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  • Customers all seem very happy with hair services received at Kizuki + Lim
  • Friendly Professional Helpful Japanese hairstylists
  • Open till late - 10pm!
  • Heavenly Scalp massage
  • No hardselling
  • Chic Minimalist Decor featured in Design Magazines and Blogs


  • If the English-speaking Singaporean assistants are not around, you may find it tough to communicate with them since they are all Japanese speaking.
  • More expensive than the usual hair salon in Singapore

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Loving It


June 20, 2016

Hair was too thin at the sides

I went for a haircut after seeing the reviews. Everything was good and even the styling after looks really nice. The problem is the next day the hair was too thin at the sides of my round face, even though I wanted something straight, less layers and thinness (maybe like kiko’s natural bob/lob). So I tried to tied it up – the problem is here: I’m not sure how my hair was cut but the inner layers were so much shorter than my actual hair length that when I tie or pin it back you can see tufts of hair sticking from the side of my head. I’m not even sure if a haircut should be like this? It’s like the layering has gone wrong and now there’s nothing I can do I can’t style it like how I used to. I can only put my hair down and then it looks really flat and strange when I’m natural state.

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Michelle Per

April 22, 2016

Not as wow as what I expect from a Japanese salon

I went there for a hair cut. I did not make a prior booking, I only called to enquire on the rates and availability. I went there, asked me to take seat, fill up a form. I asked if I can get a discount since I read beautyundercover, but they said I need to get an existing client name before a discount. I opt for the senior stylist who happens to be the salon manager, Shunsuke. Once seated, they did not ask for any drinks, I thought maybe its later, but after he asks you what you want for the cut, they sent me for hair wash. It was nice, the basin, there is a thick cushion for your neck area, the chair is able to go straight and down. Normal washing, using Japanese shampoos, nice smell. But nothing special. Its just comfortable. He spent some time understanding your needs, after cutting it while wet, he blow dry and continue again. I think its fast because it took me about 55 minutes – 60 minutes for the whole session. He did not cut much as I wanted to keep the length. He introduced some products but did not ask me to purchase, I bought it as I wanted to try an organic brand from Italy, it is called O-way and each bottle is $58. I had to ask for hot green tea myself. So maybe under the Loves write up above, you need to amend on the F&B provided. Overall for $100, ok experience but maybe not as wow as what I expect from a Japanese salon, maybe to try another one next time then decide if I will go back to this one.

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October 23, 2015

Accurate men's haircut

I have visited a number of hairdressers listed in this sites Top 10 Men's and Top 10 Korean & Japanese so at least I can compare between each within this region. My first few reviews were based on international comparison which was a bit unfair in hindsight. And I have stopped leaving reviews to those that are mediocre but would now leave only the extreme positives and the non-recommended and none in between.

I have been to this place twice so waited for the 2nd visit before I write this review.

Hairdresser: Yoko Assistant: Miki & Linh

Both visits I was pleasantly greeted and provided courteous service ensuring that I was comfortable and the approach they were taking was assured by me before they proceeded.

The décor of the place is brilliant giving both space and light to the room but the main topic here is reviewing of the cut and styling so will focus on that.

Yoko is very competent with her use of her tools and that in itself gave me comfort, the cut finished product is excellent and what I longed for since I moved here in Singapore. There are other hair dressers who may be good but so far this place is way above the rest even the ones listed in this website. To get back to the topic, I am only reviewing men's haircut so for the others (ladies) this review may be less significant to you when deciding. In short the journey goes like this, greeted at reception and ask to sit down where they will then wash your hair, products they use are pretty good I think at this point they are using Italian shampoo to counter the humidity of the country. Head massage is always included in most Japanese establishment so this place did not disappoint.

Yoko is extremely accurate as we all know men's hair being short it is easy to be unbalanced and leave a non-symmetrical face. Men's haircut I believe should not be as complicated so I expected other respectable salons to at least meet baseline. Unfortunately, most of them did not and this place is just way ahead of the rest.

Price is reasonable, even comparing to both local salons and other countries. I have paid as high as 35-40% more in other salons recommended in this site so I don't think price should be the factor when reviewing this establishment.

On a personal note, I strongly recommend this place so much that today I brought my mum along who is visiting from overseas.

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June 25, 2015

A popular Japanese hair salon

This is a review of hair salon, Kizuki + Lim Raffles Hotel Arcade branch. This Japanese hair salon was highly recommended by my sister, MG. She had went to this salon for a hair cut a few months back, and has had high praises for it ever since. In another news, both my brothers also go here for their hair cuts. One of their Japanese friends recommended this hair salon to them a few years back. My haircut appointment was for June 16, 2015. It has been a week since my haircut. The hairstylist that I was assigned to was, Shun, which also was MG's hair stylist. It was pure coincidence, since I did not request for a particular hair stylist.

During my phone conversation to book the appointment, I simply mentioned that I would like a hair cut appointment with a senior hair stylist. Anyway, about Kizuki + Lim Raffles Hotel Arcade branch. The salon itself is unlike another other salon I have been to. The decoration is very Japanese zen. It resembles more of an art gallery than a hair salon. Too bad, I did not have the guts to take pictures of the interior. Maybe on my next visit, I will gather up the courage to take some pictures. Hehe ;) My hair condition before the hair cut was long and flat, with severe split ends. It had been over 6 months since my last hair cut. It had also been over 9 months since I did the keratin treatment, and my unruly wavy hair was showing obvious signs of reappearance. Shun asked me how short I was wanted to cut my hair. At first, he suggested about 1.5 inches. But I told him that I wanted to cut off more, he recommended that I only cut about 2 inches off. If my hair get shorter than that, it will be very difficult for me to manage it. He also mentioned that he would like to add some layers to my hair. I was a little worried when I heard the word "layers". The wrong type of layers can make my hair looking crazy. But he re-assured me that he was just going to add some layers to the ends. He also recommended a shorter side swept fringe to conceal my high forehead. I appreciate Shun's honesty. When I asked him about hair straightening treatment, he recommended against it, since it is an outdated look. He mentioned that nowadays the trend is for natural hair. Other hairstylists would have jumped at the chance to do a pricy hair straightening treatment right then, but Shun did not. He said if I really wanted to, I could do it in two to three months. In contrary, he recommended that I perm the ends of my hair. Even though it is pricy to have a haircut at Kizuki + Lim, a senior stylist service goes for $100, you will feel very satisfied with the results. Some salons pressure you to do hair treatments or hair products, and you walk out after with buyer's remorse. But I walked out Kizuki + Lim feeling happy, and that I was not "cheated" out of my money.

Read more at my blog post here:


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April 14, 2015

Kizuki + lim hair salon review

Full review of haircut here with pictures:

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February 26, 2015

Polite and attentive throughout

What do you like about the salon?

Stylist name: Kantaro

Service: Excellent!

Kantaro and all of the assistants (2 helped me) were polite and attentive throughout. Even though Kantaro had another customer in-between my appointment time, he was always there every step of the way (e.g., recommending/mixing the colour, during the hair wash/blowdry, even seeing me out). I was particularly impressed when he knelt to adjust the leg stool during the wash to make sure my feet could reach it. Even though he is the Owner/Director, he had no qualms doing that. To me, that is the hallmark of good Japanese service!

Environment: Love the avant-garde decor. Salon was clean and well-maintained even after a few years in operation here.Price: Pricier compared to other Japanese salons. Found it funny that Director's cut was more than the colour. But worth every cent.

Effectiveness: Most effective. Kantaro seemed to understand me and my colour/style preferences, without me having to say much. He was honest and firm about his suggestions- although I originally made an appointment for a hair colour + treatment, Kantaro suggested that I do the treatment in a week's time, as the colour would fade faster if I did it today. His suggestion sure debunked my belief that hair treatment directly after colour was better! Before the colour, he said a cut was not necessary. However, he advised that it was better to cut after checking in on my hair post-colour, and suggested an assymetrical hairstyle. Somehow he had the same idea to keep my hair long, and so recommended a style that was current and at the same time would get rid of all my dry ends.

Would you come back again? Why?

Kantaro presented as a humble, polite man who is good at what he does. I would definitely come back.I decided to write in as I was particularly impressed by the salon. I'm an avid beauty and hair salon follower/lover who has been to 8 different salons in the past 2 months for cut/colour/treatment (yes, overkill, no?). I decided to try the salons after reading reviews on Beauty Undercover... So far none compare to Kizuki + LIM.


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July 20, 2014

Hair was half done

I hate this place. After reading all the good reviews I booked an appt, two weeks in advance, to have my hair cut by Oba.

1. Over-packed schedule

I was late by 15 minutes that day - and was massively made to feel it's my entire fault. Later I realised why - Oba's appointments are packed so tightly, that if one person is late it messes up his schedule. If that were the case, they should have warned you when you're making the appointment on the phone?!

2. My cut

Stylist didn't give me what I want, at all. Fair enough, they modify the style to suit your face. I had in mind whatever cut it is I do not want a bob. Guess what? I got a bob.

3. Time

Because I was 15 minutes late, they cannot colour my hair for me. So I got a haircut that's totally not what I want, then was politely shoved out of there because they didn't have time to colour my hair. Walked out with all my greys still showing. Basically, my hair was half done. I will NEVER return to this place and do not recommend anyone else do. The so-called 'polite' and 'good service' was basically the Japanese team smiling and bowing but behind that is total arrogance. So today I will need to find another salon to fix my colour.


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Blog Review

March 19, 2014

People have been complimenting my haircut

I got lost finding the salon, but that’s probably because I hardly ever explore Raffles Hotel without good reason

Super cool architecture! Different areas of the salon were separated by these geometric shaped “walls”/ pathways

Their reception counter and the place where they stowed my bag before my haircut

Their washing area with super comfortable automated reclining seats. It’s really great for me as due to my short stature, I usually end up shuffling myself awkwardly on those flat chairs for my head to reach the sink. With these chairs, I no longer need to look like a earthworm on drugs and am able to maintain my dignity

The area where I got my hair cut and styled. The chairs are movable and so is the wall, allowing the staff to play around with the floor space depending on their clients

Waiting for my haircut! As you can see, my hair looked rather heavy and old-fashioned with the thick, grown out perm.

Haircut after I reached home and being pummelled by strong winds. Still looked good!

Managed to take a pic with the lovely Tomoko! Thank you so much for the haircut!

My hair has remained rather low maintenance and looks good styled or not and even looks decent if I go to bed with my hair still wet from my shower. People have been complimenting my haircut and even the Bf says it looks good, which is rare since he hardly mentions much bout my hairstyles.

Will definitely return, as a paying customer the next time.


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October 28, 2013

Provide great customer service

Had not coloured my hair since 2 years ago and decided to go to kizuki for a try as my friend who works in Japan always go to it when she is by in Singapore and highly recommended it.

It is definitely not the cheapest salon out there but the service, products and relaxing atmosphere definitely worth the price.

My stylist Kazuki did a great job. From the choosing of colours and the whole dyeing and washing process, it is very enjoyable as he is a fun person to talk to and makes you feel at ease even if he doesn't have a good compose of English, he definitely provide great customer service. The scalp massage was superb. It would chase the exhaustion away and to be honest, it was too comfortable I almost fell asleep.

Another great great point about this salon is that there is absolutely no hard selling! You pay for what you came for. Totally satisfied with this salon and know why it is highly recommended. Will definitely visit again.


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Blog Review

May 12, 2013

Salon looks like a cafe style

First off, a picture of my terribly messed-up hair:

I have naturally EXTREMELY wavy/curly hair and it belongs to the group of very-hard-to-tame. It was much worse in the past such that the hair will curl outwards once it reached my shoulders. So, the era of hair straightening came LOL. OF COURSE I MUST HAVE IT. But, I wasn’t told or I didn’t know how damaging rebonding can be to my hair. And the boss of the salon I always WENT to, will always advise me to go for rebonding because of the messiness of my hair.

I have no idea is it cos the rebonding was done badly or the treatment afterwards wasn’t good enough or my hair gene structure is weak or whatever reason, but my hair was getting very frizzy and dry even though it was straighter than in the past. So far, hair products that I’ve tried, don’t help.

I’ve gone back to the salon for treatments and I felt that it didn’t really help because my hair still seem dry. Not that I expect miracles, but how can it possibly still look the same right after treatment. I’ve been going to this salon since I was a kid and I’m not confident enough to go to other salons because I don’t feel at ease to let someone new to handle my hair.

So, if you are in the same position as me, I think you can try this salon: Kizuki + LIM.

My friend actually intro-ed to me and I was quite hesitant but my friend re-assured me because the stylists are all really nice people. Oh, they are all Japanese too. They can understand some English, so communication is still quite alright. Frankly, I was quite worried and nervous about it. You must be thinking that I’m crazy, but yeah, I guess I really am.

And wow, the salon doesn’t look like a salon LOL. It has more of a cafe-style. Like, normal salons have this:

Kizuki + LIM’s chairs have a style that is something like this:

Okay anyway, my stylist is Waka-san. And he showed me a list of treatments to do. I asked for his suggestion and tried Treatment B which cost ms 80sgd. And wow, he washed my hair for me personally, and it felt really comfortable and not painful at all. Sometimes, I feel that others who washed my hair are trying to collect my skin sample under their nails lol.

Waka-san even trimmed abit of my hair for me at no cost because initially I only wanted treatment! OMG HOW NICE. Hair after the treatment:

My friend said that before, my hair looks like greyish black because of the frizz and after, it looks like really dark black, which is good! Hope one day it can go back to the healthy state so that I can dye my hair.


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May 11, 2013

The first salon where i really liked my haircut

After reading many many reviews about different hair salons, i decided to go for kizuki + lim  my options were cut, colour and treatment. I did it on 11/5/2013.


My stylist waka san was there every step of the way.
I quite enjoyed my experience there. Normally i would be quite nervous about going to a salon myself as i prefer to have someone with me and most salons have a rushed feel… but the atmosphere of the salon was very relaxing with nice music playing.

Waka san asked me what type of cut i wanted and i told him i wanted him to make my chubby face look slimmer and more volume. He also suggested i do highlights instead to 50-70% of my hair as i mentioned that i hardly go to salons and colouring my whole head would damage my hair more and i would have to frequently re-dye it as roots would show easily.
Although i was kinda scared as in my mind brown highlights in black hair seems pretty weird for me i decided to give it a go.
After colouring, they washed my hair and i did the treatment. Now im not sure if the treatment just consists of putting some mucota aire product on my hair or they used some treatment on my hair while shampooing too? Well after the treatment they blow-dried my hair and waka san taught my how to blow-dry my hair properly! He also curled my hair for me ;D

I love my cut! the highlights seem pretty natural too  but at home depending on which parting i put it either looks natural/weird ): and at the bottom the brown isn’t very obvious D; although waka san did tell me that the colour would lighten in 1-2 weeks.
I also feel $50 for treatment on my hair is wayyy too expensive especially since it just seems to consist of just putting some mucota aire product on my hair? i know their products are expensive but still!!!! i was expecting more T_T maybe its like this at all salons? could someone enlighten me? well i was happy though that waka san taught me how to blow-dry and style my hair and curled my hair without me asking at no extra charge! Plus their service was good and i felt comfortable the entire time 

I would definitely come here to cut my hair in the future. This is like the first salon where i really liked my haircut. Other stylists made my hair look weird…. But i would do home treatments instead since its cheaper. Although my hair felt soft after the treatment but i just cant justify paying $50… As for the colouring, well ill have to wait and see as to the outcome 1-2 weeks later! whether i love it or whether i feel i have to dye my whole head lol.

Fyi: Im going to be a uni student so perhaps that is why waka san felt it would be too costly for me if i had to keep dying my hair? Anyway i hope this review helps some people! so sorry that it might be quite confusing… its my first time writing a review… but i tried my best!


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April 25, 2013

Very attentive and detailed

So after reading all the reviews on here (and various other beauty blogs), decided to give Kizuki + Lim a try.

Definitely not the cheapest haircut I’ve had, but was feeling kind of depressed about my flat hair so decided to give it a go and see if this place could work wonders.

My stylist was Shun. I think his command of English is pretty good, well adequate enough at least to understand “more volume”, “very flat”, etc etc. Was quite surprised when he was the one who did my hairwash, so guess that was a nice touch – the stylist accompanying you from start to finish. Don’t know if it’s because his assistant wasn’t there.

I would say its worth the price in the sense that Shun is REALLY very attentive and detailed when it comes to cutting. He does know his stuff and can give you exactly what you want. On the other hand, I wanted to maintain my length and no drastic changes so $80 didn’t exactly change my look that much. My fault for being boring.

In my opinion, my hair probably would look the same to my friends, but I’m just happy that my hair has tonnes more bounce and body as compared to when I walked into the salon. I’d definitely go back, it’s been soooo long since I’ve met a stylist that could inject some life into my super fine hair – usually I walk out of the salon with an unhappy face and flat, lifeless hair. Plus I really liked the fact that my layers turned out very natural 

So, in conclusion, if you’ve got some money to burn/are extremely vain/still looking for that stylist that will give you exactly what you want, Kizuki + Lim is certainly worth a try. Even more so if you’re going for a complete overhaul of your hairstyle. Despite the fact that it didn’t make me look very different, I still felt happy at the end of the session parting with my money.

If you decide to head down to the salon and try Shun out, you can quote my referral number 1109 for a 10% discount!


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February 13, 2013

Totally love the full experience

After doing extensive research on various hair salons, I have decided to give Kizuki+lim a try! I am personally very adventurous (both short, long, perm, straight are acceptable to me) but particular (with the quality of the haircut)

I went to the salon with long hair (bust length) and with the intention of allowing the stylist (I was assigned to Shun) to have free play- can do anything from rebonding to perming and cutting whatever length as I just wanted a change.

Shun actually desuaded me from both perming and rebonding (due to the condition and texture of my hair), but did a just below ear bob cut! I totally love it and so little damage done to my wallet! (Just need to pay for hair cut even though I was ready to pay a heavy price for all the chemical treatments) he didn’t even push for any treatment or what so ever. I love the way he really thought through what was best for me based on my look, my hair condition, my needs (something that is easy to manage). And when he has decided and with my consent, he cut with such confidence- putting me totally at ease (imagine having more than half of your hair length being cut off, some assurance is always helpful). I totally love my new short hair look!

The service is excellent and zero hardselling (serive suggested is completely based on customer needs, and not money oriented). Totally love the full experience. Can’t wait for my hair to grow and go back for another cut again!!

Visit Details
Date of visit: 13 feb 2013/ 2pm appointment
Price paid: Shun-San’s hair cut is supposed to be $80, but I was given 10% off ($72.5) Because I told them I found the salon from the Internet
I also purchased the hair products Mucota Aire- apparently supposed to be very good for Asian hair:) shampoo, conditioner and leave-in cond. cost me app.$150 altogether

Thank you for doing such a great job! It was your website that helps me to make the final decision 

Pictures of my hair

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January 25, 2013

Value for money and impeccable service

Went to Kizuki+Lim for treatment about a week or so back, didn’t go to my usual salon as I wanted to try out some place new.

My stylist was Waka-san, he’s a very gentle and softspoken guy Upon arrival at the salon he asked me to fill up the member card w my particulars and then offered to keep my bag before leading me to my seat for assessment of my hair first. I told him about my concern abt my dry hair after my perm. He recommended me to do a treatment which was inclusive of buying home care products (treatment + home care treatment pdts). I declined as i just wanted to try the treatment and he was fine with that.

The treatment lasted for a very short while, maybe 20-30 minutes? I spent the entire treatment time at the hair washing station. My neck was a little stiff after a while due to the position of the sink but Waka-san did ask if I was feeling uncomfortable, and also put a hot towel at my neck to alleviate the discomfort before continuing with the washing. Thumbs up for service 

Overall I paid $74 (after 10% discount for first timers i think, not sure if this is smth new?), which i guess is pretty good value for money 

Their service is top notch, as good as the other jap salon I’ve been to. My only gripe is that it may not be very comfortable if you’re at the sink for a very long time (shouldn’t be the case unless you’re doing treatment, but its quite, quite minor) and the other stylist (Waka san was handling the left side of my hair) who was blowing the right side of my hair didn’t blow it very well (I ended up with nearly-straight hair with just a slight curl at the end of my right side – and I had a digital perm!). Perhaps I’m being a little fussy about details, but I feel that good hair salons should be able to at least get a blow dry right (ie for my case no frizz and appropriate curls).

Would I be back again? Maybe…. only because its value for money and for its impeccable service 


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Blog Review

January 15, 2013

I am in awe

How many of you agreed that having a good hair-stylist is important?
For me i totally agreed i have always been going to different hair saloon to get my hair cut coloured and washed. But i couldn’t find one that can satisfied me . Last few days i went on the Internet looking for a good saloon which i can try ( i wanna cut my hair) chanced upon KIZUKI+Lim made my appointment the day before at 10 am the following day for a stylist they have 4 choice of stylist for the haircut. Different price too. So i booked the stylist at $80 a level above junior stylist . Was introduced to my stylist Wakamatsu Yusuke san he was really polite looked at and touch my hair then he suggested whatstyle to cut but he cant really speak English so he draw out the picture for me really interesting! He suggested shaving my side off so when i tug my hair behind my ear people can see the shave off part but too bad i wasn’t gamed for that ha ha… i am not that punk although i have crazy bleach coloured pattern on my hair. Waka san then led me to the hair washing area nice special chairs at the washing area really wow! Hair wash was by him personally gentle and relaxing good massage but it will be great if its longer but hey i am here for a haircut right not a head massage. After which he proceed to cut my hair waka san was really tactful gentle in handling my hair he change the parting of my hair too and it turns out really well. Now i know why people on the Internet say that they really can cut and style your hair to suit your face because today waka san did it! Overall was a good and worth the price experience. The only part uncomfortable is the awkward moment when i walk in maybe its my first time in a jap saloon and having my hair cut by a jap stylist! I am in awe and i will be back to do my hair again.. thinking to change my hair colour soon..


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Blog Review

January 14, 2013

So I really love the 100% attention that the stylist gives to you

So, since my previous post on my hunt for a hair salon, I’ve found Kizuki + LIM at Raffles Hotel, Level 3. Someone left a comment on that blogpost which linked to a website that had loads of reviews from forums all around.
And Kizuki + LIM was one of the top few salons on the website. Coincidentally, my friend also IG-ed about Kizuki + LIM shortly after I saw it on that website so I was really excited after seeing all the good reviews.
The most awesome thing, at this point of time, was that there was nearly ZERO sponsored reviews. Wheyyyy. Definitely must try.
Booked an appointment with Akiyo-san, most junior stylist there and cheapest. Hahaha. Ok, I’m a cheapo. Oh, it’s really hard to get an appointment there, they are fully booked almost everyday!
Very arty-farty interior design but not very friendly because I nearly fell down while walking back from the hairwash corner. >.<
Cute table display at the waiting area.

And this is my hairstylist! Akiyo Fujikawa! Her English was actually quite good! As in, we could still have a sort-of conversation and we both understood each other.
She offered me Doraemon comics to read to pass time. Hahaha, she said those were her favorite. I didn’t know what I wanted to do to my hair, so she gave me a Japanese magazine that had all the Jap lookin hairstyles and asked me which one I liked. I picked one and she said, Ok!
Wow. Haha, it was like picking a dish off a menu. I never had that at any other hair salons.

I was going to cut it short, and tadah, this is not the final result but I like it already. Hahaha.
Then it was the dyeing part.. And the hairwash was.. Heavenly. I love it!
And time for the curling!
Look like ah-soh here. Hahaha. Lots of Japanese customers in there. So means, they are good right, if not their own people won’t patronise.
This was the day after! I cut, dyed and permed my hair! Looks a bit koyak already here, because I wore a helmet. Haha! But I like it! Makes me look so different and I like how it makes me look more dressed up instead of having straight flat blah hair. LOL.
Total damage was $317 including GST after a first timers 10% discount.
Worth every penny because Akiyo san was there throughout the process. So she cut, washed, blow-dried, dyed, washed, permed, washed and blow-dried for me every step of the way. Unlike many other salons who have assistants to do the colouring, the washing, the blow-drying, everything else but the cutting.
So I really love the 100% attention that the stylist gives to you at Kizuki+LIM.
I’ll be back soon for a hair treatment again!


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Blog Review

October 07, 2012

It’s definitely going to worth every single cent that you’ve spent there

Went to kizuki+lim to do my hair this afternoon, as the stylists whom I’ve frequent to are not in SG at the moment, and I have to get my hair done before my senior’s wedding tomorrow.

I’ve heard about kizuki+lim on blogs and how good it was, and this was my chance to try kizuki+lim out!

Made an appointment and headed there right after my lessons.

Almost lost my way, but luckily, I went earlier to explore.

Anyway, back to topic. The salon’s layout design was really different. It was different from the ones that I’ve went to in both Singapore and Japan.

Much thanks to this lady who was infront of me to help me. She helped me told one of the staff that I was new to this salon. Really appreciate your help

My stylist was Shun-san, and he was really friendly. I really enjoyed the chat with him and his assistant during the hair cut, coloring and treatment process. It’s really nice to be able to converse in Japanese~ He also taught me how to style my hair to be able to get those “small faces”, and why I should really start blowing my hair. (He asked if I’ve blew my hair, and I said no). He recommend to blow dry the hair to make the hair to look like it has more volume because if you don’t blow dry it, your hair will sink down. Plus my hair is really fine, he recommended me to use this serum which helps to improve my hair condition. Shun’s assistant also gave advice to my hair too. She also recommended me to do hair treatment at home too!

Price for this salon isn’t that expensive (to me at least), and I find that it’s definitely going to worth every single cent that you’ve spent there.

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Do visit Evey's blog at for more pictures :) Additionally, prices for Kizuki Lim is shown above in the "Price List" tab!

Jan 17, 2013


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Thanks for your review! What did you do to your hair? What hair cut and length? I am changing from shoulder length bob to pixie. I heard they are very good and would like to know their service fee.

Jan 16, 2013

Apiwan R

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Blog Review

May 24, 2012

We will definitely be back

One of the military wives introduced me to this salon and I’m so glad she did. She doesn’t seem to have any bad hair days at all. And so I decided to give it a try.

Well, it has really been a long while since I pay visits to a higher end salons. All these years, it has been more of neighborhood salon. Finally, I moved out of my comfort zone when the Aunty salon actually closed down due to lease expired.

The hubby decided to pamper himself and get a haircut too. And both of us were very satisfied with the outcome. Keira was rather well behaved. She was actually entertaining those in the salon while waiting for us.

We will definitely be back after we return 2 years later.

Quote my membership number 1123 and you can get a 10% discount. It’s a referral program. They are located at Raffles Hotel Arcade Level 3.


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Blog Review

May 25, 2011

I love Kizuki+Lim and I can’t wait to go back!

When my previous hairstylist left, I panicked cos yesterday I needed a hair cut with my way-to-long hair (it was way pass my boobs and looking very dated). I went hawking for a good salon recommendation and HL came to the rescue with a very very good recommendation of a Japanese hair salon at Raffles Hotel. It’s Kizuki+Lim and it’s the Singaporean branch of a growing Japanese company Less is More.

The cool reception area

The deco alone has won me over and the moment I walked in, I’ve decided to “marry” this salon (your relationship with your hair stylist is really like marriage, if it’s good, you stick to him, if not, you divorce him and find another one). It’s not like the usual dowdy and boring dark and dank hair salon getup. It’s bright and artsy and it felt like I’ve walked into a modern art gallery.

Inside the salon, that’s where you get your haircut
no ugly shelves in front of you with tons of hair dryer
Just clean uncluttered space

The hair wash area is facing the “glacier” wall, super nice
Oh the chair is automated and it reclines on its own

The interior is designed by Japanese interior maverick Teruhiro Yanagihara and you see a lot of glacier like structure with a pop hint of yellow. The wooden receptionist area compliments the whole look and feel for sure and the inside is spacious and you don’t see a mess of worn out clutter that’s common among many hair salons. I just love being there. Period. The whole setup looks like a page out of Wallpaper. Never mind the hair cut really. The salon itself rocks.

Oba is the cutest one…haha..the one between the two stripes shirt

So it’s quite a bonus when the hair cut was good too. The whole team is Japanese and my hair stylist is Ryu Oba and he’s this cute Kyoto native who was working in Osaka for 5 years before he came to Singapore about 2 years ago. If you’re into Japanese style and would want your hair to look like the ones in Japanese hair books, then Kizuki+Lim is the right place to go. You can go check out their work on their website. I, on the other hand, is too lazy to style my hair cos I’m a wash and go girl (Jap hair requires styling for sure), so I just get a classic layered cut and lopped off probably 6 inches or more of my hair. The cut is pretty good and Oba didn’t overdo the layer and it’s just nice. I’m pretty happy except that I still feel that it’s a tad too long for my liking and would prefer to chop off say another inch or 2. Ha, but it’s okay cos now I have an excuse to go back there sooner. The next time, I’ll probably do some color job as well. Oh but the only grumble I have is that the hairwash wasn’t as long as I hoped it would be, but then again, my hair was way too long for a proper long hairwash, so hopefully the next time I go back, it’ll be longer!

Their pricing is very reasonable. My cut by Oba is about $80 and their other hair services are really reasonable too, considering the location and the quality of the hair stylists. Another awesome thing is that tehy open till late at 10pm and I think the latest appointment is 8 or 830pm or something which suits me perfectly. HL said weekend is super crowded though. I love Kizuki+Lim and I can’t wait to go back!!


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Blog Review

March 04, 2011


Looking for a hairdresser that suits your style is always a challenge, let alone when you are living in a country where 90% of the population’s hair is sleeky straight and where bobs are ‘in’. My venture to replace my favourite Camden Market hair stylist was furthermore thwarted when I started reading expat forums replete with hair horror stories. At the rare occasion that a post was semi-positive, it was often to recommend an overly priced hair salon on Orchard Road or around Holland Park.

Such stories made me put off my hair cut as long as possible. But as soon as I started getting invited for job interviews, I knew I had to do something about the dry, blondy red split ends, not to mention the weird bob that had formed on the top part of my head.

My friend recommended I go see her buddy, a Japanese hairdresser, she met at a party. Hummm….were my thoughts. All her previous addresses had ended up being great places so I trusted her and googled leesismore. This did not reassure me as there was no English version and all I could make out were pictures of some pretty out there bobs that reminded me of the actrice in The Planet of the Apes.

Believe it or not, I decided to give it a go. After 10 minutes of chit chat with a lovely Japanese lady who did not speak English, I managed to book myself in for 1pm with a Junior Stylist… I think.

An hour and a half later of an amazing head massage, a chat with a non English speaker hair dresser and having my hair blow dried by 2 people, I came out delighted! And only S$58 lighter! That’s £29 which is half the price from London!

Not only is service fab, you get to get your hair chopped off in an origami-style salon in the famous Raffles Hotel Arcade. The salon is made up of three-dimensional walls that are painted in barren white and neon green with a dominantly minimalist vibe to it. The structure has been described as ‘glacier-like’ but I find there is something very funky and warm to it. Instead of having a large open space where all eyes turn on you the minute you push the main door, the salon is divided into three rooms: reception, cutting and shampooing which gives it a somewhat cosy feel. You are welcomed on entering by a sort of platform where artists can exhibit their installations.

Congratulations to Kizuki & LIM for creating a minimalist chic yet welcoming hair salon where the head massages are unforgetable and the employees friendly and helpful. They managed to get what I wanted done to my hair despite the only English-speaker being off that day.

Bravo and keep up the good work!


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Blog Review

January 12, 2011

A Whirling Day

Yesterday, the usual gang met up at Cityhall to celebrate Katrina’s 22nd. I don’t know how we came to this conclusion but we decided to pay for Katrina’s expensive new haircut at Kizuki+Lim as her sort-of present. You can tell from the words “expensive” and “haircut” that Dennis was the one who introduced us to the place and his hair stylist. Goodness, the cost of having your hair cut and styled there can fund 7 years of my usual, annual trips to the local hairdresser’s, located near the wet market, about 15 minutes walk from home. But I have to admit, the place is really nice, the service good and the end result pretty awesome! And that’s why I’ll be the next one getting my hair cut there on the 1st of Feb. Lol!

The place’s pretty cool. Minimalistic!

Kizuki+Lim operates on a concept that less is more and you can totally tell once you step into the place. The furniture is sparse but modern and it’s so new age. All the 4 staff members (yes, only 4) there are Japanese but they can speak English lur! Otherwise, how to entrust your hair and future image in their hands for such a high price? Anyway, before they do any cutting, the stylist would bring you to a separate area and give you something like a scalp massage. It’s to kind of feel the shape of your head so that he/she knows in which areas they should cut more/less etc etc. Apparently, that’s what Kl went through whilst we were happily taking photos and flipping through their Jap magazines. I could totally hear her characteristic nevermind-nevermind giggle from where I was sitting. Lol!

Hairstylist at work with Kl giggling away

Anyways, you can tell the hair stylist is pretty professional. Kl didn’t know what kind of style she’s looking for, except that she wants it short so he actually showed and recommended her a few different short styles from their stack of Japanese hairstyle magazines which are suitable for her head and face shape. Pretty cool huh? Not sure whether other expensive places do this as well but it’s nice to see what options you have, all which actually suit you. So, about an hour (and for us, an equally long session of camwhoring) later, Kl came out looking so.. so… so modern! What was shown in the magazine totally looked like it got transplanted on her head. Exactly the same! I was very impressed lo cos everytime what you see in the magazine always comes out not quite what you expected in real life. And usually not nice on yourself summore. Now, no more Bobby and Hurricane Katrina already! Hahaha..


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Blog Review

December 12, 2010

only they can :)

i.e. only kizuki+lim can make me buy the sunday papers
because while i was getting my haircut on friday, eng chong told me they would be featured
oba never cease to do wonders to my hair regardless the shortness =)
he told eng chong in japanese that he likes cutting my hair cos i always leave it up to him to decide the cut 
hair cutting to me is an art, one doesnt tell the artist what to paint, u either love his works or you dont


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Blog Review

March 25, 2010

Service is extremely good

I just went to a Japanese salon called Kizuki + Lim at Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade. It's very expensive but the service is extremely good. A normal cut includes: Advice and discussion on what style u like, washing of hair, cutting of hair, and washing of hair + scalp massage, final trimming and evaluation by hairstylists. It would be good if you can speak Japanese though. I'm a guy btw.


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