The Mockingjay Organic Hair Salon @ Singpost Centre


It is common to go for a hair colour or a perm especially for festive seasons or special occasions. For some, however, this decision is not so straightforward.

As much as they would love to cover their white hair or refresh their colour, the ammonia in normal hair colours often trigger allergic reactions that include redness, itch and even swollen eyes for ladies with sensitive skin / scalp. With more and more readers facing this problem, we went on a quest to find healthier, more natural alternatives and one of the first few salons that came into our radar is rustic haven of a salon: The Mockingjay.

Tucked away on the second floor of Singpost centre, it is easily recognisable by the greens hanging over its fences, almost like a vintage cafe in a busy mall. While its not the biggest chain in Singapore offering organic products nor the most luxurious, it is thus far one of the most authentic and skilful we’ve seen. Mockingjay is one of the few salons that uses high-end organic hair colour brand Natulique that isn't just 100% ammonia free, it is also 100% parabens free, 100% Lauryl Sulfate free, 98% derived from natural resources and are still able to achieve 100% coverage for grey hair - perfect even for frequent root retouch.

The high quality colour, combined with the expertise of its skilful stylists Fenny and Vin are possibly reasons why they have racked up a number of positive reviews for their stunning organic hair colours.

Can you believe the above colour is done using organic hair colours, for example?

This is not the only one; take a look at their style catalog and you’d be surprised by the colours achievable at Mockingjay thanks to the team’s unfailing creativity and awesome colouring techniques.

Hair colours aren’t the only thing they are good at. Mockingjay has also recently imported a HuGen Korean perm lotion that uses more natural ingredients… and the results have also been very encouraging with customers loving how bouncy and light the perm is.

Mockingjay's focus on organic and natural products without compromising on the aesthetics of the overall hairstyle has attracted the attention particularly from

ladies suffering from eczema and other sensitive skin conditions, as well as pregnant ladies in their second and third trimester. With a huge proportion of customers facing such issues, the stylists here are also more equipped to deal with or prevent allergic reactions should they arise. They will for example recommend you to do a patch test ahead of the appointment and share knowledge on how best to fortify your scalp to reduce sensitivity. We also find the stylists here more knowledgeable with regards to allergy-prone ingredients within the hair colours and products used so you are less likely to trigger allergies of your own. Customers also love how the stylists think ahead of time about the maintenance of the hairstyle. They will share with you the type of maintenance required so that your hair can still look instagram-worthy even weeks after.

Yes, this salon isn’t the most spacious or luxurious we’ve seen but with the team’s genuine desire to help customers achieve beautiful hair the most natural way possible and at pocket-friendly prices that do not break the bank (organic colour starting from $98), we think that Mockingjay hair salon is a MUST-TRY for ladies looking for an genuinely organic alternative to typical hair service in Singapore!

How Much Do They Cost

Extra Long Hair +$5 for Haircut +$20 for Colour/ Perms/ Rebonding/ Treatments Scalp Protector +$20 Pre-Care Treatment +$20 for Colour +$30 for Perms


  • Offers high end Organic Hair Colours with Natulique hair colour products that are 100% ammonia-free, 100% paraben-free, 100% lauryl sulfate free.
  • Stylists here are able to push the boundaries of organic colours and make them look as trendy as normal hair colours!
  • Highly popular particularly for root retouch thanks to organic ingredients that has very good grey hair coverage.
  • Offers also more natural HuGen Korean perm lotions
  • Stylists are very knowledgeable about products used here and also which ingredients may trigger allergies
  • Stylists are very experienced dealing with customers with sensitive skin conditions
  • Offers patch tests as well as advice to deal with sensitive skin and scalp
  • Stylists here are also very good with diagnosis of scalp issues and what treatments are suitable
  • Convenient to get to as Singpost Centre is located right next to Paya Lebar MRT
  • Value-for-money prices even for haircuts, colours and perms!


  • Salon itself is rather small
  • Not the most luxurious hair salon we've seen
  • The stylists may share information about hair services / packages to you though there is zero hardselling

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