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  • Relatively painless hair removal method
  • High standards of hygiene
  • Affordable
  • Staff well trained in IPL knowledge and usage of machinesa


  • A little discomfort/pain exists depending on part and person
  • Not always easy to make appointments (appointments must be at least 2 months apart for unlimited packages)

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Loving It

Joo May

September 19, 2023

Musee Platinum Tokyo

I had my treatment at Plaza Singapura and the staff are very friendly and professional. They are very caring and show patience to customers when doing the treatment. I had a good experience doing my treatment at PS outlet.

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January 30, 2019

Cheap but overbooked

Musee Platinum is overbooked due to their IPL promos, so you have to book your appointment at least two months in advance. Good luck trying to reschedule closer to the booking date! On my last and final visit, the staff at the Bedok branch insisted I pay a late fee because I was late to my appointment (~15 minutes) due to a train delay. Not worth the cheaper price, never going back.

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Shieleen Sheen

April 26, 2017

Bad booking system

I've done IPL for various body parts and experienced 4 different IPL service provider. The WORST and MOST INEFFECTIVE is MUSEE PLATINUM. You can never seems to book your preferred time slot because almost every time they'll tell you it's taken. 2-3 months is consider long interval, best is 6 weeks when you started IPL. Because you only go for treatment every minimum 3-4 months (or worst even longer period), in fact you're wasting time and money to get finer and lesser hair as the treatment is not effective. Worst still, you can't choose to go different outlet based on your convenience.

Musee is cheap but there is actually a lot of inconveniences to the customer. They delay your treatment and bullshit the hair growth cycle so they can accommodate more customers in one outlet. It is simply horrible and painful experience to book just a slot for treatment! Plus their treatment time is so short! Cold press towels is good to have but totally not necessary to takes up such a long period. The number of IPL shots are very few too, that's why it's cheap and ineffective.

Besides the basic service, I have no praises for Musee at all. BEWARE of cheap stuff like Musee which appear to be good. Not all brands from Japan is an assurance to positive experience.

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Shalen Aik

December 14, 2016

Very Worth it

Paid $30 for unlimited underarm IPL and I just went for my second treatment. Its super worth it! Their service is super good even though you only paid $30. They might tell you that you have to wait 4-5 months for your next appointment but you can always drop a message at their facebook page 3 months later and they will try to arrange a slot for you. Would like to try for ipl for other parts of my body when I have the money.

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September 28, 2016

Almost impossible to book!

Had a very bad experience with booking slots @ musee star vista. My friend who signed up at bugis for a unlimited underarm introduced this to me. She didn't seem to have any issues with finding a slot, perhaps because her working hours are more flexible and she can go for the treatments during off peak hours. I eventually signed up for 24 sessions of large area (arms,legs etc) but it was almost impossible to book a slot! I gave up after about 3 sessions due to all these trouble I had with booking slots and got a refund. the refund process took me almost 6 months although the initial contract stated that refund will be processed with 1-2 months or so.. anyway eventually got back my money for the remaining unused sessions.

Would definitely not recommend unless you're doing underarm?

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September 18, 2016

Difficult to make appointment

So I've just signed a package with them for legs, underarms and bikini line. After I made the payment, I proceeded to the front counter to book an appointment slot.

The only available one was...2 months later.

Honestly, I just I wish I had booked the appointment before making payment.

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November 20, 2015

REVIEW: Musee Platinum Tokyo Hair Removal Treatment

Two years ago, I bought a Groupon for their unlimited Underarm hair removal treatment inclusive of a $100 voucher. It costs me $98, with a value of $1,138.

But now Musee Platinum is offering much lower prices for unlimited hair removal. Their current promo price is $38 for unlimited underarm and bikini line hair removal. So much cheaper than what I paid two years ago!

The reason why I chose underarm hair removal is because my underarm hairs were fast-growers. I had to shave every other day to keep my underarm are fuzz-free. It was such a hassle especially when you are travelling. The frequent shaving of my underarm hairs resulted in it getting dark. An unsightly thing. Actually, I had read about Musee Platinum on a Singapore magazine (either Cleo or Her World) before bravely buying a Groupon for it. I do not recommend buying beauty services from Groupon since some establishments listed on their website are not credible.

My first treatment session was on April 2013. It has been two years since I regularly go for the underarm treatment. For the first twelve sessions, you would have to go for the hair removal treatment every two months. Subsequently, you would only have to go for the hair removal treatment every three months.

So what can I say about Musee Platinum Hair Removal Treatment

Q: How is the treatment like?

A: For the underarm area, it takes 15 minutes at the most. The beauty therapist cleans the underarm area, then she uses an electric shaver to shave the area. After cleaning the area again, the beauty therapist will put a cold gel on the treatment area. Then the "laser" treatment will start. It takes about 3 shots of laser for one side of the underarm area. While the laser is being shot, your eyes are covered by a piece of paper towel and a protective glasses. After removing the cold gel, the beauty therapist will put a cold pack on for about three minutes to relieve the treatment area. Lastly, the beauty therapist will apply Musee's own moisturizing cream to soothe the area.

Q:Was the treatment pain-free?

A: The first few treatment sessions were more painful since my hair strands were thick. It stings like a rubber snapping. I have a low threshold of pain, and I would say the overall treatment process is tolerable. Since it is quick (takes about 10-15 minutes for the whole process for both underarms), it makes it so much easier. Now, the treatment process is rather pain-free. I can fall asleep while the beauty therapist is doing the treatment.

Q: When did you see results?

A: After the third sessions (after 5 months), I noticed that my underarm hair was becoming lesser. Also, the hair strands were getting more fine. Now, I do not have to shave my underarms at all! Yay!

Q: Any other tips?

A: The beauty therapists do not recommend that you shave your underarm between sessions. They recommend that you cut your underarm hairs with scissors. According to them, shaving your underarm stimulates hair growth, which is counterintuitive to the hair removal treatment. This was very difficult for me to adjust to at first.

Q: Anything that you do not like about the service at Musee?

A: It very difficult to re-schedule an appointment at Musee. The Plaza Singapura branch that I go to is always crowded. Sometimes, I have a week or two later to get an appointment slot. Another thing that concerns me is the use of electrical shaver at Musee. Even though they clean the electrical shaver after use, I still find it not as unhygienic as using a disposable shaver. Also, the electric shaver that they use feels harsh on my skin.

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Read more on AG's blog here:

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Blog Review

August 26, 2015

Do not believe everything that they say

Pros: Attractive price

Cons: Availability of slots, service

I have read several good reviews of it and decided to sign up for their underarm package in Jan 2011, with Centrepoint outlet. They offer an attractive price, as compared to its competitors. The only close competitor is Regina (not sure if they are sister companies)...They have 3 outlets:- The Centrepoint- PARCO Millenia Walk- Plaza SingapuraI paid for S$138 for the package. Before signing the contract, I was told that each package is unlimited for lifetime, and offers the following without additional charges:1st year: 6 sessions (1 session every 8 weeks)Subsequent years: 4 sessions/yr- If you are referred by a friend, you can state the membership number of your friend, and each will be entitled to a free upper lip hair removal treatment.- If you sign up for a large part package, you will be able to get the underarm package for free. If you have already paid for the underarm package, they will refund you the amount that you've paid.The same staff served me for my first 2 sessions.. Her service was great, very patient. However subsequently, I was served by different staffs, they seem to be in a rush.. less patient, less gentle.Booking an appointment became a hassle. After each session, customers will go to their counter to book an appointment. However, they do not have available evening slots until 10 weeks. The time gap between each session keeps increasing. In November, they only have available evening slots in February (it is my 5th appointment).The reason why they do not have available slots is due to their promotions with deal websites such as Groupon to increase their profit. However, they do not have capacity to take so many customers due to their limited number of rooms per outlet.881 deals sold in Groupon: "$100 for Unlimited Sessions (Lifetime) of Underarm Hair Removal + $200 Voucher at MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO (Worth $388)".Conclusion:I feel that for what I paid, this is still worth it as I am able to go to several sessions. However, I have a feeling that in my 2nd or 3rd year from the contract, the time gap might increase to 4-5 months. They might block several slots each day, for their new customers or customers who sign up for other packages, which are charged by session.I would not say this is a very bad choice, but DO NOT believe everything that they say, about the sessions that we are entitled to each year, and that it is unlimited. I am considering if I should also sign up with Regina to shorten the time gap between each session (toggle between the 2).

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Blog Review

March 04, 2015

Bad experience

had a really bad experience with musee platinum IPL a few years ago - after seeing some blogger write an ad about it, I decided to give it a go. Plus it was pretty cheap at that time la - something like 188 dollars or something for 6 sessions? Can't remember. Anyway went for the first 4 sessions and freaking saw no results and had major issues with their customer service. Impossible to get an appointment and the sales and service staff were damn rude.The whole experience turned me off both IPL and blogger reviews (except for the ones I personally know la).


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Blog Review

May 12, 2014

Musee Platinum has a nice environment (all females only)

I have been skeptical towards IPL, even till date. I’m sure there are times where we are in a rush and wants to just pick our gorgeous sleeves dress and dash out of the house. Just when we are about to leave, omg… We have not shave our underarms. This is awkward and super embarrassing… I’m not sure if this has happen to many of you, but it has definitely happened to me.

After shaving for years, I moved on to using epilator. It was painful initially. But after few times, you will get numb to the pain and it become painless. Pros of epilator is that hairs will take a longer time to regrow since it is plucking it out from the root. Similarly, after using for few years, I get tired of having to epilate once bi-weekly and decided to seek long term hairless underarms. This is when I started exploring IPL.

I started reading through as many reviews as I could and decided to try Musee Platinum. The experience so far is good. My very first visit to Musee was in Jan this year, where the consultant brought me to a private room and explain the pros and cons of different hair removal methods. Because I have just epilate the day before my visit, I could only scheduled my first IPL appointment a month later.

Come Feb, on the day of appointment, I was anxious of what they are gonna do to my underarms. The consultant brought me to a room, each with a personal sliding door (privacy), clean blue colour spaghetti top (prevent staining on your personal top) and a small locker with lock and key (to store your personal stuffs).

The process is much faster than I expected. After changing into their top, I’m asked to lay on the bed. To keep a high level of personal hygiene, a tissue is provided as a separator between the protective glass (to protect my eyes) and my face. The consultant will first clean the underarms with their formulated gel, and then shoot the laser beam my underarms around 8 times each side. The gel will then be wiped away and replaced with a cooling pad for a short while, before applying the moisturising essence. The hairs will slowly start to fall out by its own after 2 weeks, during which I was told not to shave at all.

So far, I have been twice for the IPL and is going for my 3rd time this month. The newly grown hair seems to be finer. I was told that after the 4th treatment, I will not need to shave at all. However, I still need more treatment before the final verdict can be issued.

3rd session review:
I have just gone for my 3rd IPL session. The overall experience is nice initially. Cleanse, shave, gel, IPL & lotion. However, when booking the next appointment, July evening and weekends slots are all full. We can only book the next appointment 2 months from current slot but it is all full??!!! Wondering if I should book my lips & brazilian IPL with them…

Time required:
Initial consultation: 30mins
IPL process: 15mins

Cost: SGD48 (unlimited session, limited to once every 2 months)

Pain level: 0 pain for me. However, this is subject to individual pain tolerance. I was told by the consultant that it will feel like an ant bite.

Outlet I visited: Westgate branch (Tel: 6835 7854)

What I like:
1. Musee Platinum has a nice environment (all females only).
2. The consultant is not pushy at all.
3. From the time I enter till exit took me less than 30mins, including waiting time.

What I don’t like:
1. Treatment can only be done once every 2 months. I feel it is slightly too long.

If you are interested to try Musee Platinum, do quote my ID (81070006) to enjoy additional 2 small part sessions or 1 large part session. *While promotion ends*


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Blog Review

November 29, 2013

Communicating with them is very easy!!

Today I shall talk about MUSEE Platinum Tokyo. I’ve been going to MUSEE aka MPT since 2011. I have always wanted to get rid of underarm hair for good as this would leave my skin really clean and smooth and fair. Thus, I decided to go for MUSEE at Scotts Square since it was in town and also the newest outlet then.

Back then, they had their promotion for unlimited underarm hair removal for a hundred bucks. So I thought,” Wow, if that’s gonna remove my hair for good, then I can stop buying shavers & blades for my armpits too! damn good deal! ” I called my friend and we both headed down to the outlet at Scotts Square and we wanted to try getting rid of leg hair too, so we signed up for a package.

Up to today, I must say that I see see great results! My underarm hair growth has slowed ever since the first session and just 2 weeks ago, I had my 5th session ( yes, I haven’t visited them in a longg time) and the strands are turning out to be finer and sparser! WOOHOO! I am damn happy la! I just hope I can get rid of it totally by end of 2014 and throw my razors away.

If you are thinking of going for MUSEE hair removal, there are few things you’ll need to know and some reasons why I really like this company:

The treatment takes place at least every 2 months. You can’t go back asking them for treatment every week on the same part. They’ll tell you to wait for the hair to grow.
OTher than their underarm treatment, the other treatments can be categorized as a Large part(L) or a Small part(S) . 2 small parts is equal to 1 Large part.
Staff there are not pushy and you just pay for what you want. If you’re keen to do just the underarm removal, just tell them you want that. Otherwise, they will not shove other packages to your face. This is why I really like this company.
During treatment, you will be made to wear an eye mask, to prevent your eyes from being blinded by the beams of filtered light. Your belongings can be kept in a locker in the treatment room and you can hold the key with you so no one can freely access your stuff when you are ‘ blindfolded’ .Another big plus here!
During treatment, they will shave off your hair and mark the spot they want to perform treatment on . Then they put a really cold gel on your skin which formulated to activate when exposed to the beams of light. As a result, your hair growth will be delayed.
Once done, they will remove the specially formulated gel and place cooling pads on the treated areas for a few minutes to soothe the skin.
Finally, they will moisturize your skin with their Beauty After Care Gel . If you ‘d like to bring home a bottle, you may purchase it at the counter.
Also, you may be worried that it will hurt right? I was really concerned my skin would burn or worse, turn chao tar due to the intensity of the light but hey, I’m not complaining after almost 10 sessions. before they apply anything or perform treatment on your skin, they will inform you. And they will check to see if you’re comfortable. Communicating with them is very easy!!
Be on time for your appointment. Inform them if you’ll be late, they may cancel your session if you’re over 10 min late. The last time I was really late, my fault for taking too long with my previous appointment, but thankfully they didn’t cancel because I called them to check!
They have certain restrictions for hair removal. I was told that if the skin is too too dark, this treatment will not be effective. Do book a consultation with them to find out if you are suitable.

I hope you find this review helpful and if you’d like to sign up with me to receive double privileges including a free gift and 1 Large part for free, leave your email/contact in the comment box below ^ ^ or you may email me at  with Musee Platinum Privileges as the subject.


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Blog Review

July 18, 2013

The treatment room is pretty proper and clean

Today is my 11 of 12 underarm treatments on hair removal salon, Musee Platinum Tokyo.. Well actually has been done it for almost two years.. It’s unlimited underarm treatment session which they claim underarm hair shall be not growing after 12 sessions of treatment. From one session to another session shall be within 2 month.. So once every two months, i need to come to salon to have my underarm hair removal treatment..The treatment similar to IPL, Musee Platinum also using laser to minimize hair growing and slowly it will be removed..

Haha so amazing rite?
Btw.. What is IPL?
Intense pulsed light, commonly abbreviated as IPL, is a technology used by beauty studios and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments including hair removal and photorejuvenation. The technology utilises specific wavelengths of light to target various chromophores in the skin.

(Source: Wiki)
But Musee Platinum have their own name for their hair removal treatment.
S.S.C. Hair Removal stands for “Smooth Skin Control Hair Removal” which is a new state-of-the-art pain free technology. With S.S.C. Hair Removal, specially formulated gel is activated when exposed to beams of filtered light. As compared with self treatment such as shaving, plucking and waxing, this technology is more gentle to your skin with minimal or no discomfort. The plant peptide in the gel also helps your skin become even smoother & polished.

About MUSEE Platinum Tokyo Singapore

They confirm no extra charges such as admission or annual membership fees.
They never ask for additional fees for cosmetics and aftercare products. The fees do not vary with your hair quality or volume. You only pay for what you see on our price chart.

2 years ago, my roomate interested to try this treatment. As she heard from her colleague this treatment not painfull at all and the salon very good, they are not pushy to their customers.. Since both of us really tired of shaving/ plucking the underarm hair, then we give it a try..

Well, actually i really trauma going to treatment salon.. Either for face, body or hair.. In first promotion they always said very “sweet” but end up need to pay even more.. Make my pocket very painfull.. Went to a slimming center before, bought promotion from Groupon, but when i came to their salon, they mention i need additional treatment for specific area (they keep on mentioning my butt fat, my thigh so unbalanced with the body size.. WTF???), they keep on pointing on the target, keep on pushing until i said YES.. OMG very tired with this kind of trick.. I feel like cheated..
They even mention, promotion treatment not really good, should have additional treatment or even sign the contract for 3 digits or 4 digits amount.. WTF?! They think money come down from the sky ah? In the first place, why they even throw promotion to public if they claim the promotion treatment not good?!! Sigh!!!

Ok that’s is my bad experience, but anyway come back again to Musee Platinum Tokyo..
So far i am quite happy to have my underarm hair removal treatment with them.. The salon consider quite clean, neat and they are non-pushy to customer, never ask us to have additional treatment..

2 years ago myself and my roomate come to Musee Platinum at PARCO Millenia Walk to sign the underarm removal package, which is cost S$138 for UNLIMITED @.@ session of underarm removal, which means.. After 2 years (12 sessions) of treatment my underarm hair still growing.. They will give additional treatment for FREE!!! Yayyy, i know i haven’t finish the full treatment, so cannot prove it yet..
Okla, hopefully it will not growing anymore.. 

My review for underarm hair removal treatment, after 6 months actually you may see the result:
1. underarm hair grow slower than normal..
Usually i need to shave (dun dare for plucking) for once every 3 days to keep it very clean..
2. Underarm hair grow smoother, can say like baby hair hehe.. ;p
After 1 year treatments hair still growing but not as fast and not so thick like before.. Currently still need to shave mybe once every 2 weeks or 3 weeks.. Haha which is very amazing, since this underarm hair uneasy to control and always be forgotten, haha.. So paiseh, come out from home wearing tanks or sleeveless top and forgot to shave underarms, ooopppsss… NOW, it will never ever happen anymore.. ^^v yippiii…

It’s the treatment room, pretty proper and clean.. Beside the bed is the treatment machine.

Table for the treatment tools..

Bfore treatment start you need to change ur clothes with their treatment tank or kimono.. It depend on what you are wearing.. For underarm treatment if you are wearing pants, then you only need to change the top with their tank.. If you are wearing skirt then you might need change into kimono..

I was wearing treatment top.. So my clothes will not get wet becoz of treatment gel..

It’s the treatment machine.. 
And they also have the locker inside the room to keep your stuff safely bcoz you may keep the key after lock the locker and return back after finish treatment.Actually underarm hair removal treatment process really fast can say overall about 15-20mins:
- after change clothes into their treatment clothes
- you might need to lay down on their treatment bed
- first they will clean up the underarm
- then if got some hair they will need to shave, because they mention to me they need to target to the roots of hair so the hair shall be kept as short as possible
- they will apply treatment gel, it’s cool gel.. I always feel so relaxed when they apply it haha..
- they will shot few points with laser machine, each arm approximately about 10 times of shots
- after finish, they will put sort of soft “ice pack to be kept under the arm
- leave it for about 10mins
- last! they will apply lotion..
Then done!!! 


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Blog Review

March 08, 2013

Friendly service. No hard selling.

Bought this voucher from: Groupon

Outlet visited: PARCO Millenia Walk

Price: $98

Quality delivered: 9/10

Service delivered: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

First Session (31 Dec 2012):

Few years back, before Musee put their services on deal websites like Groupon, I had already heard it from a friend. If I am not wrong, price range around $150 for a lifetime unlimited underarms hair removal. I find it too expensive as a student then. Seeing Musee’e deal on websites simply makes me excited to get it. With more research effort, I found many customers saying that there is no hard-selling in Musee (something which I really look for in a deal).

Was slightly late (5min) for the session, so I had no time to take any photo during the first session. I find it a little hard to call up the Musee outlets, wanted to go to Bugis+ outlet initially but no one pick up my calls. PARCO outlet was much more efficient in picking up their calls I have seen reviews on Centrepoint’s service that it was not good (maybe due to it’s popularity) while the better service was at PARCO. I guess this plus point make up for its inconvenient location.

I have booked the Consultation and treatment appointment on the same day, this would really help to save you another trip down. My friend was not able to do so after me. She went to the Plaza Sing outlet. You need to have the consultation first before receiving treatment. I spent 10min filing up forms and I guess another 5min for the consultant to explain what is IPL and their company’s policy. Well, basically, there’s a $10 fine if you are more than 15min late. That’s strict.

Okay, now for the treatment process. The beautician will lead you to your room, where you are left to change into a spaghetti shirt provided by them. There is locker at the side where you can safely put your belongings and hold on to the keys while you are receiving your treatment. . Firstly they will put a tissue over your eyes and put on a goggle for you to protect your eyes from the light. You are then required to raise both your hands up. Then they will wipe and clean your underarms, before shaving your underarms using a rechargeable charger. The shots are fast and whole process is 3min? After that, they will place a cooling gel patch on your underarms and ask you to rest for a while. A few minutes later, they will come over and remove the gel patch and apply lotion. That would mark the end of the whole treatment.

What’s Good about it: Friendly service. No hard selling.

What’s Bad about it: They only allow one session every 2 months, I think it would take quite a while for effects to be obvious.


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Blog Review

January 27, 2013

The staff are incredibly polite

Hello lovelies, today I’m going to introduce to you a newly opened hair removal salon called Musee Platinum Tokyo! I first knew of it’s existence when I was walking around Parkamaya @ Fahrenheit88, and being curious, I decided to google it and found out that Musee is the number 1 hair removal salon in Japan! O.O As you know, I am obsessed with Japan, and so after reading some reviews on the Musee branches in Singapore, I decided to take the plunge and try it out.

As this is my first treatment at Musee, the results are not very clear yet therefore today I will only blog about my experience and the services they offer there. Musee is a hair removal salon that only focuses on hair removal, and therefore they do not offer other services such as facials or manicures, etc. Musee uses the Smooth Skin Control (S.S.C.) hair removal treatment process which is more effective than undergoing IPL or laser hair removal. S.S.C treatment is done with their special formulated wax and exposure to light beams. For more information on the hair removal process, you can check out their website or book yourself a FREE consultation session with them at any of their branches. Musee currently has two branches in Malaysia; one at The Curve and one at Fahrenheit 88 (The one I went to).

The consultation room; and my bag at the corner 

I first walked into the salon and was greeted by a lovely Indian lady dressed in white. I asked if I could inquire about the services offered by Musee, and she happily obliged, guiding me inside to one of their consultation rooms. During the consultation, she gave me a cup of tea and taught me all about the hair removal process, as well as the hair growth cycle, etc. One thing I like about Musee, is that they DO NOT hard sell their products. I’ve encountered a lot of places where they keep pushing you to buy their products, and I really hate it. She explained to me the promotions they were having, and I finally settled on 12 sessions of Large parts + free unlimited underarm sessions for RM2587 (this is after discount as they were having opening promotions). Musee is also offering an unlimited underarms session for only RM288! Musee provides installments and so for those poor students (like me) who can’t afford to pay the total amount in one go, therefore you can opt to pay for the total amount in 6 sessions which I did.

The treatment room; everything is white and clean!

After that, she led me to the locker room to get changed into a robe, and then it’s time for my treatment! The treatment room was small but clean and pristine, only containing a bed, the S.C.C. machine, as well as a stand to put things on. I will not go into detail on the treatment because… you have to experience it yourselves, but basically they apply a really COLD gel on the areas you are being treated before they use the S.C.C. machine for hair removal. Halfway through the treatment, a Japanese lady entered the room and she said that she was here to assist the hair removal process, so it was done pretty quick. Suprisingly, the treatment is pain free so be rest assured for those of you who hates pain like me. You can barely feel anything, except a little sting and a little heat when the machine lightly touches your skin. Oh what we women go through for the price of beauty ww.

I really like the service here at Musee, because the staff are incredibly polite. Like seriously, really polite. They speak in soft tones, and during the treatment they will explain every part of the process to you down to every last detail. Like “I am going to put a cold towel on your leg now” or “I am going to do this/do that now”. And before they do anything, they will always ask you for permission to do it first. They also say “sorry” and “thank you” a lot. Like after you give them permission to continue with the process, they will thank you. This is seriously… Mind boggling! I’ve never encountered a place with such staff before! Maybe because it’s a Japanese salon, and the Japanese are taught to be really polite so… I don’t know. But I felt like a princess when I was there! And after the treatment is over, when you leave their premises they will greet you with お疲れ様でございました which is an extremely polite form of お疲れ様でした which are used in Japan towards people of a higher status than yourself, such as to your bosses or customers. So I was really impressed! I had a really enjoyable experience at Musee, and therefore I hope you will too! Please tell me your experience there if you ever decide to give Musee a try.

Also, Musee is currently having a Double Privileges Campaign where if you quote a Musee member’s member ID, both you and the Musee member will get a FREE L part session + a mystery gift or RM300 off any packages! So if you’re interested in it, feel free to drop me a comment/email at so you can quote my member ID: 81045071 and we can both can enjoy a free session! Yay!


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Blog Review

November 12, 2012

Musee Platinum Tokyo Permanent Hair Removal

Have not been blogging for quite awhile since i got a job in August, pretty unexpected….thought i would have enough discipline to generate more than two post per month…*sheepish…..i blame Qoo10 and my bed for that….haha….Well, i’m back with Musee Platinum Tokyo!! For those who don’t know what Musee Platinum Tokyo is, they are Japan’s No.1 premier hair removal salon~! And they have currently 5 branches in Singapore!! For more information, check out their website.

Been pretty bugged about my body hair, but unable to do much about them since my skin get really really itchy (with red bumps…ick) after shaving no matter what I do (use better blade or female shaving gel) and ingrown hair when I tweeze. There’s always the wax option but…lol…I never have enough guts to pull the wax strip….*sigh

I decided to turn to permanent hair removal, where the people at Musee Platinum Tokyo will zap your hair follicles to gradually reduce growth which eventually leads to no growth. Do not expect much result immediately after starting on the treatment, approximately 6-8 sessions of treatment is required to get desired results (number of sessions varies due to different individual body constitution such as hormones/shaving frequency/etc), which 2 months interval between each treatment session. Therefore, be mentally prepared and sure that you can commit to at least 1 year of treatment.

Was actually indecisive between Regina or Musee Platinum Tokyo, since both are the leading hair removal salon in Singapore, and both have great reviews on online forums (CozyCot, FlowerPod, etc). Well, the deciding factor for me was actually the cost, Regina usually have cheaper packages (check out their promo packages) until Musee Platinum Tokyo came up with the double promotion, which deducts $100 off your chosen package and another 25% discount after that!! Furthermore, Musee is also giving out free Ginger Gel Set if you sign a package with them, while the stock and promotion lasts of course ^^.

Well, that double discount of Musee’s won me over, and a package of 30 sessions with free unlimited underarm is around 2.2k SGD (U.P 3.12k SGD!!!…almost 1k SGD in difference), which is payable in 6 installments (370~SGD/ installment). Speaking of installments, Musee is much more flexible than Regina, the larger your package is, the more leeway they allow for your installments (from 3 installments up to 6.installments!) Whereas Regina is pretty strict on payment I think, for a $1.8k package, only 2 installments is allowed, which is at least 900SGD/ installment…quite heavy on the wallet.

Started my first treatment on my upper, lower leg, upper back and underarm in late August and just finished my second treatment in October. Everything went by in a blur…probably due to the nerves I guess… The people at Musee would ask you to don on their gown, and before treatment commencement, they would shave your requested body part again before apply cold gel generously. ‘goggles’ to protect your eyes from the treatment laser are provided (with layer of cloth underneath to ensure maximum blockage I guess?), but would prefer that they put it on me after they shave me and not before….it was kinda scary to feel shaving blades on you with your eyes ‘blind-folded’…-.-….But everything gets better on my second visit, no more surprises.

Pain-wise, mostly painless I guess….i almost doze off while having my upper back and my leg done, it just felt like a burst of warmth whenever they zap, would rate it 3 or 4 on the scale of 10 for the pain. But the underarm…*horrified….was unexpectedly painful!! T.T….They described it as rubber band snapping, but it felt more like heated needle(if there’s such thing…)…anyway…that…hurts…a fair bit…but nothing that a human being cannot bear? That would be like 6 or 7 on the scale of 10. After which, they will apply cold wet cloth to cool the skin, followed by a layer of medicated gel (I think?). The whole process (upper back, lower leg, upper leg and underarm) took about one and half hour with the help of two beauticians, pretty fast I guess. Most of the time are spent on shaving, gel application and aftercare (cold wet cloth and medicated gel), not really a lot of zapping.

For those who are apprehensive about signing a package with Regina or Musee, you guys can consider their unlimited underarm which is only 388SGD and 138SGD nett respectively, or keep a look out for 98SGD deal for Musee Platinum Tokyo which sometimes pops out of the blue. Do note that girls that are below 18 (I think?) need parental consent before they allow you to partake in their hair removal treatment.


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October 12, 2012

Highly recommend Musee if you want a affordable and effective IPL treatment!

A few months ago, me and my bestie bought a coupon from I think for the IPL treatment at Musee.
I’ve been eyeing on Musee for long, because it promises fuss-free and no hardselling.
You wouldn’t like them to be pushy and force you to buy packages you don’t really need right?
Heard from some friends that Jean Yip does that 

Well anyway, we knew we had to buy the coupon once it was published.
A lot of people bought it too!
It was $98 for unlimited treatment.
I figured buying it at $98 was cheaper than its proclaimed discounted price of $138.
I get to save $40 leh! (Hint: buy the coupon once you see it)
Even got a freebie:

teehee! But I seldom use it la -.-

So far, I’ve went for 2 treatments.
The first time there wasn’t much difference, and since hair were still growing, I had to shave it off after 1 week
The 2nd time when I went back, the staff told me that I am only supposed to shave it after 2 weeks! Oops, but thanks for the advice
Anyway, she did say that results won’t be so fast, and it really depends on your body!
The 2nd treatment was a little uncomfy for me.
Don’t know why I felt pinching pain when they zap on my armpits T.T
Although the kind staff lowered the intensity for me, I still felt a little pain
But well, it was bearable 
Just that my first treatment was absolutely painless! :O

Take a look at the process:

I kinda like going to the Bugis+ outlet for my treatment.
It’s rather convenient for me, and after treatment, I get to shop at the nearby Bugis Village with my friend!
Its also the newest outlet, and I think me and my friend were one of the first few customers when it opened.

I can’t really say if the treatment is that effective, because the armpit hairs still grows.
Will review more once treatment is ending!
But I definitely do see slower growth, furthermore, the hairs growing out are finer!

Treatment is also fast, I could get out within 1/2 hour!
So, I highly recommend Musee if you want a affordable and effective IPL treatment!


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September 18, 2012

MUSEE Platinum Tokyo - Consultation Review

Anyway, I saw a promotion on “Today” paper lately, S$138, unlimited IPL session for underarm with no hidden cost till end September 2012, too good to be true right? Yes, I can’t believe it as well till I went for consultation yesterday, IT TRUE!! S$138nett price, no hidden cost at all, GST & whatever nonsense taxes are already included in it & I got a facial massager for free too. Since many years back, I already planned to zapped off those unsightly hair, but I was held me back by the sky high charges, with this promotion, my problem is solved, I’m so happy.

Seriously, I always have the fear of stepping into any beauty parlour getting “attacked” by their non-stop hard selling tactics. At times I really don’t wish to spend the additional money, but I have to salute to their hard selling skill , their “brain-washing” skills are so awesome, somehow I’ll always fall for it. When they really failed to convince me, I also start to get worry, worry that since I not sign up for anything additional, will they still do a good job for me, so much concern, ARGH!!!

But, after my consultation experience with MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO yesterday, I finally realise that there are still professionals in the beauty trade still, no hard selling at all. The main purpose of the consultation was to provide you with information on what is IPL about, what is the process that you need to go through & getting you both mentally & physically prepared for the session if you are ready to go for it. Anyway, I’m not going to touch on much into the details, if you are interested, book a consultation date with MUSEE, MUSEE’s trained consultant will provide a one-on-one consultation to address your skin and physical conditions, including any unwanted hair concerns, I don’t wish to spoil anyone reputation by pass down the wrong information.

Due to some trade price competition issue, the price list is not publish in the website, but I can assure you after so much “research” I done up on IPL, the price & packages they offered are really attractive. My initial plan was to check out the price for lower leg at the same time during consultation, the price is just too attractive for me to resist the temptation. Yah, you made the right guess, I sign up for other package too, by signing up the other package, I got my underarm unlimited IPL package for FREE!! But please don’t get the wrong idea, nothing to do with any “brain-washing session”, it just fall in place as much as I planned it to be.

I will be going for my first appointment on this coming Thursday, seriously I’m so excited about it & I can’t wait for Thursday to arrive & share my experience with all.

Just before I end my consultation experience with MUSEE here, just a gentle reminder for any interested party here, the MUSEE Unlimited IPL Underarm Promotion is only valid till 30th September 2012, faster make your appointment for consultation before it too late, good offers wait for no one.

P/S: Review shared purely base on personal experience, this is not a paid advertising or business fraud.


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Hi Lynn,

How's your treatment going so far on the lower leg, if i may ask? I plan to have that too...but quite hesitant as I'm not sure if Musee does it well (not to mention the price to pay!).. ;-)

Jun 13, 2013


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August 03, 2012

A definite pleasant experience

Yesterday (2nd August) was my first time to MUSEE Platinum at PARCO Millenia Walk. On a side note, I always thought the nearest MRT is actually Esplanade, but hell was I wrong. Literally wasted walking time heading there and I was almost late. Oops. =X But, I made the 11am appointment time. *wipes sweat* Haha. =) So ya, I bought the Groupon voucher for Unlimited Underarm IPL sessions (SGD98) with MUSEE Platinum because I have been hearing a lot of good reviews about their service. And now, I am here for the deal and let my experience speak for itself. Haha.
For those who are not so sure what IPL is about, IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL is a technology used by beauty studios and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments including hair removal and photo-rejuvenation. The technology utilises specific wavelengths of light to target various chromophores in the skin. (Source from Wikipedia) In this case, IPL is used for hair removal and according to MUSEE, the hairs will fall off, along with the roots, within 2 weeks time. Also, along with the specially formulated cold gel by MUSEE, the gel becomes activated when exposed to the laser light. This ultimately delays hair growth, and also dulls hair growth! Time-saving, don’t ‘cha think? =D

Back to my personal experience. =) When I entered the MUSEE Platinum Tokyo store at level 3 of PARCO Millenia Walk, I was asked to present my membership card for member verification purposes, and ushered into one of the treatment rooms. There, I was presented with a tank top to change into so as to make the process simpler for them.

Random shot of me in the tank top, which was quite loose BTW. Haha.

A locker to put your belongings inside.

There was even a safe for those who are more security-conscious!

After changing out, I laid myself on the treatment bed and relaxed. The service staff were very polite and they specifically told me every single step they did. Impeccable and very detailed. I was really impressed!! Okok, from pure memory, they told me to raise my arms up to a very comfortable position and proceeded to put on goggles for me. The goggles were for later, when the IPL laser will be used, to protect my eyes. The service staff swiped some alcohol-like thingy to cleanse the underarm, and following that, she shaved my underarms for me and cleaned up the area. After that, a cold gel was put on my underarm, and golly, is it cold. =X I got a slight shock even though she already gave me a warning that she was putting the gel on. Lol. Well, you can’t blame me, I am a virgin at IPL. Haha. Anyway, after that, the IPL laser was used. The service staff told me that they will be starting the IPL session proper and gave me one shot of the IPL. She then asked me whether I felt any pain, I said no, and she proceeded to give me about 6-7 more shots. Following that, she did the same to the other underarm. After that, she wiped off the cold gel and put on a cold pad to my underarms and allowed me to relax for about 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes were up, she removed the cold pads, put on some lotion on my underarms and removed my goggles.

The IPL machine!

And we were done. It only took about 15 minutes! Talk about efficiency man~ Whoots! =D Haha. After that, I changed out, booked my 2nd appointment which is in 2 months time and off I went. =)

In my opinion, I thought that the MUSEE Platinum staff at PARCO Millenia Walk were very polite and told me every single step they were doing throughout the entire IPL process. I was quite nervous in the beginning when the service staff was doing the IPL though. But I was put at ease by their detailed explanations and how professional they were. So gals, head on by their website for the current deals for Unlimited Underarms IPL package now! A definite pleasant experience awaits!


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July 09, 2012

Can’t wait for my 2nd session

Been deciding to get an underarm hair removal for quite awhile. So I’ve been doing some research and looking out online for great deals. Saw that has offered the Musee 92% off Unlimited Underarm Hair Removal for $98 (Retails at $1188). After checking out with my friends if the services are good and some online comments, I decided to purchase the deal! One of my friends who is actually a current customer of Musee told me to visit the Millenia Walk’s branch, the services are better. And so I did! Called them up for consultation, which occurred today… And so…

Grabbed some of the images online…

Some history on Musee Platinum Tokyo…
It is Japan’s No.1 Hair Removal Salon…
They use a state-of-the-art S.S.C. technology to remove the hair on the underarms. This treatment is not only gentle on the skin, it also has almost zero till little discomfort, ensuring an experience that you will not regret.

Grabbed this image from their website.

They also mentioned that there is minimal pain, and the whole process takes about 3 minutes. Talk about efficiency!! Moreover, the skin structure is not damaged, leaving your skin smooth. If you are afraid you may have allegies to the gel they are using, I think the gel would be quite okay, since it is made up of plant peptides. SSC is actually different from wax or laser treatment, which are more painful, have longer process times and may even burn your skin. You can read more about it from their website again… I only grabbed the essential points here.

Their locations and contacts are located below:

The Centrepoint #03-20; Tel:6735 8511
PARCO Millenia Walk #P3-13; Tel: 6337 7273
Plaza Singapura #04-08C; Tel: 6884 3500
Bugis+ #03-12; Tel: 6341 9844 (Newly opened)

Like I mentioned before, I went to the Millenia outlet. First consultation was nothing much. Filled in survey forms so they can understand more about my condition, whether I have any allergies etc. Then, she explained to me their treatment process and some misconceptions about hair removal and follow-up procedures to take note after treatment. For example, you are actually not supposed to pluck your underarm hair ’cause it creates double hair growth. She then told me about the hair growth cycle (full cycle takes 2 months). Before treatments, must sure to shave 2 days before. On the day of treatment, do not apply anything to the underarm (no deodorant), no alcohol consumption, no vaccination. Follow-up treatments include keep that area moisturized (after all you did exposed it to some heat), no plucking, no suntanning, no hot showers/saunas, no strenous exercise, no alcohol consumption etc. It’s supposed to be unlimited la, but each year you can only do 6 sessions, and by the 3rd or 4th year it’s 2 sessions per year? Can’t really remember but the sessions are planned on your hair growth cycle. It’s not too good to submit your cells to too much of these heat I think as well (later get mutations and lead to cancer how? LOL PARANOID XD). Also, you don’t really have to worry about your money flying away or something (like those slimming centers suddenly closing down and your unused package and money are GONE). This is because, Musee is a huge company! They have over 127 outlets in Japan, 5 in Hongkong, 5 in Singapore and 3 in Shanghai! OMG.

First consultation is free, but if you get from the deals, the first session is compulsory and used as a consultation session (so you lose one session?). She also reassured me that they do not practise hard-selling, but only promote services. It’s up to you whether you want to take up the service anot. I’ve been to numerous places, and they really hard sell you, and make you buy this cream after wards. So I’m quite glad Musee doesn’t do that. So my money is safe with me. HAHAH. Another thing is that, when they showed me their other services, I wanted to take a closer look to see what services they provide. But they flipped the page and talked so quickly that I couldn’t even manage a stare at the page.
Supposed they really didn’t want to hardsell, but just inform you that they have other products too.

They are currently have a promotion on their website, the unlimited underarm offer is now $138, comes with free facial massenger and $100 off and 25% off vouchers. If you sign up with your friend, you get a free small part treatment as well! That aside, the deal also offered a $200 voucher and a facial massager. More details over here… Guess mine’s a steal? HAHHA.. For more information, you can read more about Musee over at Silver Ang’s blog or directly visit Musee’s website!

Can’t wait for my 2nd session, which is the real treatment!!


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February 02, 2012

The hair grew out much slower

Musee Platinum Tokyo specializes in hair removal from all parts of the body. I made my appointment at the Parco Millenia Walk outlet. Prior to the IPL session, the therapist gave me a very detailed explanation on the entire procedure and other things to take note of. No shaving and no deodorant for the next 2 weeks. I was also told that I need to visit once every 2 months to maintain until the hair is all gone.

She even went on to introduce other IPL treatments they specialize in. However, there was no hard-selling and boy, was I surprised. You know how annoying some therapists can be when they start to introduce packages to you (especially during facials). I politely declined and the therapist was still all smiley. No pressure at all. 

I was ushered into a room to change into a comfortable top. The procedure was simple and fast. It lasted less than 20 minutes and I’m all done! It was almost painless. Probably much much milder than an ant bite. Cooling gel will be applied before the treatment and cooling pads after that to close up the pores.

I am already on my 2nd session and I used to shave every day but ever since I did the IPL, the hair grew out much slower and I only have to shave once a week! Hair is a lot finer too. Extremely pleased! =)

Do grab the deal if you see it again. It’s extremely worth it considering that there are unlimited sessions and no expiry date. Now, I am tempted to get one for my legs and bikini line. Also, do quote my ID 81011474 to get 1 FREE upper lip IPL session! My package is with Parco Millenia Walk.

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December 05, 2011

Review: My journey to be hair-free!

I don’t think i have blogged bout this before but i have mentioned on FB and probably Instag-ed a couple of photos of myself while waiting for treatment.

What treatment? IPL underarm hair removal. Duh! I hate underam hair and i have tried many forms of hair removal — creams, shavings and finally settled for plucking out the hairs with a tweezer. A torture cos it makes my neck ache…i have to squint and then, it’s so freaking time-consuming! “Best” part of all? I had to pluck my underarm hair once every 2-3 days.

Side: Underarm hair is a bane to us gals who love wearing sleeveless tops and yet are hairy by nature. Argh. Don’t gimme the Biology hullabaloo about how underarm hair exists cos they’re supposed to trap pheromones to attract the opposite sex. Trap BO more likely! *rolls eyes* Plus it’s unsightly and super un-feminine!

Anyway, when Musee Platinum Tokyo opened on our sunny island in last year, my interest was piqued. Why? First of all, i have been considering a more permanent form of hair removal and secondly, the attractive price really called out to me. So i called up and scheduled myself for an initial consultation. (If you are keen to know the consultation & procedure, you can google for more reviews or just read Silver Ang’s review here. She is quite thorough & there’re photos so you can see how clinical and minimalist the interior is. I like.)

So i went for my very first underarm IPL session on 17 November 2010 and since then, i have been going back every 2 months for another treatment. Just last Tuesday (29 November 2011), i went for my 7th session and so, it has been a year and i thought it would be good to blog about this journey.

Process? Quick and painless. I’m usually in & out of the salon within 30 minutes.
Staff? Courteous, friendly yet professional.
Results? GOOD!

From someone who had to pluck her underarm hair frequently, the situation has improved vastly. I still have underarm hair but they’re a lot LESS and they grow very slowly. I only need to shave the little hair-lets (about 1-2mm “tall”) once every 7-9 days and some parts of my pits don’t even have hair growing anymore. On top of that, my armpits have become fairer! I don’t know if it’s only me cos nowhere does Musee Platinum claim this as a result (or side-effect) of IPL treatment.

I am such a satisfied customer that i signed a 30-session package for L-parts!!!!

The unique thing about Musee Platinum is that there’s no fixed body part for treatment. Although i told the staff that i’ll be doing my lower legs, i can also use one of the 30 sessions to treat another L-part (i.e. upper arm or below elbow). Best part of all? If i’m satisfied with the results on my legs after 20 sessions, they will simply refund the balance cost of 10 sessions to me. *thumbs up!*

There’s a X’mas promo going on now…i received 25% discount off by taking a 30-session package. In addition to that, i got $200 off as it was my birthday month (November) AND the intial amount i paid for my underarm treatment (S$188) was also deducted from the package cost. So in all, i only needed to pay slightly under $2,000 for 30 sessions of lower leg hair removal and i still get to continue going for my underarm IPL treatment!

(Out of respect to Musee Platinum, i’m not going to reveal exactly how much different packages cost. If you are keen, go for a consultation & find out the prices for yourself.)

This works out to a very affordable rate per session of underarm AND lower leg IPL treatment…it’s roughly the cost of pair of heels from Pazzion! According to the therapist i spoke to, it’ll take approximately 20 sessions of IPL treatment for my lower leg hair to stop growing so a quick calculation tells me it’ll take around 3 years. I can live with that…anything to avoid ingrown hair and itchy regrowth on my legs!

Btw, i go to the Centrepoint outlet –

For those who are still skeptical, go try out the unlimited S$138 underarm IPL promo. I’ve been bugging my female colleagues & gal friends to do so cos it’s really so liberating to be able to wear sleeveless tops/dresses with so much confidence. I no longer feel paiseh when i have to raise my arms up high in the air cos my armpits are so clean, smooth and fair.

Note: This is NOT an advertorial and i wasn’t told by anyone to write this entry. I paid for my IPL treatment at Musee Platinum Tokyo with my own hard-earned $$.


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April 19, 2011

The staffs are helpful and friendly

As the price of the package is very low and Musee website stated that there is no hidden cost, I was really skeptical about this package until I went down for a consultation at Musee (Parco Millenia Walk) last week.

According to Musee staff, they are able to offer such a low price because they have a lot of regular customers. It is really a good bargain for a lifetime underarm hair removal!

Most importantly, no worries for pushy sales. The staffs are helpful and friendly. They answered to all my questions and doubts.


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April 17, 2011

The effect is pretty good!

For my underarms, I recently saw this promotion from Musee Platinum Singapore IPL that has an on-going promotion for new members at $138 for UNLIMITED times of underarm IPL hair removal. If you quote my membership number: 81003995 , you will receive a freebie! (I will receive a freebie too for referring you~) So far I have been there twice, and the effect is pretty good! There is still hair growth, but I now have to shave or epilate my underarms once a week instead once every 3 days like before. Of course, the effects of IPL varies from person to person, as any hair removal therapist would tell you… But for $138 UNLIMITED underarm removal is a really really good deal! They aren’t very pushy with their other products so I don’t feel pressured to go there. Although it is for unlimited number of sessions, one can only do the hair removal once every two months. They explained it’s due to the hair growth cycle, but perhaps they don’t want their schedule to be fully booked as well!


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February 15, 2011

I’m impressed!

I went for my 5th treatment at Musee Platinum today and I must say I was pretty satisfied with the results so far.

My underarms hair growth has slowed a lot. So much so that I need only to shave every 4-5 days. And even so, it’s only the few fine hair that’s hardly noticeable. They’re running a $138 unlimited underarm IPL promotion still until end of Feb 2011 according to the staff. Do quote my membership no.: 81005130 if you’re signing up for this great deal! =)

And if you’ve signed up at a higher price, they’ll cashback the amount when you sign for another package.

As for the full bikini area, I saw a huge difference after my 2nd treatment. Hair growth has definitely slowed down quite a bit and the hair is finer too. I’m impressed!


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