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  • Favourite among expats
  • Value-for-money pricing
  • Childcare room available at Tanglin Mall
  • Couple Room available
  • No hardselling


  • Decor not the most luxurious or unique
  • Space can be a little small especially in Tanglin Mall outlet
  • 15 minutes walk from Orchard MRT

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Loving It


July 25, 2017

I finally found the therapist I can go back to at Le Petit!

Review for Lily

Due to frequent shoulder aches and back aches after giving birth, I go for massages fairly frequently. I often purchase coupon deals to try out salons. Although hardselling has eased quite a bit, I find it hard to go back to them because the massages felt only so-so. While I did feel relaxed during the massage, it didn't release the aches sufficiently for me to consider going back.

That's why I was super impressed with Lily from Le Petit when I tried their first-timer promotion. She can guess exactly where my aches are and preempted them with a gentle warning. Her massages are very on point as she is able to "release the ache" at each acupoint.. so while it feels very suan at the moment, my body feels very relieved days after! Although it was a relaxation massage, she incorporated lymphatic drainage which was definitely helpful in reducing my water retention and encouraged bowel movement :P (I went to the toilet immediately afterwards). 

While Le Petit isn't the most luxurious spa I've been but with such an excellent massage therapist, a wallet-friendly price and most importantly zero hardselling, this is the place I've chosen to come back to!

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July 20, 2017

Body message

Review for Lily

The therapist lily is great. Really relaxing & pleasant environment. The package is different from some of the spa. It's thoughtful and has shorter package of 5 times instead of usual 10-12 times to tie us down. Overall, thumb up for this shop!

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July 19, 2017

A lovely retreat

Review for Jojo

The spa has lovely blue and white tones and is a quiet hideaway in Tudor Court amidst the buzz of Orchard Road. I stepped into the spa and was greeted by my therapist Jojo. The cool air and nice ambience was a welcome change from the sweltering heat outdoors. Jojo got me a cup of warm ginger tea and started washing my feet. It sure was a nice pre-spa experience!

The room was clean and cosy. After selecting the blend I liked, Jojo asked if there were areas she could focus on for today's massage. Throughout the session, she was attentive and would at appropriate times, asked if the pressure was alright. The overall spa experience was very relaxing, I would definitely recommend the spa!

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July 19, 2017

Best care and attention for your facial concern

Laura who runs the spa is especially attentive to my needs, she constantly monitors my skin even though I dont live in Singapore. She is knowledgeable and is always ready to help and reach out to dermalogica experts for you. Thank u Laura and staff for the exceptional service.

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Blog Review

July 19, 2017

Le Petit Spa Review

{This is not a sponsored review. I went to this spa on my own accord upon purchasing a Groupon Deal recently.}

Located in the alley of Tudor court Shopping Mall and Tanglin Mall is a beauty and wellness spa which offers services from relaxing facials, deep tissue massage, body contour and nail services. 

 Le Petit Spa 

145 Tanglin Road, Tudor Court Shopping Gallery, #02-01/04

Singapore 247931 

Personally, I feel that the location is quite secluded considering that the entrance to the spa requires one to go through a fire escape- like stair well. On top of that, in the progress of locating the spa, unaware of the fact that it’s entrance is outside Tudor Court Shopping Gallery, I stumbled into Tudor Court puzzled at the ‘missing’ spa. Thereafter, I overshot the place and went into Tanglin Mall just to realize when I backtrack that the spa is right before Tanglin Mall. 

From that experience, one would have easily inferred that the spa is not located at a very prominent area. Thus, do note that the spa is located outside of Tudor Court Shopping Gallery and not inside. You have to use an external metal staircase at the side to access the spa.

Decorated with posters of promos all over the stair well, one can easily be inform of what services and promotions they are currently having without having to climb two flights of stairs to realize that this spa is not for them.

With that, up the metal staircase we go. Aside from the beautifully designed hanging lights, I would definitely suggest some greenery to be placed on the exterior to clothe this bare and naked stairwell.

Upon entry, one would be greeted by the counter and three arm chairs for manicures and pedicures. 

Right beside the entrance, is a cosy waiting area filled with a flat screen television, two arm chairs, a variety of products and nail polishes and a stand filled with chocolates. 

As, it was rather empty when I arrived - 4ish pm, there’s no need for any waiting required.  Since I already book an appointment for Classic Manicure and Pedicure, Foot Soak, Hydrating Mask, & Foot Scrub ahead of time, this speeds up the process of them knowing what services I was looking for. I was then asked to remove my shoes and ushered to the manicure and pedicure section. 

One of the manicurist served me a glass of cold water with some orange slices in it while the other gave me a palette of OPI nail colors to choose from. I would say I’m a person who love pastel colors and upon glancing their palettes, I am rather bummed for I would say that most of the colors seemed to be more suitable for working adults who like darker colors or shades of red. 

Nevertheless, I did manage to finally choose my colors, a bright Baby Pink for my tingling toes and a see through color with pink and white confetti with white 2D flower for da nails. 

I have to admit, their armchair is really soft and comfortable especially with the trickling sound from the miniature waterfall and soft classical music, it’s definitely a  great environment for one to relax and enjoy their mini retreat.

With two person subsequently doing both my manicure and pedicure at the same time, I feel like a QUEEN. Amazing. 



The classic manicure session is actually quite short. Just a quick buffer of the nailssome polish and an arm massage and it’s done. Takes a maximum of 15 minutes for my nails. Not much complains though cause after years of not doing pedicures I realized that my feet have a lot more problems then my hands. 

Although I like to comment that since I’ve chosen a transparent colour I would definitely like the white tips of my nails to be evenly distributed. However it seems like my manicurist were more focus on getting my nails buffed in a perfectly curved shaped and she did achieve it! However the tips of my nails were still rather uneven and since I only realised such unevenness after the final coat of paint there’s pretty much nothing my manicurist can do then. 

The classic pedicure session which includes the foot soakfoot massage and foot mask made me wonder why have I not do this more often. I absolutely love the foot massage. It felt like I was in heaven. 10 out of 10. 

My nail care and nail art was perfect too. Just look at the details of the cats. There’s even whiskers and some furry part on the tail! 

Whereas for the foot mask I was expecting a simple hydration mask. However since they introduced to me their new brightening mask I thought why not? 

Prices for add ons: 

Nail Art: $28 - $56 (Depends on how much your manicurist quote you)

Brightening Mask: $28 -$60 (Depending on how much your manicurist/  masseuse quote you and the promotion they are having) 

P.s. The brightening mask is hot.

All in all I would rate the manicure session 3 IreviewUread smile. I totally fall in love with my pedicure cum massage and mask session but I felt that my manicure session was a little too quick on my account. A factor which I dislike would be the fact that management openly discuss about their companies’ matters in front of their customer. Although it might not seem as much of a big deal but as a customer I feel that that conversation actually do contribute to one’s experience at the spa.

Putting that aside I would definitely recommend for one to go to Le Petit Spa for their pedicure and foot massage if they don’t mind spending a little more for the luxurious services and cosy environment.


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