Nails Bar @ Far East Plaza

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Be prepared to spend $13 onwards
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  • Skillful and Meticulous Nail Therapists
  • Stock a wide range of red OPI colours
  • Approachable nail therapists who are not excessively chatty
  • Not all therapists adept in English
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • No hardselling


  • Small salon
  • Top ups required for quick dry and scrubs
  • Upselling of packages observed
  • Variable service level

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Blog Review

January 06, 2010


Remember my post on me planning a mission to reckon a good place for all ladies to feel like a diva with good manicure services? Well, here’s the link to my post a few weeks ago to refresh your memory.

So there I was, getting my nail extensions done and was being served like a diva!

Service was good and so is the skills of the manicurists!


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