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July 02, 2015

Hard sell throughout the time there

The salon changed their business name to innovative hair house. My friend went there last month and they hard sell throughout her time there.

Update: The salon is full of Chinese - Malaysian guys and she's not very comfortable being in a place full of men. They asked for her personal details like nric, address, email and phone number explaining that it's for the purposes (?!) She received the voucher as a birthday gift from one of her colleagues.

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December 17, 2014

Non-stop hard-selling

I bought a deal from JuzToday and this is the first & the last for purchasing a deal online! I bought the deal for “Premium Italy Hair Color + Color save treatment + blow + Dry for S$25”, when I reached there, they said my hair was too damaged, even if I dye color and the color will not be lasting, and they guarantee the color will be washed off after few days. Then, what is the purpose of advertising “Premium Italy Hair Color”?? The word “premium” creates illusion to people that this is high grade color.

Then they started promoting their organic color which is S$148. I felt like leaving the salon immediately but I have already purchased that deal and I do not want to waste it, I decided to try on the “Organic Color” as they promised it will turn out ‘very nice and silky’, color will be ‘firm and bright’.

Once I decided to get the organic color, they started to sell Nano Treatment to me, even put my hair to try on the treatment, they said after putting this, your hair will be fantastically firm and silky, you’ll see the difference. But I rejected as it is over my budget!! The treatment is another few hundreds, I already rejected openly to them that I have limited budget, they kept asking how many years am I working and my working industry, I felt uncomfortable sharing to them, they continue to hard sell their products even asked me to take on their packages for S$798 or S$1000++ I really don’t wish to say anything more. Can you imagine throughout the whole hair coloring + hair washing + blowing process, they keep persuading me to buy their products and services non-stop??? I said I don’t want to take, but they still asked me to put deposit as this promotion is ending soon. SERIOUSLY, I WILL NOT COME TO THIS SALON ANYMORE. Initially I was thinking maybe I will come second time if my color turns out nicely, but now I won’t anymore!

Because i did not take their Nano Treatment, so when the guy washing my hair, he didn't even put conditioner at all (i think no hair shampoo also), therefore my hair was frizzy and looking bad after the hair color!


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May 16, 2014

Always trying to sell products or services

I don't recommend this saloon if you want a peaceful haircut or hair service.

Always trying to sell products or services . Anything that is cheap don't come free . Lesson lesrnt !


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January 10, 2014

The worst salon I ever been

Bad experience, insist not to cut my hair and yet she cut and keep saying she will feel guilty for not making my hair nice and say will spoilt her mood. In e end I spent $25 on trimming my hair zz and I do not want to own her so I pay back. Worst she try to swipe my card . It keep saying network unavailable can anyone tell me will the money go through cos she tried 3 times. no paper out at all. haizzz. Oh ya best thing is same as what you all encounter, hardselling me those thing I rejected it all totally. The girl name abbie ang still ok, but the rest of the male in the salon, either black face and one of the guy which do rebonding for me. did not do properly on my fringe, so I ask him to redo it he shouted loudly say your hair burn soon lah but if you want I do for you lor. and do until so unwillingly. And also if never approve their advise, they will ask you to sign a form they not responsible. and take picture of my hair. Gosh this is the worst salon I ever been.


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January 03, 2014

The service from start to finish was rude

Bought a voucher for “$25 for Japanese Silky Hair Colouring or Creative Highlights for All Hair Lengths + Wash + Blow Dry” at Kiseki Hair House.

Even though it was a deal too cheap to be true, I didn’t expect it to be this BAD.

The service from start to finish was rude, the staff were unknowledgeable, unhelpful and had zero etiquette or initiative – the all-male staff at the Towner Road outlet seemed more interested in looking at their nails despite a request for the hair colour chart requested previously.

Highlights became dying the entire head of hair as “advised” by the stylist, yet the selected burgundy colour came out black.

The layered hair cut requested came out extremely amateur.

And the best of all, the blow dry came out WET. Yes, after what the hairstylist deemed “finished” hair was still wet.

I mean if a hairstylist cant do something as basic as blow drying hair, then how can customers trust them to do anything more advance than that?

So my ultimate question is: Why advertise your services on a DEALS website when you can’t even deliver proper service? Isn’t an offer like this to generate buzz about a business and attract a wider customer base? And yet, by offering a deal that should promote the business, they are doing the complete opposite by ruining their reputation by exposing their incompetence, irresponsibility and unprofessionalism.

Oh, and if the deal is advertised in english, the staff, especially the extremely rude man IN-CHARGE, should be able to converse in basic english.

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November 10, 2013

Dry and frizzy hair after perm

Bout a $35 for L'Oreal Extenso Rebonding or Perming + Wash & Blow (worth $188) at Kiseki Hair House! voucher fm During August 2013!

Went to Boon Keng outlet for my perm on end August 2013... As Stated they are using L'Oreal Extenso For Perming! I DOUBT so!!!

Upon my arrival... I was told to fill in my personal details on e back of my voucher. When a lady (quite short n plump) came n examined my hair... Then said I hv to add S$38 for a hair cut b4 my perm!!! If not... There will be no volume n e perm will not be very nice in shape!! I told her tat I juz trimmed my hair a month ago!!! She kept pestered me to cut ... I told her NO NEED! She then said so ur perm will not be as nice as what u wanted!!!I replied: it's ok!

Outcome... I think it's e lotion/chemical tat she used!!! It's definitely NOT using L'Oreal Extenso for my perm! As b4 e perm... My hair is silky n hv a natural curl fm my previous perm (abt 1yr ago) she oso said tat I had maintained my hair well as I told I had done those necessary trtm at home!!!

But........ My hair looks frizzy n dry aft e perm!!! OMG!!! I regretted going for e perm!!! Shld kept my natural curl look instead!!!No matter what trtm or moisturiser I did to my hair... It's still frizzy n dry aft almost 3months of e perm!!!Guess I hv to keep trimming my hair till it gets back to my silky touch texture!!!Nv ever go for CHEAP promo!!! Do some research on reviews b4 buying!!!


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Blog Review

September 24, 2013

I believe this deal is a success

Bought my hair dye deal from and I’m here to do another review.
In comparison to the previous deal I bought from Plus! BigDeal at He@venly Cutz, this is BETTER.
The last visit to HC was during June 10th or 11th, so it’s just been around 3 months before I cover my dark roots again.

Here’re the before photos:

You can tell that my hair is very dry at the ends

1. The dishonest part
Bullcrap about the “Last Day!” sale of voucher because the voucher has been there for the past few days.
It stated “Japanese Silky Hair Colouring”, but I’m sure it wasn’t because they tried to hardsell me into “upgrading” to better dyes.
Creative highlights is not what it seems (read below)

2. The Bad

Hardselling of products. They’d introduce you to different dyes such as Hoyu and Organic Hair dyes at extra charges – mine was $88 extra for Hoyu.
Hardselling of hair cream which costs $35 – the one who constantly hardsell is not my stylist, she carries a short bob with bright dye colour. Felt that she was quite persistent in hardselling, but my stylist was less persistent.
I told them I wanted to do a brighter hair dye, but they told me it’s not possible for my hair texture (since it’s coarse and thick). I was told to upgrade to better dyes which allows better penetration and also, brighter colours. However I flatly rejected.
Next, my stylist recommended me to do a creative highlight to get a brighter colour – first, they will dye a base colour, before adding brighter streaks. I asked if this creative highlight is inside the package, she checked my voucher and said yes. Thereafter, while she explained the process again, I asked if I need to top up any money, and she said yes. This is because, it would be a double process in doing base + highlighting. The moment I heard I need to top up, I insisted that I just wanted a normal dye which was what I paid for! I just felt like they weren’t honest about their creative highlights part!
In the end, I didn’t get to properly choose the colour I want, but rather they advised me into a less bright colour – which was exactly like my old hair dye -.-””

3. The Good

The hairstylist who served me was rather friendly and nice. Felt a little guilty not upgrading my package but I just don’t want extra unnecessary charges.
Another compliment to my stylist (I’m sorry, I didn’t get her name) – I forgot to print my voucher and they insisted that I have to present a hard copy. That said, I acknowledged it’s my fault la. So I went around Boon Keng searching for a photo printing shop! Wanted to cry because there wasn’t any! Thankfully I had my dearest bf, and he said he’ll print it for me, but I can only present it after I’m done with my dye. Went back to the salon and they accepted my plea. Phew, I was so guilty to my stylist but she assured me it was okay 
Decent hair dye standards compared to the one at Heavenly Cutz (do read my previous review). The pleasant thing was they used the hair steamer to speed up the dyeing process. The previous time at HC, I was just left to sit and wait within a while before they ushered me to wash my hair (that’s why the hair dye job was done so badly! the hair dye wasn’t even allowed to be seep into the hair!)

There was no rush for me to finish my dye job, the stylist patiently examined my hair, before applying a new coat again. The whole hair dye process took 2.5 hours.
Ammonia smell was bearable
Thankfully there wasn’t any scalp analysis as stated on the site, because I know I’d be pestered to buy things that I DO NOT WANT.
Another fortunate thing was, while they hardsell, I was able to reject politely, and they didn’t look offended (although they might be).
Hair treatment was a water spa which was so much better than what I had at Heavenly Cutz (grrr). Back at HC, the washing process was so fast, I doubt they even did any treatment to my hair! But at Kiseki, my stylist washed and massaged my head thoroughly, and also told me she’ll be proceeding with the water spa treatment, which I gathered was just applying of some conditioner and washing it off. That said, this was so much better la.
Here’re the after photos:

Hair is dyed evenly even at the roots! Yay!

The bad thing is, this hair colour isn’t obvious la! Really mild colour, which I’m not looking for.
I wanted a brighter colour 
My bf said it didn’t look like I dyed my hair because there was NO DIFFERENCE.

To conclude, my hair is dyed evenly (versus the horrible job at Heavenly Cutz).
It does feel smoother, however my hair ends is still as dry haha, I’m gonna visit a salon to snip off these dry ends soon!
I believe this deal is a success, except for my voucher blunder and the hardselling and promoting of other/”better” hair dyes!
I do wish that with many washes, the colour would become brighter! *fingers crossed*


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