware of how they treat their regular customers, my experience with the massage was definitely not a pleasant one and I would not want to return. I am aware that this is a vendor-level complaint hence I do not expect groupon to directly address it. However, I am of the opinion that groupon should nevertheless be alerted so in the future it can apply a more stringent filter to this or similar vendor.

Secondly, and please note that this issue is the one that compels me to write this complaint letter, the vendor did not administer facial treatment as advertised on groupon. This is a serious issue that groupon should be notified of and should look into. When I was about to do the facial treatment, I was asked to top up SGD 38 to receive a “full facial treatment”, which includes scrubbing, extraction and massage. I was told that the groupon voucher is only for “basic facial”, which according to them I should have known (for it is a “very common term”, they told me) only includes cleansing and mask application. I have not heard of this industry practice, and they should not expect customers to know A-Z industry terms. Even if this is true, there is no mentioning at all on the fine print about the facial treatment being only a “basic” one. When I called, the vendor also did not come forth to clarify anything. I inquired on the spot about the “3 choices” I have for the facial treatment – as written on the fine print – but the staff who attended to me did not answer and it seemed as if she did not understand my question. Her only answer to my question whether I could choose between “SDX, Pearl or Charcoal Collagen facials” was “ya lah still use machine”. I felt utterly misled and duped for this is a gross misconduct on their part.

Thirdly, the vendor also did not administer the back treatment as advertised:“Finally, have bumpy backs be a thing of the past with the 15 minute back treatment. Professional back aestheticians thoroughly cleanse and remove pesky smoothness inhibitors from backs, after which a soothing scrub gently rubs away dead skin cells for an unparalleled glow and softness that can rival a plate of silken tofu. The relaxing experience concludes with a crystal ball being rolled across the back for a cool, massaging effect while a mask detoxifies impurities from below the surface of the skin.”During my treatment, there was no application of scrub and no rolling of a “crystal ball”. Something was applied onto my back, after which my back was wrapped with a plastic film, and after a while my back was wiped. This could be part of the cleansing/application of mask only.

In view especially of the last two issues, I am sincerely appealing to groupon to look into this matter and communicate with the vendor to formally address my complaints and to return what I have paid for. This should not be the conduct of a respectable business entity, especially in today’s digital era. I am not putting this complaint up in any online forums as of yet as I wish that Kira will rectify this matter ASAP. Blatantly omitting an important fact on the fine print and not delivering what were advertised are serious and shameful misconducts which will also directly affect groupon’s credibility as the trade channel. I have attached with this email a copy of the fine print (it is also still available on website) for your easy reference.

I will be waiting for your reply. Thank you in advance for your kind attention.

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me too at nex.

basic facial... plus guasha massage after i argue.

did groupon get bk to you.

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Oct 01, 2015


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