Myeongdong Hair Studio @ Bukit Panjang Segar Rd

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Be prepared to spend $15 onwards
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  • Small and cozy surroundings
  • Korean-trained local stylists
  • Close to Segar LRT Station


  • More expensive than usual neighbourhood salons
  • Located in Segar Rd, which is not exactly near Bukit Panjang Plaza or Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange
  • Korean stylists are not always stationed here

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November 14, 2015

Worst rebonding ever

I have been doing rebonding for many years. This salon is the worst I have tried so far. It's in a Neighbourhood yet they charge $232 for rebonding. I decided to try because it was near my place. After about 3 weeks, my hair started to curl at the root. When I went back to them, they said my hair was growing out. What rubbish! They said they could only redo if I came within a week. Initially the salon manager said she will get her Korean stylist to redo my hair but in the end she didn't do it. They didn't even refund my payment or do a touch up!

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