Meroskin @ Tanjong Pagar International Plaza

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  • No hardselling
  • Hygienic place
  • Offers tea
  • Good service
  • Frequent deals available online!


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July 16, 2015

Slightly negative experience

I'm sharing my experience because there are only 2 reviews, both very positive. I had a slightly negative experience so I think it'd be good for others to know and decide for themselves.

I bought a voucher on Groupon for 6 sessions of full leg IPL with whitening/scar-reducing mask. Now, I recognize that if one buys a groupon, obviously I'm paying a lot less than the usual, so *some* up-selling is to be expected. Don't like it, but still.

The good:

- The booking experience was very pleasant, no issues. They call/sms a few days in advance to remind you of your booking and the address.

- The building and the spa itself are very tastefully designed

- Lady who did the IPL treatment seemed to know what she was doing.... (I think. It was my first leg IPL after all.)

- They didn't treat me badly after I didn't upgrade. (but read on...)

The bad:

- Hard-selling from the consultant AND the therapist (*cry*). Typical "you have all these problems and you need this... what you bought isn't enough" spiel. That's fine to some extent, as I said above, but once I refuse clearly, please respect that.

- Although they didn't become rude when I carefully refused the consultant (~20 min of selling), what happened was just as unpleasant

- the therapist doing the EXACT SAME THING (~10 min). I don't want to be subjected to another lecture while I'm lying down and prepared for treatment. It's so awful because I feel bad refusing but at the same time... I really don't want to spend more. They tried to sell 2 things

- a better/high tech version of IPL and when I turned that down, a serum ($25 each session!!) for my 'dry skin'.

- I've read up quite a bit on IPL (preparation, side effects, etc). According to them, if your skin is too dry, they won't perform IPL on it. I haven't read anything on this, which is strange, but it's not like I'm questioning it, I mean it makes sense. BUT! While I know my skin isn't exactly baby-soft, I know it isn't terribly dry either.

In the end, she didn't perform IPL on some parts which felt like... grr such a waste of my session. It felt like they were trying to prove that I should buy the serum from them. If the whole 'dry skin' thing was really an issue, I feel they could inform the customer BEFORE the session to moisturize and prep that body part. Then, if the skin is really still too dry, then purchasing the serum makes more sense. Oh, and I was only given water, not tea :D It doesn't really bother me by the way, but just seems... strange? Anyway, that's my experience. Hope it's helpful!

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February 27, 2015

No hardselling

Just got a deal from So went for a try.surprisingly, Place is hygienic, ambiance & service provided was good.

They don't do hard selling too! Will definitely recommend my friends there...


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December 18, 2014

The massage was really good

Went for massage and the massage was really good. Its the 1st time I’ve experienced such hygienic practice after having been to alot of massage salons. They provide disposable hair cap and underwear. Upon arrival I was offered cranberry tea and after ginger tea. Staff there are friendly and they dont try to hard sell. They simply explain the package they have if you wanna sign up. I would rate them as excellent and a must try.


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